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   Chapter 13 Love Affair

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The next day.

A wisp of wind blew into the luxurious and dreamy suite through the gap of the curtain, gently blowing the hair of the woman on the bed.

Sharon opened her eyes slowly with her eyelashes quivering. At a glance of the white, strange but familiar environment, she was in a trance for a moment.

This was...

"You are awake." Suddenly, a voice came from the side.

Looking at the direction where the voice came from, she saw Bryan who appeared with his upper part of his body uncovered and his lower body surrounded by the bath towel. Her eyes widened in astonishment.

Was it a dream? Was she dreaming? Otherwise, why did she feel that she had returned to a few years ago.

Seeing all her expressions, Bryan asked deliberately, "What's wrong?"

With her eyes blinking, Sharon said awkwardly, "Bo...boss, how could you..."

What the hell was going on? Didn't they have dinner with others last night? Why did she see him as soon as she opened her eyes? How was she in such an embarrassing situation? Why didn't she remember anything?

Thinking of something, she hurriedly opened the quilt, and when she saw the clothes on her body, she was greatly relieved.

"Don't worry. You were so drunk last night. Nothing happened," Bryan chuckled.

As soon as he finished speaking, Sharon was dumbfounded. But when she saw the evil and attractive smile at the corner of his mouth, she suddenly realized that the man she was familiar with had come back.

In the same place, the same person was almost the same as that night. Was this the fate that God gave her?

While she was lost in thought, the other side of the bed softened down. Looking at the handsome man in front of her, Sharon swallowed hard...

"Boss, you..." 'What do you want to do?'

"Do you remember what you said to me last night?"

All of a sudden, Sharon felt a headache and looked terrified. "What did I say?"

Did she say everything?

With a bewitching smile, Bryan said word by word, "You said you liked me..."

As soon as he finished his words, the corners of Sharon's mouth twitched violently. 'Oh my God, was that true?' 'Damn it! He is going to be angry, because he warned her like that before.'

Sharon swallowed and smiled awkwardly, "Bo...boss, please don't take it seriously. It's just a joke."

Bryan was not surprised to hear that and spat out the words lightly. "But as you said, it's because you are drunk that you have the courage to say it."

Sharon was completely speechless and regretted her stupidity! She would never get drunk again.

"Boss... I... " When she was still struggling desperately, her words were interrupted lightly.

"Since you like me so much, why don't we have a try?"

What! Sharon was shocked. She looked at the calm face of the man, and wondered if she had heard something wrong?

"Boss, you just said..." 'Oh my God! Her heart...'

"I don't have a girlfriend yet. Let's have a try together." He repeated patiently.

"So, it's true..."


Sharon was surprised, shocked, stunned, and finally fell into silence.

Was it fate? Back then, she gave up that opportunity by herself. Was it God's mercy that gave her the chance to make up again? That was why they started a new story from the place it ended?

She had missed him once. Would she miss him again? The answer was absolutely impossible. So she heard her answer, "Let's have a try."

Then, Bryan smiled and bent down to give her a light kiss on the foreh


Was it possible that everything in front of her was just a dream? Everything would disappear when she woke up from her dream?

How to describe it? It seemed that she was Cinderella and everything would return to the starting point after twelve o'clock in the midnight. Would she be the same?

With one hand propped up, she looked at the closed door of the office and thought silently.

At this time, the internal phone rang at the table. Sharon was stunned and quickly took it over. "Hello, this is the boss's office."

"Miss. Sharon, please come in." A clear voice came through the phone, and Sharon woke up, "Yes."

After hanging up the phone, she stood up, knocked at the door, pushed it open and closed it in the hostile and hateful eyes of Anstey.

"Boss, what can I do for you?" After all, this was the place for work. She thought it was necessary to distinguish public from private interests.


Standing aside and staring at his handsome face, Sharon still felt a little unreal until now.

Since she came out of the Orchid Club that morning, something seemed to have changed invisibly. Although it was not obvious, she still felt it.

For example, when he called her into his office, but he was busy with his work. Sometimes, he didn't even communicate with her, but he kept her staying in the office for a long time. As a result, she had been rolled her eyes and stabbed by a lot of needles by someone these days.

After Bryan finished the contract, he put down the pen and rubbed against the desk, which interrupted her meditation.

"Come here." These two simple words made her unable to refuse. She stopped in front of the table and said, "Boss..."

Before she finished her words, her body was held by him. When the sky and earth were spinning, the person had fallen into his warm arms. Surprised, Sharon widened her eyes and looked incredulously at the evil and attractive smile of Bryan.

"You can just call my name." With bright eyes, he reached out and touched her hair, "When there is no outsider."

Sharon was stunned at first. Did he mean that she could call his name? Did it mean that their relationship had gone further?

"Call my name."

His smile was so beautiful that she was bewitched and called his name obediently.

Her voice was as soft as a wisp of wind, which made him feel very comfortable. Sharon could not help blushing, and her eyes were flowing, revealing the shyness of a girl.

Bryan narrowed his eyes, which were as deep and dazzling as black stones. His slender finger slowly rubbed her sexy little mouth, and wherever it went, it was hot.

At this moment, Sharon froze. When she met his fiery eyes, her heart beat wildly. She looked forward to it, but at the same time, she was afraid.

The next second, her lips were covered by his warm lips. Her whole brain exploded in an instant, and her thoughts were released.

His lips were soft and warm, making her feel that she was cherished, not as wild and crazy as she remembered. Sharon's eyes twinkled. She thought, 'Maybe it's because he is so considerate.'

"It seems that you are not attentive." He let go of each other's lips and said slowly.

Then, under the astonished gaze of Sharon, he lifted her chin and forcefully pried open her teeth. His breath was everywhere at the tip of her nose, which was hot and alluring.

With her arms around his neck, Sharon slowly closed her eyes and immersed herself in this beautiful scene.

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