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   Chapter 135 Accident Falling into a Coma

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Linda's head was injured and she had been in a coma!

Cali, Linda's agent, was very busy with Linda's matter. On the one hand, she couldn't offend the reporters, and on the other hand, she wanted to seek justice from the organizer.

On the other hand, Richie stayed in the hospital all the time, but not in a good mood.

In the afternoon, the host said that the surface of the T stage was greasy, which directly caused the accidental slip of Linda's feet. The host also promised to pay the relevant medical fees, insurance fees and compensation!

Richie didn't let them go just because they were willing to take responsibility. Instead, he asked why such a trivial question would not be known until an accident happened.

It was a problem that could be avoided, but it still happened!

They should know that most of the celebrities in the entertainment circle lived on their faces. This time, her head was injured, and they didn't know what kind of bad consequence she would suffer.

If there was an accident, wouldn't it ruin her career?

The people present were rendered speechless by Richie's words.

In the end, Cali gave the founder a step down and maintained it in the way of reconciliation.

Richie was not in a good mood.

He called Troy and told him that his trip to Belgium had changed.

Although being depressed, Troy also got the news that Linda was injured. He just talked a few words and went there willingly.

He called Sharon, only to find that her phone had been turned off!

Richie frowned and felt a little uneasy.

There were so many reporters before, and it seemed that his appearance in the hospital had already been broadcasted.

Sharon was so sensitive about the relationship between him and Linda. He was afraid……

The hospital was temporarily handed over to Cali, and Richie hurried back to Sharon's residence.

There was no smell of her in the empty room.

Kevin's flight should have gone!

After going downstairs, Richie drove to the airport.

On the way, there were too many cars and he drove very slowly.

Halfway, Richie received a call from his agent, who said that Linda had woken up, but she was in a very bad mood!

He said in a helpless tone.

Richie frowned and hung up the phone. He turned around at the intersection in front of him and drove in the direction of the city, which was opposite to the airport.

He didn't know that someone had been waiting for him at the airport for a whole day!

When he hurried back to the hospital, Linda was in a very bad mood. She had fallen into dead silence from a crazy state. She just opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling without saying a word.

Cali, on the other hand, wept in a low mood.

The appearance of Richie was like a savior!

With a hint of Richie's eyes, Cali nodded and left.

Richie walked to the bedside and looked at Linda who was crying silently. He said in a soft tone, "The doctor said that you just woke up and need more rest!" "Don't think about anything. Have a good sleep!"

"I can't fall asleep!"

"What's wrong with you?"

"Dizzy, it hurts!

her eyes, took a deep breath and smiled at him calmly. "Clark, long time no see!" "Are you okay?"

When Clark was sure that it was Sharon, he breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad to see you!"

Sharon was confused by his ambiguous words, but Clark just smiled.

"Secretary Fang, since you are here, why don't you stay for a while!" "I happen to have something to tell you!"

"What a coincidence!" "I also have something to tell you!"

Turning around, Sharon said to Bain, "I'll see you another day!"

After Bain left, Clark couldn't bear it anymore. He looked very anxious and whispered, "Secretary Fang, where have you been in the past ten days?" "President has been looking for you. I'm afraid he would reported the case to find you!"

"Clark, you are exaggerating!" Sharon smiled coldly and indifferently.

Clark looked at Sharon in surprise. He felt that she had changed a lot after she left for a while!

It seemed that…… There were more vicissitudes, indifference, and alienation.

"Secretary Fang, please stay in the office for a little longer. The president is coming soon!"

Sharon nodded and said politely, "No problem!"

She sat in the office and looked at her phone leisurely……

In a moment, the door of the office was suddenly pushed open from the outside, making a deafening sound.

As soon as Sharon raised her head, a figure rushed to her, and her body was tightly clenched. Then she saw the livid and angry handsome face of Richie, and heard him say angrily, "Where on earth have you been?" "Are you crazy?"

With a low and hoarse laugh, Sharon asked, "President, what can I do for you?"

Richie's nerves tensed in an instant. He looked at her, gnashing his teeth.

He had been looking for her in fear for so long, but she finally showed such an expression of dying.

He grabbed her shoulders and wanted to kill her.

On the one hand, he softened his tone and tried to explain, "Are you blaming me for not showing up that day? Linda was injured, so..."

Sharon interrupted him and said calmly with a smile, "I know!"

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