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   Chapter 133 Relationships Completely Different Treatments

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In Courtney Hotel.

In the presidential suite.

Standing in front of the French window, Kevin drank alone. The red wine in the transparent glass exuded a fragrant smell, making people drunk when they smelt it.

His assistant Bill came in, followed by Sharon.


Kevin turned around and stared at Sharon. The emotions in his eyes were too complicated, like a deep blue ocean, which was unfathomable and full of countless waves.

"Have a seat." Kevin strode to the sofa and sat down. He put down the glass in his hand. Sharon sat opposite to him, looking at him silently.

"Daina, don't you have anything to ask me?"

"Did you say something to Bryan yesterday?"

Taking another sip of wine, Kevin smiled gently and asked, "Did he come to you?"

Sharon nodded, "Yes! He came to me!"

"It seems that he is not stupid. He has guessed out that you are Daina! Did he regret it?"

"No! He asked me if I came back because of him."

"What did you say?"

"Of course I denied!" Sharon said without hesitation. Kevin's eyes darkened and he pretended to be casual when he said, "So, you did it for Richie!"

There was an unnatural expression on Sharon's face for two seconds, which was noticed by Kevin. He changed the topic, "Daina, I'll leave the day after tomorrow. Do you want to go back to America with me?"

"So soon?"

She knew he wouldn't stay long. He would go back after the concert.

However, if she left…

"Kevin, I..."

"Daina, there is one thing I want to remind you. Imagination is better than reality! But the reality is still cruel!"

"What do you refer to, Kevin?"

"If you are between the two brothers of the Ye Clan, you will be the only one to be hurt in the end! They may not understand your dilemma and your good intentions!"

"Daina, love is beautiful, but I think the most important thing in life is to protect yourself!"

"Kevin, you don't understand! When you meet the woman you love, you will understand that once a person falls in love with someone, many things will be out of your control!"

Kevin didn't comment, "Go back and think about whether you want to leave with me. Tell me your answer after you think it over!"

"Okay!" Sharon nodded heavily and smiled at him.

After swallowing up the wine in his glass, he looked at her and smiled.

The ringtone interrupted the interaction between them. Sharon took the phone, and it was from Richie.

She glanced at Kevin. After she answered the phone, she heard Richie's low and lazy voice, "Where are you?"

"I'm outside." Thinking of the unhappiness between Kevin and Richie, Sharon said in a low voice.

But on the other side, Richie was a smart man. He soon felt something different.

"Someone is with you."

Sharon was so shocked that she almost threw away the phone in her hand, but she still said calmly, "Well… Yes, I'm with Kevin!"

"I'm coming to pick you up! Keep in touch!"

After hanging up the phone, before Sharon could say anything, Kevin asked, "Daina, why are you afraid

very beautiful!" The sudden voice of Mark surprised Cindy and Sharon at the same time.

Sharon was even more shocked. She looked at the handsome boy in front of her subconsciously, and felt warm in her heart.

He was her brother!

Although she had always known his existence, it was the first time that she looked at him so closely.

So, she raised a pale smile and said, "Kid, you are very handsome! You are so adorable!"

"Thank you, miss!" His words almost made Sharon burst into tears.

If Richie wasn't in front of her and that it was not the right place, she might have already hugged him!

However, Cindy was very dissatisfied with this scene. She glanced at Sharon sharply with a warning look in her eyes, and then looked at her son gently. "Son, the elevator's here. Let's go!"

"Bye, miss!" At last, Mark waved his hand and ran away happily!

Cindy slowed down her pace intentionally or unintentionally. When she passed by Sharon, she said coldly, "Don't let me see you again!"

All of a sudden, Sharon stiffened. She clenched her fists unconsciously, and the blood all over her body froze into ice.

Anger, sadness and other emotions piled up together and filled all her nerves.

'We are both your biological children!

Why is your attitude so different!

You treat one as a treasure while the other as a rubbish!

Such different treatments!

Mother, why are you so cruel and ruthless to me?'

Clenching her teeth, Sharon forced back the tears in her eyes. She didn't want to cry for such a person.

There was a honk in front of her. Sharon looked up and found that Richie had arrived.

She was a little flustered. Subconsciously, she lowered her head and wiped her eyes naturally before getting into the car.

The atmosphere in the car seemed to be silent.

Sharon didn't dare to look into his eyes. She was not sure if he had seen what had happened just now.

"What's your relationship with Cindy, the wife of the CEO of the Ji Group?" Suddenly, Richie asked.

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