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   Chapter 3 Come Back Home

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Three years later.

The Lakin International Airport was bustling with people.

Loud announcements resounded through the airport, giving passengers flight information. Scenes of reunions and farewells played out in every corner.

A young woman in high-heeled, gold shoes strutted out of the exit gate. The light blue dress hugged her curves, and her fresh make-up made her look elegant, like a daisy in bloom.

A handsome, tall man walked straight towards her through the corridor.

"Sharon!" he called. His clear voice washed over her like a spring breeze.

Sharon got her luggage and smiled cheerfully. "Magee, have you been waiting for a long time?" she asked.

Magee Han was Sharon's high school classmate and one of her few good friends.

"No, no, I just arrived!" he explained as he took the luggage from Sharon's hand. "Let's go!"

A white Honda was parked outside the airport. When they reached the car, Magee Han picked up the luggage and put it into the trunk.

Sharon raised her eyebrows and asked, "Your car?"

Magee Han grinned and replied, "It's my company's."

"Are you using the car for personal uses?" she chuckled.

"Even if the company finds out, it's worth it for someone as gorgeous as you!" he said gently, not feeling offended at her joke. Then he opened the door gracefully and teased, "Please get in, beautiful!"

"Thank you!" She got into the passenger seat while Magee Han took the driver's seat.

They left the airport and were soon cruising along the asphalt roads of the city as there wasn't too much traffic at this time. They zoomed past the tall buildings lining the streets.

Sharon straightened up and peered at the skyscrapers outside her window.

"You have come back to the city after so many years. Everything must be looking so different to you." Magee Han's voice cut through her thoughts.

Turning around, she stared at his handsome face and sighed, "Yes. I feel that many areas have changed. If I was alone, I might not be able to tell where I am."

"In the last few years, the government of C City has attracted foreign investment to boost the economy. Besides, the real estate industry has also been flourishing. Several new buildings have sprung up, and many areas have got a face-lift. I'll show you around on the weekend so you can get familiarized with the city again," offered Magee.

She nodded happily. "Okay, sounds good! As long as you have time!"

Magee Han responded, "For a beautiful woman like you, I will make the time!"

The car rolled to stop at a red light at an intersection.

Sharon took the opportunity to look around. The number on the traffic signal indicator was decreasing one second after another until finally, the red light turned green.

The car started again and moved at an unhurried pace.

Suddenly, she spotted a dazzling sapphire car in the rearview mirror. It was flying on the road, and zipping in and out of the traffic like crazy.

The driver must be either very confident or arrogant.

Sharon didn't know which one this driver was but she wasn't impressed with either possibility.

There were many other cars on the road. If anything went wrong, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Wow! That's the latest Lamborghini. No wonder he is so arrogant!" remarked Magee Han excitedly with a tinge of jealousy.

Once again, his voice snapped Sharon out of her reverie. She realized that he was talking about the same car that she had just seen.

It was a premium sports


Maybe some rich man was flaunting his wealth.

Her window was half open, and wisps of air blew into the car wantonly, whipping up her thick hair, making her look messy but sexy at the same time.

She smoothed her hair, which was blocking her vision. After she was done, she could only manage to catch a glimpse of the back of the sports car before it raced ahead.

"I finally understand why men are so obsessed with luxury sports cars."

Speed and thrill were what they pursued actually.

Magee Han whistled and smiled at her cheerfully, showing his agreement.

They turned a corner and met another red light. While waiting, she saw the sports car stopping on the opposite side of the road.

A lean figure stepped out of the car. Her heart skipped a beat. She stared without blinking as the figure disappeared into the jewelry store. She was flustered with the strong sense of familiarity that bubbled inside her. For some inexplicable reason, she felt very anxious.

"Sharon, what's wrong? Why have you gone pale?"

She took a deep breath and the fresh air made her feel better.

She smiled at him and said, "I'm fine. Maybe I'm worked up because of the traffic jam. Don't worry."

Just then, the red light turned green and the car started.

The mixed emotions fading away in her eyes, she finally lost sight of the sports car.

Sharon and Magee were in a high-end community housing.

Sharon looked around the room, which was about more than one hundred square meters. It was simple but chic, done up mainly in white and black, without any unnecessary furnishings. It looked neither empty nor crowded. It was a typical bachelor pad.

"So? What do you think? Not bad, right?" asked Magee confidently. He had moved her luggage to the guest room.

Sharon nodded appreciatively. "Very good, suits you."

"You have good taste!" he said cheekily with a wink. "Get some rest. I'm going back to the office. Call me if you need anything."

After Magee left, Sharon went back to the guest room, opened her suitcase, took out her daily essentials and a fresh pair of clothes, and went to the bathroom.

After a while, the sound of running water came from the bathroom, and gradually the glass door was covered in condensation.

She closed her eyes and allowed the warm water to run down her body from head to toe. Water droplets shimmered like crystals on her fair skin.

The white-hot steam filled up the bathroom, making her feel like she was in a dream.

All of a sudden, a pair of dark eyes flashed in her mind. Her eyes flew open in surprise.

Bewildered, she looked around the bathroom and found that she was alone.

A hint of disappointment flashed across Sharon's eyes. She washed herself as fast as she could, got dressed, and walked out to the living room.

Looking down from the fifteen floor, she could see more than half of the city sprawled out below her. Cars zipped past the roads and crowds were milling about. Everyone was living their own different lives.

The city had a population of tens or hundreds of millions of people.

This meant that it would not be easy to run into that man in this city.

What about fate?

After so many years, would he still remember her?

Would he still remember what he had said? Sharon closed her eyes, trying to shut out the anticipation in her mind.

She told herself they would meet again if they were destined to meet.

And if they didn't, it only meant that they weren't fated to be together.

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