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   Chapter 9 Twin Brothers With Different Styles

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Putting down her chopsticks, Sharon thought for a while and replied, "Not bad."

"Not bad?" "That's it?" asked Ellen, dumbfounded

Studying her disappointed expression, Sharon thought for a while and felt that it was better to tell her something. So she told her what had happened in the office before.

As soon as she finished speaking, Ellen exclaimed in surprise, "Really?"

Her voice was so loud that the people around her all looked at her. Sharon closed her eyes in embarrassment and nodded.

"No matter how handsome he is, I'm not interested in him." At last, Ellen said gloomily as the end of the lunch between the two.

After lunch, Sharon continued to read the documents in her hands. When she didn't understand, she would ask Anstey, who was not angry all afternoon.

Needless to say, she lost her motivation because of the absence of the boss.

Although she was full of impatience, she would still tell her what she wanted to know. Of course Sharon also suffered a lot of contemptuous look.

Perhaps it was also because of this, Sharon received the information very quickly. After the whole afternoon, the thick documents were solved a lot.

Such a result was undoubtedly a great motivation and encouragement. Therefore, the more she read the documents, the more energetic she became. Even the people around her gradually left, she was unaware of it.

After a long time, when she finished reading all the documents in her hand, she rubbed her sore eyes to relieve her fatigue.

After a while, she opened her eyes and looked at the watch on her wrist. She was surprised to see that it was already eight o'clock.

It seemed that time passed quickly when people were busy with work.

Looking at the empty and quiet office, Sharon swallowed nervously. The atmosphere was a little strange.

"Why are you still here?" Suddenly, a cold voice came and startled her.

Hearing that, Sharon trembled and looked sideways at the man who suddenly appeared. She was shocked and stammered, "Mr.... Mr. Bryan."

Why did he go back to the company? Didn't he say that he wouldn't come back?

Frowning, Bryan asked coldly, "Are you still working at this time?"

"I was reading the documents, so I forgot the time..." Clenching her hands into a ball, Sharon quickly added, "But I'm off duty now."

Bryan fixed his eyes on her, which made Sharon nervous. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Go back early. There is no need for the Ye Group to take care of its employees."

Was he telling her to get off work on time?

"I see." She lowered her eyes and looked at her silver high-heeled shoes. Hearing the footsteps, she knew he went straight to his office.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly sorted out all the documents on the desk, put them into different folders, took her bag and was about to leave.

She looked back at the closed door, hesitated for a moment, and finally walked to the elevator.

Looking at the jumping numbers, Sharon looked out of the French window beside the elevator.

Under the orange light, the beautiful night sky of C City was in sight. It was a typical urban life with bright lights and bustling life.

With a sound of "Ding", she withdrew her sight, looked at the open elevator door and walked in.

When the elevator door was about to close, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. Sharon pressed the open button in a hurry.

When she saw the man, her

heart skipped a beat. She pretended to be calm and greeted him.

Bryan walked into the elevator and gave her a cold look.

She suddenly found that the space in the elevator was too small and the air was so depressing.

The familiar smell of Cologne pervaded in the air. A thought struck her. She raised her head slowly and looked at him secretly.

He was cold and dignified, exuding the temperament of a noble man. However, was it very different from what he looked like in her memory?

What was more, he really didn't know her. The way he looked at her was completely strange. Had something happened in the past few years which caused his temperament to change greatly?

At this time, Bryan turned his head unexpectedly. She was so stunned that she didn't even have time to take back her gaze. She suddenly froze there, as if her blood had frozen all over her body.

She even thought that if he asked, would she give such a perfect answer to resolve the embarrassment at the moment?

Suddenly, the phone rang through the elevator, breaking the strange and embarrassing scene.

Taking out the phone, Bryan looked down naturally, and his handsome line softened. "I'm in the elevator, and I'll be there soon. You are so impatient..."

It must be that person again, who was with different status in his heart. Thinking silently, Sharon lowered her eyes to hide her emotions.

The elevator door opened, and Sharon followed behind him. When she walked out of the gate, she lowered her head, "Mr. Bryan, I'm leaving now. Goodbye."

Bryan nodded and saw she turn around and leave. At the same time, a harsh honk came from behind.

Under the shade of a tree not far away, a dazzling blue Lamborghini sports car stopped there.

Bryan walked to the side of the car. The owner of the sports car had a pair of deep starry eyes, glittering and sparkling. He said in a clear voice, "So you are busy picking up girls."

He had seen that, but it was a pity that he hadn't seen the woman's appearance clearly, but judging from her figure, she shouldn't be that bad.

"Richie," said Bryan with a smile, "She is just my special assistant."

The man named Richie leaned forward, revealing the same appearance as Bryan. When they looked at each other, it seemed that they were looking at a mirror.

And this man was the other young master of the Ye Group, the twin brother of Bryan, Richie Ye.

Sitting in the sports car, he wore a well-fitting black shirt, and the button in front of his collarbone was open, revealing his sexy and charming chest. He gave off a very lazy feeling, and at the same time, he looked a little free and easy.

Different from Bryan, he was wild and resolute as a man, and there was some casualness in his evil and attractive smile, as if he didn't care about anything.

"Special assistant?" "That pretentious woman, Anstey?" Richie's eyes were shining.

Hearing this, the corners of Bryan's mouth twitched, and he said remorsefully, "Richie, how did my special assistant offend you? If she heard it, she would be sad? "

"It's true." Richie Ye didn't take it seriously. "Don't tell me that you are going to have a romance in the office?"

"Maybe." Said Bryan unfathomably.

"What?" Richie Ye had thought that his brother would refuse, but he found that he had said so. Shocked, Richie Ye looked at his brother up and down and said, "When did you have such a bad taste?"

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