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   Chapter 18 Too Miserable To Speak Clearly

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"Richie, how did you talk like this?" Bryan reminded him helplessly.

"Brother, do you feel sorry for her?" "You really forget your brother as soon as you have a girlfriend," said Richie coldly.

"Richie," there were countless black lines on his forehead, and Bryan was speechless.

Did he mean that? Not at all.

With a composed look on his face, Richie shrugged and raised his eyebrows, "I'm leaving. Enjoy your date."

"You're leaving now? Didn't you say that you would have dinner with me? "

"It's just a casual remark. You really take it seriously!" With a playful smile, Richie glanced at the pale faced woman next to him and left without hesitation.

Sitting still, Sharon stared at his back when he left. She felt a dull pain in some part of her body and her heart was in a mess.

She withdrew her sight, raised her head, met with the gentle smile of Bryan, and tried to speak.

After opening and closing her mouth for several times, she finally found her voice and said with difficulty and hoarse, "Bryan, you look the same as each other. Why did you say..."

"It seems that we have scared you today!" Gently stroking her head, he chuckled and said slowly, "Don't be nervous. As long as you spend more time, you won't mistake us two."

Sharon smiled bitterly. Why was she always so sad?

With such a disturbance, Sharon was not in a state of trance. She answered every question that Bryan asked.

She was dressed up for a date, but it was a breathtaking scene.

On the other side.

On the asphalt road, Richie drove his car at a high speed, ignoring everything around him.

A gust of cold wind blew his hair in disorder.

His handsome face had long been gloomy, and the coldness in his eyes was like a pool of ice that had never been felt warm. He held the steering wheel tightly with his slender hands. Blue veins burst, and his body was emitting a bloodthirsty anger...


What a fate!

'Sharon, you damn woman!'

In the Ye Group.

Early in the morning, Sharon sat there in a daze. She didn't even know that Anstey had come to her side.

"So what? Were you finally abandoned? You look like you're dying?" Her tone was full of undisguised sarcasm.

Sharon turned her head and glanced at her coldly.

"Humph, what's the big deal? You really take yourself seriously." Anstey taunted her with disdain.

"Hello, Mr. Richie, why are you here?" Suddenly, a voice of surprise came.

Hearing that, Sharon trembled and suddenly raised her head. What she saw was the evil and playful look of Richie, which was familiar to her and made her heart ache.

"I'm here for my brother." A faint smile appeared on Richie's face, and Anstey was fascinated by him. She quickly said, "The boss, he is in the office..."

"Thank you." With a bewitching smile, Richie glanced at Sharon, withdrew his sight indifferently and pushed the door in.

Sitting still, Sharon froze there, her eyes blank, her face pale, and her hands clenched into a ball.

"Are you scared?" Anstey crossed her arms over her chest and said arrogantly, "It seems that this is how you are in the boss's heart."

With a pale face, Sharon looked at Anstey and asked with difficulty, "Obviously, he is the same as the boss. Why can you recognize him?"

"They look the same, but..." Anstey said indifferently, "The boss has a cold face all day long, dignified and dominee

ring. But Mr. Richie is different. He always has a playful smile on his face, which is very attractive. So, I don't have to think about it. I know it at a glance. "

Really? She knew it at a glance? Everyone knew it at a glance. But why didn't she find out what everyone knew?

With a sad smile, Sharon felt as if thousands of needles were pricking her heart at the same time. It was so painful that her internal organs and even her breath were so painful.

In the boss's office.

Bryan raised his head and asked happily, "Richie, why are you here?"

"So what? Strange? " Richie picked up his folder and sat on the desk casually. He raised his handsome eyebrows and looked lazy and charming.

Bryan nodded. He hadn't been to the company for many years.

"What brings you here at this time?"

"I can't come to you if there's nothing else."

"Not really."

"Brother." All of a sudden, Richie became very serious and looked at him without a blink. His serious look made Bryan stunned, so he asked, "What's wrong?"

"I want to say..." Richie opened his thin lips. Looking at Bryan, he smiled weirdly and asked, "Did you sleep with the woman last night?"

With a bang, the pen slipped from Bryan's hand. He was on the verge of breaking down, with three black lines popping out of his forehead. He was completely speechless, "Richie..."

Richie smiled like a sneaky cat, "Brother, the women you have touched can line up to the Pacific Ocean. Are you still embarrassed here?"

"No matter what, I can't compare with you whose women can stand around the earth for two circles." Perhaps it was because of him that Bryan seldom teased him.

"Not bad." Richie said confidently, "So, what's the answer?"

Bryan refused to answer his question.

A hint of emotion flashed through Richie's eyes. "Brother, how much do you know about that woman?"

Confused, Bryan looked at Richie and smiled, "Richie, Sharon is a good girl."

Richie raised his handsome eyebrows and said casually, "Aren't the women all good actors? Don't you worry that she has other aims? "

Leaning against the seat, Bryan tapped on the desk with his fingers and said, "I believe in Sharon. I can feel that she is a good girl."

"When did you see people rely on feeling?"

"Of course not." How could he make a decision just because of his simple feelings?

In fact, she didn't know that day on the rooftop, he saw her crying secretly in the elevator.

Later, he saw her information in the recruitment. Of course, at that time, he did doubt that she had a special purpose.

However, she was qualified, so he finally hired her.

The day the two met in the office, he saw shock in her eyes, which could not be pretended.

Therefore, he thought that she might not know his identity.

However, he still had some reservations about her and gave her the warning.

But he didn't expect her to be so calm.

Later, after a long time of observation, he found that she was not bad in character and patience. She lived in her own world without being disturbed by anyone.

He knew what kind of person Anstey was, and he knew better than anyone else her feelings for him. Therefore, it was within his expectation that Anstey would deliberately make things difficult for her.

The reason why he abandoned all suspicion and doubts about her was completely because of the last social intercourse.

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