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   Chapter 80 Women Are Duplicitous (Part Two)

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He let go of her and put her back to where she was.

Because of shyness, Lesley buried her face in the bowl and kept eating. It seemed that she had an appetite, but actually, she just wanted to remove her nervousness.

"Why don't you just eat rice?" Asked Michael seriously, frowning.

"Uh..." Hearing that, Lesley picked up the dishes obediently. Her dumb action show her guilt.

In order not to make her nervous, Michael moved his chair away to keep a distance from her, and then began to eat quietly.

This woman was not only innocence, but also easily became shy.

He peeped at her, just like she was also observing him.

The two looked at each other in tacit understanding. She was nervous and defensive. However, he looked away and ate elegantly as if nothing had happened.

After dinner, Michael got a call from Winston. He glanced at Lesley who was washing dishes in the kitchen, hung up the phone and walked up to her.

She was wearing a white and purple apron, and this fresh and elegant color was also like the unique temperament of her. Her busy figure was like the breeze in the bamboo forest, swaying the taste of happiness.

Michael reached out and held her slender waist from behind. His tall figure bent slightly, and his handsome face was buried in her neck. He smelled the fragrance of her hair, and the faint fragrance of her neck.

The sudden hug made Lesley tremble. Her lips and teeth trembled, and her voice was almost inaudible. "What are you doing?"

He took a deep breath and said in a very sweet voice, "I have nothing to do at leisure. I want to spend some time with my wife."

There was a sense of taking it for granted in his words.

Lesley's face turned red. The foam of the detergent covered her hand. She threatened him deliberately, "If you continue to be so naughty, don't blame me for being ruthless."

After saying that, she nimbly turned around from his hands and showed off with her hands full of bubbles.

Without moving, Michael seized the opportunity to take advantage of her. He held her head with his hands and kissed her passionately.

His thin lips tightly sealed Lesley's voice. He put his other hand around her waist and clasped her body which was about to move.

His kiss was not only overbearing, but also a punishment. Later, he became gentle because of Lesley's obedience.

Her mind was gradually in a mess, and the bubbles melted in the air. Her long kiss lingered tirelessly as time went by.

"Playing cat and mouse. I like it." After kissing her, Michael whispered in her ear viciously.

Before she could get rid of the kiss, Lesley licked her lips which were about to peel off. Then she found that he was making fun of her. She was not convinced. She was the victim, but the man in front of her laughed at her.

Out of shyness and anger, she put her hand behind her back and fumbled into the sink. When the bubbles were stained for a long time, she looked at the tall man and squeezed a sweet smile. "You like

the good mood of Michael. He glanced at Lesley and saw her intoxicated face. He couldn't help smiling and then said, "Come here!"

Hearing that, Lesley was stunned. She didn't know whether she was slow to react or she was used to his orders. She stood obediently.

"Baby, help me change my clothes." As soon as Lesley walked over, Michael said in a strange tone.

Suddenly, Lesley didn't know what to say to attack his complacency. Seeing that he had already stretched out his hands and waited quietly, she felt it was more unnecessary to say anything. She put the exquisite suit on his arms.

"Can you wear a tie?" It suddenly occurred to Michael that his tie had been taken off. He took off his suit and asked Lesley in a low voice.

After a pause, Lesley wanted to shake her head, but she nodded.

"That's good." He handed her a silky tie, full of happiness on his face.

As Michael was much taller than Lesley, he bowed his head considerately so that it wouldn't take much effort for her. Then he simply sat on the sofa.

Only at this moment could she be the quietest.

Her eyelashes were thick and long, and all her attention was focused on his tie. Her seriousness had proven that she was considerate enough.

It was the first time that he had waited patiently for a woman to tie his tie. Even though his assistant, Winston, had been waiting outside the door for a long time and the whole company's employees were waiting for him to go to the meeting, he just sat quietly now.

He could have gone to the company quickly, but he spent a lot of time with her. He was like an emperor who was greedy for beauty and had no interest in the court.

For the sake of David, Lesley specially learned how to tie a tie. On the first day David found a job, she also tied a tie for him in this way. At that time, she was excited from head to toe. David had promised to hold a wedding with her after graduation and found a job. Unexpectedly, things changed.

She was caught off guard.

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