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   Chapter 10 Why Are You Here

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The scene that she got up was clearly seen by Michael. He had planned to take the opportunity to scold her when she found him, but he didn't expect himself to be invisible. After Lesley entered the bathroom, he stood up and went to the wardrobe to check her clothes. Among a row of clothes of different colors and styles, he chose a light pink dress, a pair of high-heeled shoes, a gauze towel, a light colored silk stockings... He followed the memory and put them on the bed, as if waiting for the woman in his heart, full of enthusiasm.

The sound of water in the bathroom stopped. After putting down the decorations in his hands, Michael sat back on the sofa and waited for her.

Perhaps Lesley was soberer after taking a shower, as soon as she walked out of the bathroom door, she saw Michael sitting on the sofa. She was frightened and quickly pulled the bath towel around her chest and her bare legs were overlapped because she could not hide them, which made her looked flirtatious and lovely.

"Why are you here?" Lesley couldn't help blaming Michael. Her face was as red as a half cooked apple, which was coveted.

A touch of smile appeared on the corner of Michael's mouth, which gave him a sense of wildness and unruly. His tall nose gave off a cold air. Before Michael sneered, the eyes of Lesley were all bending over for his incomparably handsome face.

"'You're already a dirty woman. Why do you pretend to be a shy holy maiden?" His words were a little contemptuous and even sarcastic, which made Lesley's heart seem to be stabbed by an ice knife. The dull pain came all of a sudden, and her whole body stiffened, like an injured doll.

"A dirty woman?" With a sneer, Lesley glared at Michael and fought back sarcastically, "I was stripped of my innocence when I was drunk. It must be dirty!"

Anger was like a stream, burning every pulse of Lesley's body. The last half of the sentence was almost said through her teeth, which showed how angry she was.

It was also because of her counterattack that made Michael a little surprised. Although they had only been together for three months, in the eyes of Michael, Lesley was obedient and even a little coward. He didn't expect that she would lose her temper at the moment.

"Ha ha, it seems that I have underestimated you." Micha

el's eyes were cold and sharp, and his anger concealed his handsome aura.

Clenching her fists, Lesley tried her best to be calm. Fearless was reflected in her cool eyes. When she raised her eyes, she met the cold eyes of Michael. Perhaps it was because of the unwillingness, she did not avoid it.

"I never expect Master Michael to think highly of me. I just talk about the fact." Her beautiful eyes were as bright as the sky outside the window, and there was a firmness in her tone.

Michael became unhappy. "So do you feel wronged?"

Michael thought he had seen a lot of women, but he had never met such a proud woman.

"Feel wronged? Now that things have come to this, why do you mention it again?" Thinking of what had happened after drinking, Lesley just chuckled, which was not only for Michael, but also for herself.

The virginity she had worked hard to protect was easily shattered, and it even caused a verbal ridicule.

"Are you feeling guilty?" Michael laughed at Lesley, "A woman like you who often goes to the bar has been fucked by many people. Don't pretend to be a bitch in front of me!"

"You!" Lesley was speechless.

"I..." Holding Lesley's angry hand, Michael curled up his lips and teased, "But the quality of your repaired maidenhead is not bad, coupled with your enthusiasm after drinking, it really gives me unlimited pleasure." After saying that, Michael kissed on the back of Lesley's hand on purpose. His beautiful eyes were blurred and very romantic. His soft voice was as sharp as an itch, which made her heart ache.

Crystal tears were rolling in her eyes, mixed with her disdainful self-esteem, which made her heartbroken.

Noticing that Lesley was in a bad mood, Michael didn't give in. Instead, he seemed to make it worse. "Every man likes to wear clean clothes, so you'd better be sensible and clean yourself up for me right now!"

He said in a pun.

With a good understanding, of course, Lesley understood what Michael meant. She watched him leave calmly until the tall figure completely disappeared in her eyes. Then she fell to the ground like a ghost. Her light figure was like the fragrant cherry petal, and even if she was sad, she was intoxicating.

Tears fell down from her eyes, and her ears were full of the hurtful words of Michael.

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