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   Chapter 15 You Were A Scheming Woman

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"Don't show your teeth with a smile. Be dignified and decent." Copying the tone of Michael, Lesley raised her hand and knocked on the red wooden door carved with phoenix patterns rhythmically.

The corners of Michael's mouth twitched. Looking at the serious expression on Lesley's face, he was very satisfied with her obedience.

"Come in." Inside the room, a deep male voice came through the wooden door.

When Lesley was about to open the door, she was held by Michael. "It's my father. He just looks serious and won't find anything wrong from you. The most important people is my mother!"

There was inevitably worry in the voice of Michael. Lesley felt it was just strange that the cold and arrogant man like Michael suddenly became weaker.

The two of them were very close. Smelling the refreshing perfume on Michael, hearing the warmth in his tone, and seeing his handsome face, Lesley could not help but feel a throb in her heart.

Lesley didn't know when she only care about appearance.

"Don't be distracted!" Michael's sound was like a basin of cold water pouring over, dispelling Lesley's thoughts.

She glared at Michael, feeling that he was deliberately mystifying. She was nervous in the first place, and her heart was in a mess when she was frightened by him.

When Lesley opened the door, she was shocked by the scene in the room.

'How could this be?'

"What are you waiting for? Let's go inside." However, Michael was calm and reminded Lesley in a low voice.

"Dad, Mom, I visit you with her!" Michael pulled Lesley to the front of the middle-aged man and woman and said in a particularly formal tone.

Lesley looked at the woman again and called her Mom stiffly.

Lesley had always been unfamiliar with the appellation Mom. Even when she called her Mom, her voice was trembling.

"You all go out. I have something to ask her!" The woman sitting on the bed said. Her voice was low but powerful, and fierce.

With a shudder, Lesley looked at Michael helplessly. She thought he would help her, but she didn't expect... "Then let Lesley stay with you. Dad and I will go out first."

Lesley was like a deflated ball. She bit her lower lip and held on to her shaky body.

She was s


"Helen, it's the first time that this child has come to the Mo family. Pay attention to your tone. Don't frighten her." Before Mark leaving, he reminded Helen, who was sitting on the bed with a dark face.

Hearing such warm words, Lesley looked at Mark gratefully.

What Michael said was right. Although his father looked a little serious, his words sounded warm.

"Are you Lesley? Welcome." Mark came over and said with a gentle smile, "She just loves her son and has no prejudice against you. If there is anything wrong, please forgive her."

"Okay." Lesley knew what Mark meant.

After the father and son left, Lesley, who was standing still, walked towards the bed. Overcoming the fear in her heart, she called out again, "Mom..."

Although she was inevitably timid, her tone was much clearer than the last sound.

"Stop pretending. You were scared just now, but now you are trying to get close to me. You are really a scheming woman!" Helen turned to the other side, showing no gratitude at all.

Lesley was indeed frightened when she came in, but she remembered that her father once taught her that the all men were equal, that each of them was unique and should not be treated with contempt.

"I'm sorry..." Feeling sorry for Lesley's gaffe, she slowly looked at Helen with soft eyes. There were waxy yellow scars on Helen's face.

The two sides of Helen's face looked like a confrontation between the night and the day. The left side of her face, which was covered with scars, looked old and dim, but the right side of her face was neat and white which was not inferior to that of Lesley. Her bright eyes seemed to be able to speak, shining with a burst of light, even if the light given out was cold.

The other eye was dark because of the scars, and there were also black spots. It looked gloomy.

"Humph!" With a snort, Helen stared at Lesley with a cruel look and said in disdain, "Do you think you can't be so coquettish anymore and you are Young Mistress of the Mo family after you wear this dress?"

Shocked, Lesley stared at the unfriendly face and didn't know what to say.

Although Michael had warned her in advance, she was still restrained by Helen's sharp attitude.

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