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   Chapter 132 Confession

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When she woke up, Richie was no longer there!

After a simple freshening up, Sharon changed into a simple dress and planned to go to the supermarket nearby to buy some food.

However, when she passed the hall, she found that there were simple food on the tea table.

There were plain millet porridge, peanuts, shrimp and lettuce.

Sharon took the note under the table. The note was neat and sharp. "I have to go out first!" "You can rest at home. I'll be back before noon!"

Somehow, tears welled up in Sharon's eyes.

For so many years, she almost forgot this feeling!

Since her father passed away, she had faced too many difficulties alone and had never been in such a sour and sad mood.

But now, it was just a breakfast prepared by him, which could make her heart so delicate.

Therefore, she almost finished the breakfast with tears in her eyes!

She even sent him a message.

Hearing the beep, Richie, who was in the car, took a look at his phone.

"The breakfast is delicious. Thank you!" "I'll wait for you for lunch!"

Seeing this, the corners of Richie's mouth uncontrollably raised, and there was an undisguised smile on handsome face.

"What?" Whose message? "Why do you look so happy?" A gentle and happy female voice broke the silence.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Linda wore the most popular Chanel dress, with exquisite and impeccable makeup, and her delicate and delicate skin made her look young and invincible.

Richie put the phone aside, turned his head and looked at Linda with deep and long eyes.

Linda was shocked and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Linda, I think I should tell you something!"

"What is it?"

"In the future, I may not be able to cooperate with you as before!"

Of course, Linda knew what he meant.

She looked at him in surprise and asked casually, "Why is it so sudden?"

"No!" "I should have told you earlier," said Richie indifferently.

"You mean you have a girl you like?"

Richie didn't say anything. He just looked at her gently as a silent acquiescence.

"Who is she?" "Do I know her?" Linda's expression was not as relaxed as before, but she had been pretending to be calm and tried to speak in a calm tone.

After thinking of Sharon, Richie said, "I can't tell you for the time being!"

"So you called me in the middle of the night to ask me out so early, right?"


"It seems that you really care about her!"


"Don't say anything!" "I know about it. I'll ask Cali to arrange it!"

Linda pretended to be relaxed and said generously, "If there is no anything else, I'll go first." "There will be a show later!"

"Go ahead!" Richie smiled gently as usual.

Linda blinked her eyes and forced a smile. "Bye!"

"Bye!" After she got off the car, Richie drove away quickly.

Linda stared at his receding fi

ou going out?"

"Yes!" I have to go to England to discuss a cooperation project! "The plane is flying an hour later!"

Richie paused for two seconds. What a coincidence?

Seeing that his brother didn't speak for a long time, Bryan asked, "What's wrong?" "What do you want from me?"

Richie paused for two seconds and nodded, "Brother, I have something to talk to you." "Can you give me some time?"

When Bryan was about to say something, the door of the elevator opened and Kelsey appeared in a fashion suit.

Richie didn't show much emotion when he saw Kelsey. He had already heard the news from Zack! He was no stranger to Kelsey.

Seeing Richie, Kelsey was also calm. She turned around and said to Bryan, "Boss, it's time to go!" "If we don't leave now, it will be too late!"

"Brother, I really have something important to tell you!"

"Okay!" "Let's talk in the office!" Soon, Bryan had a choice. He said to Kelsey, "Ask them to change the air ticket!" "We'll go there later!"

However, Kelsey said, "President, please let me remind you that Mr. Peter of the British company will fly to Paris to attend the European American business meeting the day after tomorrow. We don't have much time to talk about cooperation!" "If we change the time now, I'm afraid... "

As for the following words, Kelsey didn't continue. The three people present were all very smart, so they naturally guessed what she was talking about.

Frowning slightly, Bryan said to Richie, "Richie, how about this?" I'll come to you after I come back from England, okay? "It's too late. I have to go now!"

Then he left in a hurry.

Standing still, Richie looked at their receding figures and smiled bitterly.

The folder in his hand was slowly closed, and it became more and more messy!

Brother, do you understand that I don't have the courage to confess everything to you every time!

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