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   Chapter 19 I Didn't Care About It (Part One)

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Looking at his beautiful face, Lesley wondered whether it was really so important to make her feel at ease for him.

"There is no emotional foundation between us..." Lesley's mind was in a mess and she didn't know what to say properly.

Hearing her words, Michael smiled unconsciously. While driving, he said, "There is no need to have emotional foundation between us. We just need to cooperate with each other in acting."

He was straightforward and emotionless, as if he was talking business with a client.

From Helen's words, Lesley knew that the Mo family was very wealthy. Although she had never tried to figure it out, it was inevitable that Helen would doubt her intention of marrying Michael.

She suddenly realized how irrational she was to agree to marry the man beside her.

It didn't take long for the car to arrive at the Brocade Garden. Before Lesley could ask the question in her heart, Michael said, "As for the lie that you have been pregnant, it's my responsibility. You don't have to think too much."

'Was this a responsible act?'

"I don't care about it. Whoever tells the lie, he will be the one to realize it!" After saying that, Lesley opened the door and got out of the car, but she was a little panic. She said to Michael who got out of the car at the same time, "Paper can't wrap fire. It will be seen three months later if someone is pregnant. At that time..." The more Lesley said, the more embarrassed she looked. She really wanted to scold Michael that he even told that lie.

But she held it back. She had seen his bad temper more or less, so she didn't want to seek the trouble.

Seeing that she cared about it so much, a rare smile appeared in the eyes of Michael. "Then we can speed up and make the lie become true."

All of a sudden, Michael stood in front of Lesley and whispered in her ear in a low voice. The hot breath spread, and suddenly, her ears turned red, accompanied by a burning.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Lesley's face was burning hot. She was like a young girl who had been harassed, panicked.

Seeing her blush, Michael took the opportunity to tease her, "You are my legal wife. It's normal for you to have a child for me."

When Michael said this in a deep voice, there was deep affection in his eyes. In addition, the two were very close to each other, so Lesley could clearly feel the mature male breath in his body, which reminded her of the night when she was drunk. Shyness and panic quickly swept over her whole body. She was just like a blooming flower when she rebutted him. But now, the flower withered in an instant.

She lowered her head to hide her shyness. She didn't want to let Michael go any further.

As soon as she lowered her head, her chin was raised by Michael. She looked at his smiling eyes helplessly, her heart beating fast.

"Men sometimes fall in love because of love, and sometimes they seek excitement and play some indulgent games." He opened his thin lips gently, but his words were sharp, like an invisible sharp knife, stabbing into Lesley's chest, making her heart tighten.

She was not sad because of those words, but because she felt disgusted with the playful words of Michael.

Although she hadn't gone to college, she could understand what Michael meant. The meaning of his words was that even if he didn't love her, he could have a child with her.

"Shame on you!" Raising her hand, Lesley was about to slap Michael, but her wrist was grasped by him.

"Don't forget who you are!" Michael became cold in a moment.

There was no longer a smile in her eyes but indifference. Then he added, "Don't be so ungrateful. If you piss me off, not only you but also your parents will suffer!"

After warning Lesley, Michael shook off Lesley's hand heavily and strode into the villa without looking back.

Looking at the tall and cold back of Michael, the stunned Lesley was speechless. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't make a sound. She wanted to cry, but she found how difficult it was to cry.

This was her choice, and this was her lightning fast marriage.

She only knew that Michael was cold, but she didn't expect that he would be so cruel to her for his feelings. Even if there was no love between them, she was still his wife.

Lesley stood still, lost in thought.

"Wife?" She sneered, bit her lower lip, and returned to the villa with a very complicated mood.

As soon as Lesley stepped into the main hall, Maria rushed over and pulled her aside, looking mysterious.

"What's wrong, Maria?" Lesley was in a bad mood and her voice was weak.

"Young Mistress, did you lose your temper with Master Michael?" Maria's face was full of wrinkles. When she frowned, the ditches on her face became deeper.

Within ten minutes, the quarrel was known by Maria.

Without answering, Lesley didn't know what to say. She just asked curiously, "How did you know we had a quarrel, Maria?"

Even if they didn't love each other, Lesley tried her best to act as a good wife in front of others, so she spoke carefully.

Maria said in an omnipotent tone, "As soon as Master Michael entered the room, he went upstairs without saying anything. If you didn't quarrel with each other, what else could it be?"

'It turned out to be a guess.' Lesley thought.

"I'm sorry to make you worried. I didn't quarrel with Michael. Maybe he is tired. I'll go upstairs to have a look." In order to avoid Maria's question, Lesley had to find an excuse.

"Young Mistress, what's wrong with your feet?" After Lesley took only two steps, Lesley, who had sharp eyes, noticed something wrong. Lesley stopped and turned to Maria. "I haven't worn high-heeled shoes for a long time, so my feet are rubbed. It doesn't matter."

Maria pouted and couldn't help saying, "Young people like you like beauty. You'd rather suffer than wear it!"

Then Lesley continued to walk to the stair and ignored Maria.

Perhaps it was because of the pain in her feet that Lesley pushed the door open when she reached the bedroom.

"Ah!" The scene in front of her made Lesley scream.

At the same time, there was also a look of surprise on the face of Michael, but it was not as exaggerated as that of Lesley. Soon, he returned to normal.

"Stop shouting!" Michael shook his wet hair and walked towards Lesley.

Realizing her gaffe, Lesley covered her mouth in a hurry. As the distance between them was getting closer and closer, her shy face seemed to be grilled by a fire and mature.

Faced with the exposed upper body of Michael, Lesley almost didn't dare to look straight at him. She covered her frightened eyes in a hurry, and her heart beat several times faster than usual.

'What the hell was Michael going to do?'

"Bang!" The door was closed behind her and a gust of wind blew past her.

All of a sudden, everything quieted down. Lesley thought that Michael had left with the sound of the door, so she let go of her hand and looked at him quietly. But his strong chest was imprinted in her eyes again. Fortunately, she restrained her panic and covered her eyes again.

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