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   Chapter 12 You Were Just From A Poor Family

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The Brocade Garden was not far from the Mo family. The car was slowly moving forward on the winding mountain road. The towering trees on both sides looked thick and neatly trimmed. Looking from afar, they were like a row of sentries.

With her hands crossed on her knees, Lesley sat elegantly. In silence, she looked like a lady from an eminent family.

Seeing this, Michael sneered, "No matter how elegantly a woman pretend to be who comes out of a poor family, she is just blindly copying others and making oneself look foolish." Hearing what Michael spoke, Lesley's eyes fell on her dress, and her heart ached slightly.

Lesley was almost used to his sarcasm, so she didn't feel unhappy. She thought that she had heard even worse words, so these sarcastic words wouldn't hurt her. She could only learn to dispel those unpleasant words and seek inner peace.

Not hearing her reply, Michael felt humiliated. He touched his nose to cover the embarrassment.

After driving through a short steep mountain road, the car stopped in front of a white building. The spectacular scene in front of Lesley made her eyes full of surprise. She couldn't help exclaiming, "It's so beautiful here!"

Hearing her compliments, a mysterious smile appeared on the corner of Michael's mouth. He opened the door for her and reminded her, "Don't smile and be dignified and decent!" The simple words made Lesley shut up immediately who was so surprised just now. After taking a deep breath, she slowly got out of the car.

Her toes were painful. She frowned slightly. When she raised her head and saw the solemn face of Michael, she pretended to get off the car calmly and stood next to the man who was a head taller than her.

The scenery in front of the buildings fascinated Lesley very much. Under the

golden sun, the buildings with purple glazed tiles which was surrounded by the green trees made people feel relaxed and happy. The endless green was like the tea mountain that she had seen on TV. She always had a strong desire to live in a place with an idyllic atmosphere. Now that she was standing in such a place, she couldn't tell the reality and illusion.

"Master Michael, you are back." When Lesley was giggling, a middle-aged man in his fifties came up and greeted her politely.

Without saying anything, Michael just nodded.

"This is Young Mistress." As Michael spoke, he took hold of Lesley's hand and introduced her expressionlessly.

The pull brought the dazed Lesley back to her senses. She was a little stunned, then nodded and greeted, "Hello, Uncle."

Then she looked at Michael in horror, fearing that she would provoke him because of her slow reaction just now.

"Young Mistress, you can't do that. I'm the butler of the Mo family. My surname is Lin." Butler Lin waved his hand to show that he couldn't bear to be called like what Lesley called.

With an embarrassed look on Lesley's face, she looked at Michael.

"There are some gifts from Young Mistress for my parents in the trunk. Go and take it out." The look in Michael's eyes was cold, and his tone was flat. No emotion could be sensed from his tone. That was why Lesley felt nervous.

She didn't even dare to pay attention to the beautiful scenery around her, and she had to lower her head and listen to the arrangement of Michael like a dull gourd.

"Raise your head and smile." Michael put his arm around Lesley's shoulder and said in an imperative manner. Ignoring the pain on her toes, he walked into the house at his speed.

The more Michael reminded Lesley, the more stiff her face became.

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