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   Chapter 18 I Need To Understand You

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"Check her wound." This was the only words that Lesley heard in the arms of Michael, and then she was put on the sickbed.

On the four white walls, a middle-aged man with a face mask walked to the bedside. He looked at Lesley's bare feet and understood.

"Relax. It doesn't hurt." The middle-aged doctor comforted her.

Lesley pursed her lips and nodded, staring at her bloodstained feet. Because of the long time, the socks had stuck to the wound, and a slight touch would cause pain.

The alcohol poured on the wound, and a cold feeling made Lesley forget the pain. After the medicine was applied, the middle-aged doctor told her a few words, and she was about to get out of bed.

"What are you doing?" Seeing that Lesley pretended to get out of bed, Michael, who was talking with the doctor, said nervously.

Shocked by his cold voice, Lesley kept her posture.

"Thank you." After expressing his thanks to the doctor, Michael picked up Lesley again. The doctor's warm greeting made Lesley blush.

"Behave yourself!" Michael, who had talked with the doctor in a good tone, ordered Lesley when he put her on the seat as if Lesley was a naughty child.

Lesley curled her lips and thought Michael was making a fuss, but she sat still.

After the episode in the clinic, the anger in Lesley's heart gradually faded away.

"Do you know Tong Town?" On the way back to the Brocade Garden, Michael suddenly asked.

Lesley's heart sank. Tong Town was a very familiar place to her. 'But how did he know...'

"You mean?" Lesley's eyes were misty and confused.

Raising his eyebrows, a complacent smile appeared on the corners of Michael's mouth. Turning his handsome face, he said proudly, "How can we continue our married life without understand you?"

The smile at the corners of his mouth made Lesley panic. Finally, she couldn't help but ask curiously, "What do you want to say?"

'Married life? It sounds ridiculous!'

"Your father, Zakary Mu, is a teacher in the countryside. He is ill in bed all year round. Your mother, Mary Sun, is idle, addicted to gambling, and has a very bad relationship with her neighbors..."

"You should investigate me!" Lesley couldn't stand it anymore and interrupted Michael who was in the mocking voice.

"Am I not telling the truth?" Michael sneered. As he spoke, his handsome face approached the slightly angry Lesley. The warm breath lingered between the two, like a blazing fire.

Lesley's eyes were swollen and sour. She avoided the dazzling light and felt frustrated. He was right, but the tide of memory rose, making her think of the time when she left that house.

Noticing that she didn't say anything, Michael said in a slightly gentle tone, "Don't think too much. I just express my respect for them as a son-in-law. Besides, they don't know that you have married me."

"What do you mean?" Lesley asked in confusion after hearing what Michael said.

"I have found the most authoritative hospital in Ice City for your father. It is said that he is recovering very well." The corners of Michael's mouth curled into a smirk.

Surprised, Lesley opened her mo

uth and wanted to say thank you to him, but she felt that it was not that simple. She still doubted, "Why are you so kind-hearted?"

Since Lesley had been betrayed by David, she no longer easily believed anyone. She was suspicious and her vigilance would always rise involuntarily.

In the face of her doubts, Michael just sneered and said naughtily, "You don't need to doubt I am a good man!"

Ignoring his tease, Lesley said crossly, "You didn't do anything good. You are not in good faith!" Her words were so sharp that she didn't even want to show her hypocrisy.

Because of this, Michael was silent for a full minute and said, "You're right. I'm not in good faith, but it can't be a bad thing. We just take what we need from each other. Why not?"

His thick eyebrows were slightly twisted, and his cold tone was domineering. Although his delicate features were surrounded by anger, they were irresistibly handsome.

'Sure enough!'

"Just take what we need from each other?" 'How could he say that?' Lesley thought.

This hasty and irrational marriage had taught her a lesson. When she wanted to end it, he would tie her to his side even if he lied.

"Don't you want your father to be cured?" Michael asked tentatively.

With her eyes wide open, Lesley denied, "No!" She dreamed that her kind and knowledgeable father could escape from the disease.

"But you look unhappy." With Michael's eyes slightly narrowed, the smile at the corners of his mouth became bright for a moment. In the past, David had also smiled gently and elegantly, but now...

She was absent-minded for a second, but she quickly drew back her attention. Her eyes were dim and she said with a little loss, "I haven't seen them for almost four years."

Speaking of this, Lesley choked with sobs, and a faint sadness surged in her heart.

Four years ago, she made a choice that made Zakary so angry that he said that he would not have a daughter like her. Maybe it was because of anger that Zakary said that, but she decided to left more firmly.

There were too many memories in that small village full of trees and flowers. Lesley was not angry with Zakary at all, instead, she felt guilty. She graduated from high school and didn't go to college, but she was determined to be with David. At that time, she attracted a lot of discussion in the neighbors. They said that she was not a good girl and even wanted to elope with someone at a young age. Worse words were said to be heard by Zakary, of course, he felt bad. He had been honest and upright all his life, respected by others. How could he accept such comments? Besides, there was a mother who was even more vicious than a stepmother who provoked him. It was normal that Lesley and Zakary did not quarrel.

"Four years?" Michael looked at Lesley who was not good and asked confused, "Why?"

The sudden curiosity made Michael become a gossip.

"It's a long story," said Lesley indifferently. Hearing that, Michael rolled his eyes, but he didn't ask more. Instead, he said, "The reason why I did this is that I want you to be the Young Mistress of the Mo family at ease."

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