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   Chapter 5 Interview, The Forbidden Area

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In the past few years, Sharon wondered what would happen if they had met again?

She imagined the scenario countless times in her mind, but none of her speculative guesses would have ever prepared her for something like this.

At the first glance, Sharon surrendered completely.

However, he had completely forgotten all about her as it seemed.

The bitter irony was that the both of them were looking forward to seeing each other in the future for many years, but when fate finally brought them together, he no longer recognized her.

Perhaps this was how their story was supposed to end.

From the very beginning that was their agreement—she must have been a fool to think it was anything else other than that.

Once he had paid the bill, they no longer owed each other anything.

She had no idea when he had left, but in all fairness, she didn't care anymore.

All she knew was that this was most likely the best possible outcome for the both of them.

From hereon in, she should start a new life and stop having inappropriate thoughts.

Sharon walked on the street in a daze, each step felt heavier than the last. Her legs had gone numb, but her heart was no longer aching.

That night, she went back to Magee's house very late. However, the real house owner hadn't come back yet.

Sharon, however, closed the door to her room and locked it. Clearly, she didn't care. She spent the whole night lying in bed and staring at the ceiling as if all the answers to her troubles were written on it. Just as the crack of dawn, when the world was waking up, she finally fell asleep.

And there she was, yet again, dreaming of his deep set eyes and a half-hearted smile on his lips. Even after everything was said and done, he was the one stealing the sleep from her eyes.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape his clutches. He was her worst nightmare, looming darkly behind her around like a shadow.

When she finally woke up later, she caught a bad cold and a slight fever.

Luckily for her, Magee noticed that she hadn't had anything to eat in the house that morning, so he took the time to go to the supermarket and buy some food for her. He only noticed that something was off about her when he caught her reddened cheeks during their conversation.

Since Magee was worried about her having to go through such an ordeal all by herself, he immediately asked for a day's leave from work and took the barely conscious woman to the nearest hospital for the most effective treatment.

So when the woman woke up and found herself lying in the bed of a hospital, needless to say, she was dumbfounded. Sharon looked around incredulously and asked her friend in utter confusion, "What's wrong with me? Why am I in the hospital?"

Magee rubbed his forehead helplessly and said, "You have some nerve saying that to me! Do you remember having a fever? Well, I found you lying almost unconscious in bed, so I decided to bring you to the hospital."

Sharon's concerned expression immediately changed into embarrassment and her reddened cheeks were proof of that.

"Why are you feeling embarrassed in front of me?"

Two days later, under Magee's supervision, Sharon managed to recover fully with her own powers of recuperation.

As such, without wasting any more time, she got busy with looking for a job from the next day.

Fortunately, the ubiquitous Internet had brought great convenience to the lives of people all over the world. After going through a couple of job advertisements on the Internet, she sent her resume to all the prospective companies she liked and right after that started the dreadful waiting.

Occasionally, when she had nothing else to do, she would go to the nearest supermarket to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits, to arrange a simple yet delicious dinner for Magee. Her little surprises made him so happy that he once jokingly said, "Don't we make a great match or what?"

Finally, on a sunny spring day, Sharon received her first call for an interview.

It was from the Ye Group—

The largest listed department store and the only multinational company in all of C City. The company boasted then branched all over the city, which mainly specialized in clothing, jewelry, real estate, restaurants with various other investment in the other f


However, the Ye Group was not bereft of any rumors, much like the company's founding member, Mr. Ye. To say that the man was a legend, would be an understatement. After all, he was a man of wisdom, determination as well as martial arts. In fact, his life story was so long that it could not be finished telling in just a few days and nights. That was the best way to put it.

And now, the head of the Ye Group was his grandson and successor, Bryan Ye.

Rumors had it that Bryan Ye was a genius. He had high IQ, high EQ and was irresistibly handsome. Even at a young age, he was already managing one of the biggest companies in the world all by himself.

It was said that he kept a low profile and didn't like to expose his private life to others, so very few people saw his true face. Even the employees in the Ye Group didn't see him often. He had unintentionally and vividly expressed the saying "The dragon could be seen by its head but not the tail"

Of course, the more he behaved like this, the more curious the outside world was about him.

Who was this mysterious man?

Meanwhile, on the way to the interview, Sharon tried to recall what Magee had said the day before and all the information she had searched on google.

Of course, she was just curious.

Weren't all women born to be interested in gossip and handsome men?

"Here we are. Just wait here. You can go in after they call your name,"

the staff said. Sharon responded with a polite nod and thanked him. She took a deep breath and looked around, pleased by the standard of such a big company. Even an ordinary employee was expected to have such a good and friendly attitude.

It seemed to her that the multinational company was on a league of its own.

It was right then that Sharon decided she wanted to work for a company like that in the future.

After waiting outside for nearly an hour, she finally heard someone call her name over the loudspeakers. Scrambling to get her things in order, Sharon stood up tidying her clothes and cleared her throat. Then, she straightened her back and walked to the room that would lead to her imminent success or failure.

Upon entering, Sharon noticed seven interviewers. Five men and two women of different ages.

Such a situation was a rare sight, even for her.

In fact, anyone with less courage would find themselves unable to even speak before such a panel of interviewers.

Fortunately, the interview didn't last long. From start to finish, however, Sharon kept a good smile and a calm attitude, despite the interviewer trying to frighten her with questions both sensitive and personal.

Before leaving, Sharon respectfully shook hands with all the interviewers before closing the door behind her quietly.

Luckily, Sharon had a good feeling about how the interview went.

As soon as she entered the elevator, she received a call from Magee, who sounded very concerned over the phone, but calmed down right after she explained the whole situation to him.

When Sharon got off the phone, the elevator doors opened automatically and the woman just walked out without putting much thought to her actions.

When she finally looked up, she was surprised to find that there was no pathway ahead, only air and the tall buildings on the opposite side.

'Oh my God! Am I out of my mind? Why did I come to the top floor?'

Despite, being very brave, she walked to the edge carefully.

As she lowered her head to look down, Sharon realized that she had good visual sense, but soon dizziness followed. She put her hand to her forehead and look away, before straightened her back and took back a few steps.

Curiosity killed the cat. Sharon had completely forgotten about her acrophobia.

When she finally calmed down, Sharon looked at the distance. Although the scenery was beautiful, standing this high to enjoy it was clearly not a wise decision for an acrophobic person like herself.

She wasn't sure employees were allowed to enter this top floor. To make things worse, she wasn't even an official employee yet! She'd better leave as soon as possible.

"Who are you?" Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind, sending Sharon's nerves into total frozen lockdown.

Therefore, people really couldn't do something bad. They would be caught eventually.

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