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   Chapter 10 Adapt To The Temporary Mission

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No one dared to laugh at the boss of the Ye Group except Richie.

With a helpless look, Bryan touched his forehead and said, "It's not her."

Then he added, "Besides, how dare you laugh at me? You've been looking for first-class women yourself?"

"I'm different. I'm looking for loneliness, and you're choosing a wife. Of course it's different."

Without blushing, Richie spoke his truth without panting. In the end, he put on a charming smile. "Brother, am I right?"

"Yes, you are right."

"Brother, did anyone say that you are more and more capable of telling lies with your eyes open?"

"Richie, have you found that your ability to take advantage of others is getting more and more troublesome?" Crossing his arms over his chest, Bryan looked down at his naughty brother. If he didn't fight back, he was afraid that his brother would really fly away.

"Actually..." Richie touched his chin with one hand and said seriously, "That's exactly what I think."

"Ha-ha!" Bryan burst into laughter, completely convinced.

With an evil and attractive smile, Richie took the key on the seat and threw it directly to Bryan. "Here, here you are. Don't let me bring it here again. My running fee is very expensive. I'm afraid you can't afford it. "

"That's right! It's too kind of you to bring it here in person, Mr. Richie. How about you buy whatever you want and settle the account with me? "

"That's great." With a slight smile in his eyes, Richie said, "Well, I'm interested in a Bentley sports car. Thank you first."

"Richie, has anyone ever said that you are like a robber who takes advantage of the situation to rob others?" Bryan raised his eyebrows and asked with interest.

A bunch of keys for a luxury car, probably Mr. Richie was the only one in the world to say it.

Richie touched his chin and smiled brightly, "Yes, it's you, brother."

"Who spoiled you?"

"The one is so far and yet so near."


"Congratulations! You're right!"

"All right. I admit that I'm a little satisfied. "

"Brother, oh no! You've become a masochist!" Richie patted on his brother's shoulder and said in a frivolous tone, looking like a dissolute bad man.

"Fuck you! How can you describe your brother like that?"

Although Bryan said so, there was no trace of displeasure on his face, and the indulgence in his eyes could not be hidden even in the night.

It could only be said that the relationship between the two brothers was as good as before.

More than half a month passed quietly.

Now, Sharon was able to deal with her work well and had a good relationship with her colleagues. Although they were not very close, they could still have a simple chat when they were together.

Sharon was a casual person and never forced others to do anything. Therefore, she was quite satisfied with her own development.

Occasionally, she would have a talk with Ellen. They talked about something other than work, to ease the tiredness at work and relax.

Of course, the premise was that when no one deliberately found fault with her.

Anstey, who was working on the top floor with her, would pick on her from time to time. If she was dissatisfied with her work, she would vent her anger on Sharon and lose her temper.

As for this situation, her friend, Ellen, always got angry

and shouted to scold her. However, she was refused by Sharon. Every time Ellen asked her the reason, she just said that she didn't want to be bothered.

In fact, in her heart, she was very clear about Anstey's repeated personality.

Because she knew that it was just the woman who was afraid of losing in the emotional world, so that she was restless and had a morbid mentality that she didn't like everyone in the world.

It was not a secret that Anstey liked her boss, Bryan.

And falling in love with such a cold man was doomed to be more painful.

Therefore, Sharon understood her feelings very well and even admired her courage. At least, she could face her true feelings honestly and did not hide her thoughts.

Thinking of this, Sharon smiled slightly, stared at the computer screen in front of her and began to work.

Before long, the phone in the office rang.

Taking a look at the caller ID, Sharon was stunned. She took the phone and said calmly, "Hello, boss."

It was the voice of the boss on the other end of the phone, "Miss. Sharon, come in."

With a stern look on her face, Sharon replied respectfully, "Yes, boss."

After hanging up the phone, Sharon tidied up her clothes, took a deep breath, knocked on the door and went in.

In the spacious and luxurious office, Bryan was reading documents on a high-end leather office chair. Without raising his head, he said coldly, "Wait a moment."

"Yes, boss." He was the boss and he was right about everything.

Standing aside, Sharon looked around the office in front of her and felt that the light was very good, and the office was clean and tidy.

There was no extra furnishings, but everything in the office was indispensable.

Was this the case for all men?

Unconsciously, she looked at the man who was working hard over there.

Who said that men at work were the most charming? There was nothing wrong with this sentence.

However, she was always unlucky.

Unfortunately, she was caught on the spot by her boss again. She looked away in embarrassment and looked at her shoes in a panic. Her mind was in a mess.

Not surprised by her action, Bryan asked coldly, "Miss. Sharon, can you engage in social activities?"

Sharon looked up at him in astonishment and looked at him in confusion. What did he mean?

Frowning, Bryan asked again, "Do you know how to socialize?"

"Just...just a little..." When Sharon came back to her senses, she saw that he didn't look good, so she answered in a hurry.

Did he mean that he wanted her to attend a social engagement with him? However, she was not in charge of this area.

Sure enough, the next second, she heard him say expressionlessly, "Very good. Then get ready and accompany me to meet a client from America in the evening. "

Sharon was stunned. It really was.

"And, put all these documents in your mind before sunset."

The man took out two or three folders and put them aside.

Knowing what he meant at once, Sharon hurried forward, put the document into her arms and said gently, "Yes, boss."

"You can go out now," said Bryan coldly.

When Sharon walked out of the office and stood in front of her desk, she felt a little dizzy.

She lowered her head, looked at the documents in her hands, and felt resigned. Then she began to work hard.

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