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   Chapter 5 Interview, The Forbidden Area

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In the past few years, she had been wondering what would happen if they met again?

She had imagined and guessed for countless times, but she didn't expect this to happen.

At the first glance, Sharon surrendered completely.

He had forgotten her and he didn't know her anymore.

They had been looking forward to fate for many years, but they didn't recognize each other when the fate came.

Maybe this was their final ending.

She forgot that it was a deal between them from the beginning.

He had paid the bill. They had not owed each other for a long time.

She didn't know when he left, and she couldn't care about it anymore.

She only knew that this might be the best ending.

From now on, she would not have any inappropriate thoughts and she should start a new life.

Sharon walked on the street in a daze. Her legs were numb and her heart was no longer aching.

That night, she went back to Magee's house very late. But at that time, the master hadn't come back yet.

She didn't care. She directly closed the door and locked it. Then she lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling blankly for the whole night. She didn't fall asleep until dawn.

She was dreaming again. She always didn't sleep well. She always dreamed of his deep and evil eyes and the faint smile on his lips.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape. He was like a nightmare, following her like a shadow.

On the second day after she came back home, she caught a bad cold and even had a fever.

If it weren't for Magee's concern that she didn't have anything to eat in the house this morning and he took the time to go to the supermarket to buy some food for her, and then he habitually talked to her and noticed that her face was a little red and abnormal, he was afraid that she would have to lie on the bed alone to suffer the pain of fever.

Therefore, Magee immediately asked for a day's leave from the company and sent the unconscious woman to the nearest hospital for the most effective treatment.

So when the woman woke up and found herself lying on the bed of a hospital, she was shocked with her eyes wide open. She asked her friend in disbelief, "What's wrong with me? Why am I in the hospital? "

Magee rubbed his forehead helplessly and said crossly, "You have the nerve to say that. You have a fever and are unconscious in bed, so I brought you to the hospital."

Hearing this, Sharon was embarrassed and her beautiful face flushed.

"Why do you feel embarrassed in front of me?"

Two days later, under Magee's supervision, Sharon was completely recovered under her own recuperation.

Therefore, the next thing she was busy with was to look for a job.

Nowadays, the ubiquitous Internet has brought great convenience to the people in life. After reading the recruitment information on the Internet, she sent targeted resumes to the companies she liked, and then waited for a short and endless time.

Occasionally, when she had nothing else to do, she would go to the supermarket nearby to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits, and then arrange a not rich but not simple dinner. From time to time, she would give Magee a surprise, and he was so happy that he made such a joke, "Why don't we two make a match?"

Finally, on a sunny spring day, Sharon received the first interview call.

It was from the Ye Group.

It was the largest listed department store in C City and also the only multinational company in the city. It had more than ten branches, which were engag

ed in clothing, jewelry, real estate, restaurants and investment and other fields.

There were many kinds of rumors about the Ye Group, such as its founder, Mr. Ye. He was a legendary man of wisdom, determination, wisdom and martial arts. His story was so long that it could not be finished telling in a few days and nights. Let's just put it here.

And now, the head of the Ye Group was his grandson, Bryan Ye.

It was said that Bryan Ye had a genius brain. He had high IQ, high EQ, and an irresistible handsome face. Although he was young, he had already managed the company well and he was skillful.

It was said that he kept a low profile and didn't like to expose his private life to others, so very few people saw his true face. Even the employees in the Ye Group didn't see it. He had incisively and vividly expressed the saying "The dragon could be seen the head but not the tail".

Of course, the more he behaved like this, the more curious the outside world was about him.

Who was this mysterious man?

On the way to the interview, Sharon recalled what Magee said the day before and the information she searched on google. She was really curious.

Of course, she was just curious.

Every woman was born to be interested in gossip and handsome men.

"Here we are. Just wait here. You can go in after calling your name."

The staff said. Sharon nodded and thanked him. She sighed that the big company was really different. Even an ordinary employee had such a good attitude.

It seemed that a multinational company had its own living law.

She hoped that she could join the company in the near future.

After waiting outside for nearly an hour, she finally heard the calling of her name. So Sharon tidied up her clothes and cleared her throat. Then she straightened her back and walked to the room that led to success or failure.

There were seven interviewers, five men and two women of different ages.

It was rare to see such a situation.

If you were a coward, you would be too scared to speak before you started.

The interview didn't last long. She kept a good smile and a calm attitude from beginning to end, no matter it was the ridicule of the interviewer or the personal sensitive private question.

Before leaving, she shook hands with all the interviewers and then closed the door quietly.

She thought there would be no problem.

As soon as she entered the elevator, she received a call from Magee, who was concerned about her and she told him the general situation.

After hanging up the phone, the elevator just opened and Sharon walked out instinctively.

When she looked up, she was surprised to see that there was no road ahead, only empty air, and the tall building opposite.

'oh my God! Am I out of my mind? Why did I come to the top floor?'

However, no matter how rash she was, she moved to the edge.

She lowered her head and looked down. She had a good visual sense, but a strong sense of dizziness followed. She touched her forehead and withdrew her sight. She straightened up and took a few steps back.

Curiosity killed the cat. She forgot that she had acrophobia.

When she calmed down, Sharon looked at the distance. Although the scenery was beautiful, it was in danger.

She'd better leave and disappear as soon as possible when no one else came.

"Who are you?" Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind, which made Sharon freeze.

Therefore, people really couldn't do something bad. They would be caught accidentally.

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