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   Chapter 8 Warning, Work Hard

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It was said that the legendary, mysterious and low-key boss of the Ye Group, her top leader, Bryan, was the man she had been looking for?

Such a fact, like a dull thunder, struck her heart, and she did not come to herself for a long time.

Squinting slightly, with an inexplicable expression on his face, Bryan looked at the stunned Sharon and asked coldly, "You seem to be surprised?"

His voice was cold, with a trace of temptation and a faint displeasure.

Sharon came back to her senses in time. When she met his eyes, she quickly lowered her eyes to suppress the panic in her heart. She looked at her shoes and said awkwardly, "No."

Although she said so, her back was covered with cold sweat.

Bryan's eyes suddenly cold down, and he said with a cold voice "You must work hard on the top floor. Besides, I hope you remember your identity and don't have those ridiculous ideas. "

Hearing that, Sharon froze. What ridiculous ideas? Was he warning her not to think about anything other than work?

He must have underestimated her!

Therefore, she raised her head and looked straight into his cold eyes without fear. She said calmly, "Mr. Bryan, please rest assured. I will get familiar with the work as soon as possible and will not affect the operation. Besides, I will remember my identity all the time and will never have any illusions. "

Surprised to see that as if Sharon had changed into another person, Bryan nodded indifferently.

He pressed the internal button and said coldly, "Miss. Anstey, come in."

"Yes, boss." A sweet voice came through the phone. Sharon lowered her eyes and waited quietly.

Soon, the door of the office opened, and a slender and beautiful woman appeared.

"Miss. Anstey, she is the new assistant. She can cooperate with your work and take her out to get familiar with the situation."

"Yes, boss." Anstey nodded and said to Sharon, "Follow me, please."

Sharon nodded and she followed Anstey out of the office. Before she left, she heard his phone ringing in the office. Before closing the door, she only saw a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

Almost as soon as they went out, there was no smile on Anstey's beautiful face.

She glanced at Sharon with hostility and arrogance. She pointed at an empty desk and said coldly, "Well, this is your desk from now on."

Knowing what she meant, Sharon didn't care about it at all. Instead, she began to introduce herself, "Hello! My name is Sharon Fang. Nice to meet you. "

Anstey looked at her arrogantly, shook her hand reluctantly, and then released her hand immediately. She said coldly, "I'm Anstey An. I prefer you to call me Miss. Anstey."

Taking back her hand, Sharon still smiled and said, "Okay, Miss Anstey."

Since she didn't want to be too familiar with her, what she could do was to follow her.

Sitting in front of her desk, Sharon smiled lightly and thought, 'Well done, partner. Let's work together and cooperate well.' Then she started her work journey.

"These are the materials about the company in the past three years. Take them and have a look. If you have any questions, you can ask me. "

Anstey came to her and held a thick pile of documents in her hands.

Turning her head around, Sharon took them in a hurry and said, "Thank you. I will."

Perhaps it was because she was too calm, or perhaps it was because Anstey didn't want to embarrass a person with a smile, Anstey glanced at her and said nothing. She went straight back to her desk.

The two of them were only a few step

s away from each other. Almost when Sharon looked up, she could see her figure.

Sharon shrugged her shoulders and withdrew her sight. She looked at the pile of documents in her hands, took a deep breath, and finally read them carefully.

The atmosphere on the top floor was very quiet. For a long time, nothing could be heard except the sound of turning the paper.

Sharon unconsciously read half of the documents, without knowing the time at all.

At this time, the door of the boss' office was suddenly opened. There was a bang from Anstey across the desk. Sharon looked up at her instinctively and saw her stand up and greet with a bright smile, "Hello, boss."

Hearing that, Sharon was stunned. She looked sideways and saw Bryan in an expensive handmade suit. She quickly stood up and said calmly, "Hello, boss."

After taking a look at each of them, Bryan paused for a second more on Sharon and said expressionlessly. "It's noon. You can make your own arrangement. I have something to deal with and won't come back this afternoon. "

After saying that, he left directly, leaving a graceful back.

Looking at her watch, Sharon found it was time for lunch.

She would ask Ellen to have lunch with her later.

When she looked up, she noticed the obsession in Anstey's eyes. She was surprised.

Anstey glared at her and regained her indifference. "Don't say that I didn't warn you. Don't try to get close to our boss. Otherwise, you will be humiliated."

There was a trace of disdain in her tone. She looked arrogant and somewhat hurtful.

Sharon frowned. It seemed that she was another woman who admired the boss and wanted to have an office romance.

Did she have to hurt her colleague just because she admired him? Such a woman just had her appearance, but she didn't have any inner meaning.

"I'm here for work. I have never thought about anything else," said Sharon in a calm tone.

After saying that, Sharon took her bag as if nothing had happened.

Coincidentally, Ellen called in directly, saying that she wanted to have lunch together.

After hanging up the phone, Sharon couldn't help smiling. It seemed that the two of them had a tacit understanding.

The Ye Group had a special restaurant for the employees. The decoration of the restaurant was not worse than that of the restaurants outside.

With the set meal in the hands, the two of them found two empty seats and sat down across the table.

As a lively and active girl, Ellen could hardly sit silently. As soon as she sat down, she asked, "Sharon, how do you feel on your first day at work?"

"Not bad." "How about you?" Sharon smiled.

"I've been reading the Arabia numbers all morning, and my eyes are blurred."

After taking a bite of the food, she continued, "I really regret it. Was my head hurt before that I majored in it? Otherwise, why did I choose such a bad major?"

In order to achieve the effect, Ellen didn't forget to roll her eyes as a special effect.

Sharon burst into laughter, "In fact, the major of registered accountant is very good, especially for girls, it is a stable one. Besides, sitting in the office is better than running around. "

Ellen smiled happily. In fact, she just complained, not really disliked it. Then she winked at Susie and said, "Since you are the special assistant of the boss, you must have seen him? Then how does he look? Is he a handsome man? "

Looking at the shining eyes of Ellen, Sharon couldn't help smiling. It seemed that women were born to be interested in gossip.

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