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   Chapter 82 Win His Heart (Part Two)

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The perfume on her body was strong, but it didn't make people uncomfortable at all. The woman in front of Lesley was so beautiful that Lesley couldn't find any flaws on her.

Her beauty was as attractive as the perfume on her. As a woman, Lesley was absent-minded.

"Hello." In high-heeled shoes, Elin Qin was a head taller than Lesley. Not to mention her height, her ordinary dress had already overshadowed Lesley. And the panic in Lesley's words had explained everything.

"Michael asks me to teach you etiquette. You don't have any problem with it, do you?" Elin Qin withdrew her hand and looked down at Lesley like an arrogant princess looking down on a humble Cinderella.

'Did Michael ask her to come here?' Shocked and depressed, Lesley shook her head.

"It seems that Michael didn't tell you. He just called me and asked me to teach you some important things to pay attention to at an important banquet. If you are ready, let's start now." Elin's voice was cold. There was no smile on her beautiful face, and her beautiful eyes were full of disdain.

Lesley looked around and found that the other people were waiting for her answer. She had to nod in confusion.

"Let's go upstairs." After saying that, Elin Qin went upstairs.

Except for surprise, there was no other expression on Lesley's face. When she was about to follow, Lesley heard Simon also remind her coldly behind her, "Elin Qin is a popular etiquette teacher in Ice City. It took boss a lot of effort to invite her. He hopes that Young Mistress can learn it well."

Biting her lower lip, Lesley nodded obediently, although she didn't feel well.

Lesley had already seen the coldness of Simon, so she didn't take his words seriously. She thanked him politely, and smiled at Maria who was worried about her. Then she followed her upstairs.

'But this woman was familiar with the Brocade Garden. Was she really as simple as an etiquette teacher? Moreover, the way she called Michael was so intimate. At least they must be friends that she would call him in this way.'

She was puzzled all the way. When she entered the bedroom, Elin Qin had taken off her high-heeled shoes and changed into casual clothes. She looked like a dancing butterfly, and her long black hair was scattered on her shoulders with her movements.

Every man would fall in love with such a beautiful woman. Standing in front of her, Lesley felt a little ashamed.

Seeing her come in, Elin Qin stopped warming up and said in a cold voice, "My time is very precious. Let me explain the most basic to you first."

She looked at her up and down, frowned and said, "in my opinion, your clothes are not suitable for you."

Then she looked at her own clothes and forced a smile, "I usually wear this."

"Really?" She said in a colder tone, "Then Young Mistress really has a bad taste."

The disgust in her eyes just like the knife edge sprinkled on Lesley, making her almost unable to stand still.

She knew that she was wearing optionally, and Michael had said the same words, so she did not refute. Instead, she replied kindly, "maybe it has something to do with my growing environment. Moreover, I think as long as I wear properly

t you look like..." Astonishment and disbelief were written all over Lesley's face.

"Am I look like an eighteen-year-old girl?" With a bright smile, Elin Qin teased, "Michael was still in low spirits before. Recently, he has been very happy. If he hadn't called to confess, I wouldn't have known that he has a mistress in his house!"

Elin Qin looked around and seemed to find something.

Lesley lowered her head shyly. The good atmosphere suddenly quieted down because of embarrassment.

"He is almost thirty years old, and he doesn't lack anything except a woman. I think you are gentle and obedient, not publicized. You are different from those snobbish women, so it's right that Michael likes you!" Elin Qin looked at Lesley and kept praising her.

"I..." Suddenly, Lesley didn't know what to say. Then she said, "I just want to stay with him and take good care of him."

In fact, Lesley wanted to speak out her feelings in a plain tone, but her words were meaningful and sounded a little disgusting. So after listening to it, Elin Qin asked curiously, "Do you love him very much? Do you love him so much that you can't extricate yourself from it?"

With a red face, Lesley lowered her head and bit her lips, but didn't give an answer.

"You're still shy. You've been sleeping on the same bed for so long and you must know him very well. You're too embarrassed. Tell me, what did he do to you?" Lesley thought that Elin Qin wouldn't ask more as soon as she avoid answering her question. But she didn't expect that Elin's questions were so spicy that the shyness on Lesley's face didn't dissipate.

"Sister Elin, you haven't had lunch yet, right? I'll ask Maria to prepare it for you." Lesley tried to avoid those sharp questions.

"I have eaten. Besides, I have the mission to chat with you. How can I just want to eat? Answer my question quickly." Elin Qin didn't let Lesley go and continued to ask.

Lesley felt very embarrassed. It was difficult for her to connect those revealing problems with the beautiful woman in front of her. She kept silent for a while and said with difficulty, "We haven't..."

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