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   Chapter 11 She's So Beautiful

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"Knock, knock, knock..." There was a knock on the door. After wiping her tears, Lesley stood up and walked towards the wardrobe.

Lesley thought it was Michael coming back, so her heart beat fast.

"Young Mistress, Master Michael asked you to wear the clothes on the bed." Maria's voice came through the door. Lesley didn't want to have any more troubles, so she sniffed and tried to make her voice sound as calm as possible. She replied, "I know."

Taking a casual glance at the clothes on the bed, Lesley couldn't help but frown. Even if she didn't like it, she had to do as what Michael said. After all, they were going to the Mo family, and he must have his own intention to arrange it like this. What's more, the two of them had just argued with each other, and if now Lesley fighting against Michael, she was just inviting trouble.

She had always liked plain colors. Although she was only twenty-two years old, she was really not interested in pink colors. Even Phoebe often teased her to be a nanny for a long time, and she even lost her basic taste.

After dressing up, she felt a little uncomfortable. She looked at herself in the mirror for a long time before she braced herself to go out. Maria was waiting at the door respectfully. When she saw Lesley coming out, she was surprised and praised, "Young Mistress, this dress suits you very well. Master Michael is so considerate!"

Embarrassed, Lesley smiled. The two blushes on her cheeks deepened. Her shyness made her look more charming.

"Maria, you'd better call me Lesley." Her voice was sweet, but didn't let people feel tired of it at all. Even if Maria was full of complaints about her, she couldn't feel anger facing her politeness.

Maria said awkwardly, "But Master Michael has specially told me to call you Young Mistress."

It turned out that it was Michael's idea. It was hard for Lesley to say anything more.

As Lesley seldom wore high-heeled shoes, she could hardly walk steadily, which frightened Maria. Maria hurried to catch up with Lesley and held her, "Young Mistress, let me help you."

For Maria's considerate behavior, a warm feeling swept over Lesley's heart, and a smile appeared on her lips.

Outside the Brocade Garden, feeling bored, Michael who was wearing casual clothes was standing there. His eyes brightened when he saw Lesley who was just like a rare meteor, which gave him a great surprise.

'She was so beautiful.'

Michael thought.

"Young Mistress, Master Michael is waiting for you. Go ahead." Maria let go of Les

ley's hand, bowed to Michael, and turned back to the villa.

Lesley was like a cripple who had lost a crutch. The full sense of security was suddenly sucked out, leaving only uneasiness.

The size of her shoes didn't seem to match that of hers, which made Lesley toe hurt. In addition, she didn't have good control of high-heeled shoes, so she walked totteringly. Seeing this, Michael, who was amazed by Lesley, suddenly frowned and asked seriously, "How did you walk?"

His tone was full of reproach, and he became picky.

Stunned, Lesley stared at Michael who was angry and froze.

Seeing Lesley standing like a wooden man, Michael was inexplicably angry. He rushed forward, picked her up horizontally, and quickly walked to the door of the car. He threw her on the passenger seat like throwing garbage, and then slammed the door. His quick actions made the stunned Lesley not respond for a long time.

It was not until the car started that Lesley turned her head. She stared at the handsome side face of Michael in a trance.

She had imagined the scene of meeting her parents-in-law. At that time, she was full of expectation, but now she was confused. She didn't know what to do in the next moment, and it was more difficult for her to imagine what would happen in the next second.

"What are you looking at?" Noticing the light on his side face, Michael asked calmly.

Hearing that, Lesley was stunned. She withdrew her sight in a hurry and denied, "Nothing." Then she blushed.

The shyness of the little girl was more like this. Her silence calmed down the anger of Michael. His withdrew one hand that was holding the steering wheel casually, and he drove gracefully and expertly on the quiet road with one hand holding the steering wheel.

As for her panic, Michael didn't care. He continued to ring the alarm for her. "Calm down first. Don't be too scared to stand firm when you see my mother later."

He said in a cool tone. Although it was autumn, it felt like it was in the middle of winter. The cold air flowed in the car, making Lesley's back chill.

She was nervous, but she would stay firm. Her staggering was completely due to the size of her shoes. She wanted to explain, but she felt that Michael was cold and unpredictable and it was better for her not to provoke him. Later in front of the Mo family, she should be as careful as possible. As long as she behaved properly, as long as she smiled apologetically as possible, she could easily pass the test.

Thinking of this, she felt less nervous.

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