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   Chapter 17 She Is Pregnant Now

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"Do you think you can come into Mo family just because you are pregnant?" Helen sneered and looked down at Lesley. "The Mo family is most powerful in the Ice City. I think you want to come into the Mo family just for money!"

Lesley's body trembled. She had never thought of this. But when she saw the sharp eyes which was just like a knife, she dodged in horror.

"Mom, don't you always want me to get married?" "Now that she's pregnant, isn't it killing two birds with one stone?" said Michael, holding Helen's hand in front of the bed and watching Lesley.

Lesley clenched her fists. Although it was a happy lie, there was no joy in Michael's tone, but helplessness.

"Even you don't tell me, I know the truth. You must be drunk and confused!" Helen said angrily and then glared at Lesley, "I can tolerate you until the baby is born, but you can't take away any property of the Mo family except for normal consumption!"

"Actually, I didn't..." Lesley wanted to deny the pregnancy, but her hand was grabbed by Michael and she was stopped from saying anything.

"Thank you, Mom." After saying that, Michael held Lesley's hand tighter. She knew it was a warning.

"Mark, you can't let her go so easily. You have to ask her to sign an agreement." Still unsatisfied, Helen pointed at her husband by the bed with her chin.

"Helen, now that Lesley is pregnant with the baby of Michael, we should treat her as a member of our family." Mark said patiently.

Helen didn't agree. She squinted at Mark and said angrily, "Even if you are a gigolo, you have to make your son the same as you!"

Seeing that they were quarreling fiercely, Lesley quickly said, "Aunt, we all listen to you."

Lesley knew that what she said meant that she was not only to compromise to Helen, but also to compromise to Michael and lie with him.

Her eyes were bright, but her heart was vague.

"You have a sweet tongue, but I, Helen, don't buy it!" Helen curled her lips and said to her son with disappointment, "Now I feel that your ex-girlfriend is much better. Although she is a little arrogant, she is real, not like her!"

In Helen's regretful tone, she couldn't help feeling disgusted with Lesley. Her sharp eyes seemed to want to stab Lesley to death.

In order not to continue the embarrassment, Lesley took the initiative to say goodbye. "Aunt, Uncle, I'll go out first." Her tone was a little light, which made people feel that she was angry. Fortunately, Michael cooperated with her, "I'll be with you."

"Look, I just said a few words and then she put on a long face!" Helen's dissatisfied voice rang behind Lesley. She didn't turn around, allowing Michael to hold her in his arms.

It was not until Lesley went downstairs that she calmed down. She was so nervous that she almost couldn't breathe.

"Are you okay?" Seeing her leaning against a corner of the sofa, Michael asked concerned.

Somehow, the anger sprang up in Lesley's heart and she asked, "I'm not pregnant at all. Why did you say that?"

Because of anger, grievance, Lesley even lost her timidity.

"Why are you howling?" The next second, Lesley's mouth was covered by the hand of Michael.

Lesley stared at Michael unwillingly. She was disgusted with his lie. Soon her eyes turned red and moist.

Perhaps it was just this

scene that made Michael a little unbearable. He loosened his grip and said in a particularly good temper, "I made you suffer. I will explain it clearly later."

Even his tone of apology was cool, but it was rare. Without saying anything, Lesley was about to go out when Butler Lin was walking inside.

"Young Mistress, aren't you and Master Michael having dinner here?" Seeing that the two were about to leave, Butler Lin was a little surprised.

"No, thanks. Please tell my father if he comes downstairs." Michael answered with unhappiness. Then he glanced at Lesley who was changing her shoes. "What's wrong with your feet?" As soon as Michael caught a glimpse of Lesley's white socks stained with blood, he was shocked.

Perhaps Lesley was still angry, she put her painful feet into the pair of unsuitable high-heeled shoes and walked out, gritting her teeth.

Hearing no response from Lesley, Michael frowned. After saying a few words to Butler Lin, he quickly followed her.

"Stop, Lesley!" A domineering voice came coldly.

Biting her lips, Lesley pretended not to hear it and walked along the road, although her feet were so painful that she winced.

Seeing that she was indifferent, Michael rushed forward and held the light figure of Lesley into his arms. Then Michael gritted his teeth and threatened, as if he had expected that Lesley would resist, "If you still want to stay here, you can play tricks with me!"

Lesley didn't say anything. It sounded like she was wrong.

Finally, under his threat, Lesley stayed quietly in his arms and let him put her on the passenger seat.

"What are you doing?" As for the hand that was suddenly reached out by Michael, Lesley dodged it defensively.

"I don't have any appetite for a boring woman like you. Don't move!" Michael frowned and said.

After that, Michael put his hand on Lesley's ankle and took off the high-heeled shoes of unsuitable sizes, ignoring her feelings.

"Ah... It hurts!" She was already embarrassed, and she tried her best to endure it. But she cried out because of the pain.

"What a fool!" Michael put down her feet, closed the door, sat on the driver's seat, started the car, and drove fast and slowly on the quiet and pleasant road.

Immersed in the green, Lesley temporarily forgot the pain on her feet. Perhaps there was a little unhappiness in her heart, so she was not in the mood to care about the pain on her feet. From time to time, she recalled the sharp words of Helen.

Although full of doubts, at this time, Michael was full of anger. Asking one more question was nothing more than asking for trouble.

After a short while, Michael stopped the car and got off directly. Then Lesley came to her senses. She looked out of the car and found that the parking place was not at the Brocade Garden. Just when she was confused, he opened the door of the car and held her in his arms again like holding a sick child.

Lesley was so shy that she didn't even have the chance to resist. Burying herself in his arms and smelling the faint fragrance, she felt that the lost sense of security seemed to come back, but soon she denied it.

There was an expensive smell of perfume on Michael, but the smell on David was always from the fresh soap.

One was attractive and the other was lingering.

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