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   Chapter 84 The Drunk Night (Part Two)

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"Young Mistress, the dishes are cold. I'll heat them up." Maria stood aside anxiously.

"They have been heated for three times. I don't think he will come back. Besides, it's already past dinner time. He must have some social engagements." Then Lesley picked up the chopsticks and began to eat, "Maria, please sit down and eat with me."

"Why did Master Michael call us in advance if he didn't come back for dinner?" Maria sat down, full of resentment.

Hearing that, Lesley paused and took back her hand. She took a bite of the food and said indifferently, "He is always like this. Today is not an exception."

She said in a fit of pique. Thinking of his unhappy expression when he left, she was inexplicably irritable and suddenly lost her appetite. But in order not to let Maria find out, she had to hold the bowl and chopsticks and continue to eat absentmindedly.

Maria was a smart woman. As a servant for so many years, she was good at gauging people's mind and observing their expressions. This kind of work made her very patient. In the past, she had insisted on taking care of Helen, who was so difficult to deal with. Now she met a gentle and kind-hearted Lesley, she loved her like her own child. Therefore, when she saw the unhappy look on her face, she naturally swallowed what she wanted to say. She kept putting food into her bowl and making fun of her.

After dinner, Lesley went upstairs, and Maria didn't stop her.

Back to her room, Lesley picked up her phone and found the number of Michael, but she didn't call him.

She knew that he was busy with his work. If she called him at this time, he would ask her what to do, and his tone was cold. At that time, not only did she have no answer, but also annoyed Michael, so she gave up the idea of calling him. Bored, she looked through a few magazines, and time passed by bit by bit. When she was about to finish reading the magazines, she took a look at the door and the clock on the wall. She decided not to wait for him anymore. She took out her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

At the banquet, Michael and Chad Wu were having a good talk. The businessmen around saw this and came up as if they smelled honey with the fragrance of flowers. Each of them had a glass of wine at hand, and they praised Michael at first and then toast him. Although Michael hated this kind of people who were flattering, he had been accustomed to it over the years, and because of this, other felt he was so cold that they couldn't get close to him.

After a few rounds of drinking, Michael was a little drunk. Seeing this, Winston hurried to hold him and whispered, "Boss, didn't you say you need go back? I'll tell Mr. Chad about it when he was drunk."

Nodding approvingly, Michael stood up straight. Because of his handsome outline and his identity as the center of the business world, his every move was observed by the people around him. Therefore, no matter what, he had to keep that arrogant look.

"Mr. Chad, my boss was sick and hospitalized two days ago. It's not good for him to drink too much.

d thanked him. But her worried eyes were still fixed on the face of Michael.

After Winston left, Lesley put her hand on the forehead of Michael, gently stroked it and gently blamed, "Why did you drink so much?"

Her voice was full of pity.

Michael's body was cold. Lesley stood up and covered him with the quilt. Then he moved and groaned painfully, "Cold, so cold!"

His voice was low, but his words were clear.

Suddenly, he held Lesley's hand tightly, like a helpless child in the cold and snowy world. In order to feel warmth, he held her hand tightly and didn't want to let her go.

Frowning, Lesley asked uncertainly, "Are you cold?" After asking, she began to stutter again, thinking that she was really stupid. Fortunately, he was drunk. Under normal circumstances, he must have had fun of her again.

When she was about to get rid of his hand to get the quilt, she was dragged into the bed by Michael.

Perhaps it was because Michael was drunk, his strength was much stronger than usual, which made Lesley's forehead collide with his hard chest. She groaned again.

"Hold me tight..." His low voice was so close to her ear, which was so sweet.

Perhaps it was because of the stench of alcohol from the body of Michael, or something else, Lesley had a feeling of intoxication, which made her confused all of a sudden. Even her heart was stirred up layers of waves, and the warmth of her heart made her blood all over her body surge.

Michael had already held her tightly and covered her with a quilt unconsciously.

'Was she too concentrated?' 'Or did I cover myself with the quilt?'

The two of them were under the same quilt for the first time in the past few months. Although there was an intimate night, she was drunk at that time, and he didn't love her at all at that time. Therefore, she didn't have a deep impression on that night. She only vaguely felt that she was not angry as she had imagined. Perhaps she was completely hurt by David, so she didn't care about her virginity, which was once very important to her.

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