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   Chapter 14 What A Pity

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When there were Lesley and Michael left in the living room, the lively atmosphere disappeared. As usual, Lesley sat quietly.

"You are lucky. It's easy for you to pass the test when that girl was here." A smile bloomed on the sad face of Michael. His eyes were fixed on Lesley, and there was a trace of appreciation in his eyes.

'Pass the test?' Lesley didn't think it was her own business. Perhaps she never dared to expect that she and Michael would love each other, so she did not have the momentum to be recognized by his parents. She just felt that it was natural for them to meet each other's parents after getting the marriage certificate with him.

"There are slippers in the shoe cabinet. Change them." Perhaps it was because Michael sensed that the size of Lesley's shoes was not suitable, or perhaps he was worried that she would be embarrassed, he said indifferently.

Although his tone was cold, Lesley still felt warm. With a smile on her face, she stood up and walked towards the shoe cabinet. The pain was like a needle that pierced into her toes, making her move a little abnormal.

The moment she took off her shoes, she felt as if her whole body was liberated, although there was a pain on her toes.

Lesley chose the one with the darkest color among the different types of slippers, but not her favorite one.

She only hoped that such a dark color could make her not publicize, and it was best to be ignored.

When she returned to the living room, she sat down in her original place, but she couldn't escape the suspicious gaze of Michael. She asked with a guilty conscience, "What's wrong?"

'Does he see through me?' Lesley wondered.

"You have such a bad taste. It's a pity for this dress." Although Michael's voice was low, it was full of irony. Dissatisfied, he specially glanced at the slippers on Lesley's feet.

"Uh..." Stunned, Lesley shrank her feet and didn't know what to do.

"Cousin Michael, Uncle and Aunt ask sister-in-law to go upstairs." When the atmosphere was embarrassing, Lily stood on the second floor and shouted to them.

Taking a look at Michael subconsciously, Lesley stood up and was about to go upstairs.

"Wait a minute!" At that time, Michael held Lesley's hand and said nervously, "Let me go

with you."

Lesley was shocked. Anyone who heard such words would be moved, and he had such a handsome face.

Unfortunately, that person was not the one she loved. At most, her heart beat fast, and she was not greedy and happy.

"Ouch..." Lesley was in a panic and didn't notice the stairs. Her foot hit the stairs and she cried out in pain, but soon she returned to normal.

"Did you hit your feet?" A voice of concern came over unexpectedly.

In a panic, Lesley shook her head.

"Let me have a look." The cold and hard voice made Lesley unable to refuse. But now she was going to see Michael's parents. Besides, Lily was still waiting at the stairs and it would make her embarrassed.

"No, thanks. Let's go upstairs. Don't let your parents wait." Lesley said as if nothing had happened, her beautiful face turned red with shyness.

Although Michael didn't insist, he couldn't move his attention away from her feet.

The owner of this dress and shoes was not Lesley, so Michael had never thought about the size. However, when he saw the wound on Lesley, he felt a little guilty.

The Mo mansion gave Lesley a sense of peace. Everything made of red wood spreading an antique flavor. The patterns carved on the door were also very particular. The feeling of nostalgia and the idyllic atmosphere outside the mansion lit up her eyes. Compared with the luxurious atmosphere of the Brocade Garden, she preferred the ancient style in her heart.

"Cough, cough, cough..." Before Lesley knocked on the door, a cough tugged at her heartstrings.

"Sister-in-law, my boyfriend is picking me up. Let's meet another day!" When Lesley and Michael were about to enter the room, Lily grabbed Lesley's hand and said with a little disappointment.

With a smile, Lesley said gently, "Go ahead. We can see each other at any time."

"Okay, come on, sister-in-law!" After cheering up Lesley, Lily went downstairs. The eagerness to see her boyfriend made Michael despise her, "I haven't seen she and her every boyfriend for a long time!"

This was the most nagging sentence that Lesley had heard since she and Michael got along, so she gave him a special look.

"What are you laughing at?" Seeing that Lesley was looking at him, he felt a little embarrassed.

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