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   Chapter 20 I Didn't Care About It (Part Two)

Flash Marriage: Taming The Cold CEO By Xing Jiayi Characters: 6961

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Amused by Lesley's funny behavior, Michael would never let go of the opportunity to bully her. He took the frightened Lesley into his arms.

"What are you doing?" Lesley struggled desperately who didn't figured out what was going on.

"Are you going to let Maria know how much we love each other?" A warm breath came from above her head. Her scalp was tingling and her heart was trembling.

When she was about to scold him for being shameless, her waving hands were held by Michael and he threatened, "You'd better not move. Something is difficult to control..."

His voice was mellow and gentle, as if he was bewitching Lesley, leaving her no reason to continue to move.

Seeing that she had calmed down, Michael released his hand and walked towards the cloakroom.

Looking at his tall figure and his strong and white back, Lesley couldn't help but sigh in her heart, 'Good figure!'

Lesley had to admit that Michael had a good figure.

"Are you obsessed with me?" After changing his clothes, Michael saw the absent-minded Lesley and flirted with her.

Lesley regained her presence of mind and gave Michael a knee-jerk stare and said, "How narcissistic you are!" Although Lesley denied Michael's conjecture, her eyes were fixed on the well-designed and well-tailored beige suit on Michael. With a clear outline of his handsome face and steady temperament, the aura alone was enough to shock her.

But it was so late at night. Was he going out?

When Lesley was confused, she heard that Michael said, "Go change your clothes and go out with me."

"What?" Lesley said confused.

She was full of joy at first, because she could enjoy her free time when Michael went out. She didn't expect that she was involved this time.

"Who let you conquer that unruly girl? Now she wants to see you. It's still early. Let's go to the Su family!" Said Michael calmly as he tied his tie.

'Lily? The enthusiastic cousin of Michael?'

Realizing that there was no reason to refuse, Lesley had to change her clothes quietly.

She thought she would be stopped by Michael again and he would take out some shoes of unsuitable sizes or pink clothes. But she didn't expect that he didn't do that this time. She chuckled and took out her usual clothes.

But when she thought that Michael was wearing a formal suit, she gave up the idea of wearing sportswear. She chose a white dress from her clothes. And after tying up her hair, she began to think about what shoes to wear.

She had applied medicine on her feet. If she wore high-heeled shoes, she would suffer a lot.

"Knock, knock, knock..." After the knock on the door, there came the urging voice of Michael, "What are you dawdling for? Hurry up!"

Lesley reluctantly opened the door and said, "I don't know what shoes to wear."

She was just like a spoiled child who had no ability to take care of herself and was asking for the adult' opinions, the frowned Michael suddenly lost his temper. He looked at her feet and replied coldly, "Put on your slippers."

Although it was a simple idea from Michael, it was a great grace for Lesley.

Perhaps because Michael detested Lesley for walking too slowly, from the moment they went downstairs, he had been holding her in his arms, and it was an extremely intimate action. Such a scene looked particularly happy to outsiders, so when Maria saw this scene, she couldn't help but sigh, "Young Mistress, you are so lucky to marry a good husband like Master Mic


Lesley kept her head down and didn't say she wanted to get off until she came to the car.

Perhaps Michael didn't want to make Lesley feel that she was spoiled and arrogant, so he said coldly, "Don't be too moved. I'm not in the mood to wait for a turtle all the time. Besides, in front of people, the way of love needs to be shown!"

Without saying a word, Lesley sat in the passenger seat and looked out of the window at the green mountain expressionlessly.

They didn't talk all the way. When they were about to reach the villa of the Su family, Michael stopped the car and reminded Lesley, "We're almost there. Put away those thoughts!"

'These thoughts? It sounded uncomfortable.'

With a straight face, Lesley said deliberately, "Please tell me what to do, Master Michael!"

There was no expression on her face, but her attitude made Michael feel uncomfortable.

"What attitude?" As the CEO of the Mo group, he had never been treated like this. But when did he have a good face to greet her? He retorted unwillingly, "I'm afraid that you, a bumpkin, will embarrass me. I just want to remind you!"

Then, Michael started the engine and continued to move forward.

Looking at his cold side face, Lesley was depressed. She didn't know why he always said those words to hurt her.

Soon they arrived at the Su family.

The villa of the Su family was built in European style, which made Lesley feel luxurious at the first sight. As soon as Michael parked the car at the gate of the villa, several maids dressed up as servants rushed over and shouted, "Welcome, Master Michael!"

Their voice were neat and sweet, and even Lesley was a little intoxicated by it.

"This is Young Mistress." With a neither angry nor happy look on his face, Michael solemnly introduced Lesley.

"Welcome, Young Mistress!" They said in a sweet voice.

Being flattered by their enthusiasm, Lesley replied politely, "Thank you."

The green area in front of the door was very eye-catching. A sweet smile appeared on the corner of Lesley's mouth.

Perhaps Lesley had a good impression of Lily, so she was not very reluctant. She just hoped that she would not be as unwelcome as she was in the Mo family this morning.

She didn't know when she began to put pressure on herself and became unconfident.

"Young Mistress is very beautiful!"

"Master Michael is so handsome! I'm so envious of Young Mistress!"

"Yes. Every time when Master Michael came here before, I dreamed to be with him. Now... Alas..."

"Is Young Mistress disabled? How could she limp?"

"Yes... If that's the case, Master Michael's taste is so poor!"

When Michael was walking towards the villa with Lesley, the maids gossiped behind them.

With a smile on her face, Lesley didn't care about those words at all.

"Are you unhappy?" Michael looked at Lesley and asked.

In fact, Michael wanted to ridicule her, but it became a tone of concern. As soon as he said it, even he himself felt strange.

Lesley just shook her head and smiled at him generously.

Although it was just a moment, it still surprised Michael. He held her hand more tightly.

Only when Lesley didn't wear high-heeled shoes could she feel a sense of security. Even if the person who held her hand was not the one she loved, he gave her a sense of security when she needed help. She should be grateful. Maybe she should try to get used to such a marriage, and even if it was acting, she had to act.

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