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   Chapter 81 Win His Heart (Part One)

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The love she had made hard for him was ruthless.

"When did you learn it?" As she was lost in thought, a sudden voice above her head made her fingers tremble and her face pale.

She was absent-minded in front of Michael, and it was because of David. She looked guilty.

Noticing the panic in her mood, he didn't ask more. He raised the watch on his wrist and turned to her. "I'm going to have a meeting in the company. If you are bored, call Simon."

He said calmly and his tone was completely different from the teasing tone just now. Lesley thought he was angry, so she looked at him worriedly, "Are you angry?"

After that, she was flustered.

"Did you do anything wrong?" A playful smile appeared on the corner of Michael's mouth.

Biting her lips, Lesley shook her head. When she raised her head again, he had already walked out of the living room with his briefcase.

The figure disappeared. She caught it in a hurry and quickened her pace unconsciously. She chased to the gate and found that he had got on the car. She wanted to say something, but found it so difficult to call his name.

She called his name only when she had no choice. It seemed that she was not trained to speak it out.

In the car, Michael looked a little tired. He rubbed his forehead gently with one hand, but he didn't see that Lesley was standing at the gate in panic.

When Winston turned the car around, he saw the figure in the rear-view mirror. He stopped the car.

"What's wrong?" Michael didn't opened his eyes and asked.

"Miss Lesley... Young Mistress is behind us!" Pointing at the mirror, Winston said in surprise as if he had discovered a new continent.

After thinking for a while, Michael said lightly, "Let's go to the company first."

"Okay." Although Winston was in a dilemma, thinking that all the employees in the company were waiting for Michael, he still started the engine and drove out of the Brocade Garden.

The shadow of the car slowly blurred in Lesley's eyes, and a sense of loss welled up in her eyes. She thought to herself, 'Did my distraction upset him just now?'

When Lesley went back to her bedroom, she didn't know what to do. She remembered that she stayed


"Lesley, Assistant Simon is looking for you with a beautiful lady." Maria's voice sounded and Lesley relaxed her vigilance.

It was so strange that she had been looking forward to the return of Michael with full vigilance.

"I'll be right downstairs." Then Lesley got up and opened the wardrobe to look for clothes. She found the clothes she had asked the landlady to choose randomly last time.

She opened it curiously.

The style of the dress was quite satisfactory, similar to her usual style. A smile immediately appeared at the corners of her mouth. After putting it on, she realized that the money for the dress was paid by David. The smile froze on her lips again.

She combed her long hair with a comb and checked herself in front of the mirror before going downstairs.

"Young Mistress is here." Maria was preparing tea enthusiastically and said happily when she saw the shadow of Lesley.

Almost at the same time, Lesley and the beautiful woman who sat on the sofa looked at each other.

"Young Mistress, let me introduce to you. This is Elin Qin, the etiquette teacher invited by boss." In a daze, Simon stood up and said to Lesley.

An etiquette teacher? She couldn't help but think of countless questions. Before she could ask, a beautiful voice came, "Hello, nice to meet you."

Staring at her fair and slender hand, Lesley was stunned for a while and then nervously reached out to shake hands with the woman called Elin Qin.

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