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   Chapter 131 End I Owe You an Explanation

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In the next direction, Richie was smoking in the car when his phone rang.

He took a look at the screen and found it was a call from Zack.

"What's up?" He was in a bad mood, and his tone was not so gentle.

At the other end of the line, Zack also said in a bad tone, "Where are you?" "I want to see you!"

Richie put out the cigarette and said coldly, "I'm busy!"

"Richie, cut the crap. Come to Orchid Club to see me right now!" "Otherwise, don't blame me for not helping you!" The loud voice of Zack came from the other end of the phone, which made people deafen.

Richie hung up the phone and cursed in a low voice.

Looking at the two people who were talking in the distance, Richie left unwillingly.

He drove all the way to the entrance of the park and found a temporary parking lot. Then he got off the car to look for Zack.

In the huge park, there were faint and dim lights in the darkness, and the pungent smell of smoke came from around.

Looking at the similar scene, Richie didn't go further and said, "Go ahead!"

All of a sudden, Zack gave Richie a hard punch, his eyes full of anger and darkness, as if he wanted to swallow and destroy him alive!

At this critical moment, Richie stretched out his right hand and stopped him halfway. His eyes were cold. "What's wrong with you again?" "Do you think you still have a chance to hit me?"

Then he threw him aside and began to smoke slowly.

"What's wrong with me?" Zack was furious. He glared at Richie and said, "It's all because of your affair with your sister-in-law behind your brother's back."

"You didn't know it until today?" Taking a drag on his cigarette, Richie looked at Zack with mockery and said in a more sarcastic tone, "Are you out of your mind?" "Or do you want to have a sex?"

"What's the sexual disorder or wanting to make love?" You are so heartless! I'm in a dilemma because of you, but you are still in the mood to ridicule me! "Richie, you are really something!"

"Why are you in such a dilemma?"

"Richie, I really want to kill you!"

At last, Zack took a document from the ground and threw it directly on his face. He was still angry and said, "Look, what have you done?"

Richie looked down and touched some documents.

He turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone and saw the photos of his daily life and some documents when he went in and out with Sharon.

There were many dark things appearing on his originally lazy expression, and his eyes suddenly became extremely sharp and cold. "You are investigating me!"

Zack was even more furious. "It's not me!" "It's your brother!"

Richie's hands froze and said, "My brother?"

Zack snorted, "He asked me to investigate all the information about Sharon in the past few years!" "I just didn't expect that you Richie appeared in her personal informat

ht, Sharon woke up in a daze. There was no one beside her!

Her heart thumped and fell down directly……

He's gone!

However, a strange sound came from the balcony. Sharon looked at it subconsciously and saw that someone was smoking.

She dressed casually, walked to him barefoot and asked, "Why don't you sleep?"

Richie put out the cigarette butt in his hand, held her waist and said, "I'm thinking about something."

Lying in his arms, Sharon said, "Can you tell me?"

"Do you still remember what you said when we broke up?"

"I said a lot that day. What did you mean?"

"Before leaving, I told you that you could come to me again next time..."

Sharon said naturally, "It depends on fate!"

Richie's hands paused for a moment, and unconsciously tightened, and then tightened. "So you give up everything abroad and return home for the so-called fate you said?"

Sharon admitted silently.

"You are so stupid!"

"No, I'm not stupid!" Sharon shook her head and said gently, "I just want to give myself a chance!"

"But I overestimated my own intelligence!" I got the wrong person! I not only lied to Bryan, but also hurt you! "I'm sorry!"

Sharon had been holding a grudge against what happened to Bryan, and his attitude just now made her feel uneasy.

She was afraid of what Bryan had misunderstood, and she was anxious!

But she couldn't explain or tell the truth!

Because she was afraid that it would hurt him. She was afraid that he couldn't forgive her, and she was more afraid of losing him……

"Richie, do you regret it?" "Regret meeting me?"

"No regret!" "I won't regret meeting you even if you make such a big mistake," said Richie calmly.

"I'm sorry!"

"It's none of your business!" I've never told you…… ""I always owe you an explanation."

Fortunately, this situation was about to end!

Everything would be clear after dawn……

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