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   Chapter 9 But I Still Want To Sleep

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The next morning, Maria woke up Lesley, who was sleeping soundly on the bed.

"Mrs. Lesley, Master Michael asked me to help you freshen up." Maria stood in the middle of the bedroom, dragging the tray with one hand and putting the breakfast on the table with the other.

Hearing what Maria said, Lesley was surprised. She wondered why Maria suddenly changed her attitude which was much better than before.

Although Maria was just a servant of the Mo family, she was not an ordinary person. When Lesley first came here, she seemed to be an unwelcome daughter-in-law in Maria's eyes and Maria didn't even look at her.

Since Lesley broke up with David, she couldn't fall asleep. Worried that she might not perform well in the Mo family, she tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep. She didn't fall asleep until dawn. Now that she was woken up, it was inevitable that she was a little slow in reaction. Therefore, she sat up, but her sleepiness was very strong. She didn't want to open her heavy eyelids, and her long hair covered her face which made her look lazy. Maria was a little dissatisfied with her laziness, thinking that Lesley deliberately embarrassed her after hearing the noble title.

"Mrs. Lesley, if you don't get up now, Master Michael will lose his temper." Thinking of what Master Michael had specially told her last night, even though Maria was not happy, she still showed mercy, but she still tried to threaten Lesley with the name of Michael.

The corners of Lesley's mouth twitched like a child's, and she rubbed her sore eyes with her hands. Her whole body seemed to be torn apart. Facing the soft bed, she fell down again and said in a spoiled tone, "But I still want to sleep..."

Although Lesley was a little afraid of Michael, she still gave in in front of her sleepiness.

"Well..." Faced with this scene, Maria was shocked with

her mouth wide open. She didn't expect that her solution didn't work. She stretched out her hand and was about to lift the quilt, but considering Lesley's identity, she had to give up.

"What?" In the study, with the latest development plan in his hand, Michael couldn't believe what Maria said. He threw down the documents and walked out of the study. His anger, like a ghost wind, instantly shrouded the whole building.

Michael went fast with his long legs and burning anger so that Maria almost trotted to catch up with him. When they were about to reach the door, Michael suddenly ordered Maria, "Don't go in."

"Uh..." Maria's interested expression immediately stiffened. Although she wanted to see the scene that Lesley was taught a lesson, she had to listen to the order of Michael.

The spacious bedroom was quiet, giving people a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Michael who had been angry was actually much calmer, especially when he saw the beautiful and lovely woman on the bed, his beating heart began to return to peace.

Michael stood in front of the bed, staring at Lesley with a very complicated thought and eyes. In this quiet and cold morning, she was like a beautiful scenery line that he actually had a visual enjoyment of comfort. He did not rudely lift the quilt and questioned her why she was in bed.

Time passed like a drop of water. No one disturbed her, so Lesley woke up naturally. She sat up from the bed and rubbed her black hair. It seemed that she suddenly remembered something. She jumped up in a panic, and the pink sling slipped out of her shoulders, revealing her smooth and tender skin like white jade, shining in the dazzling sunlight.

"Why did I overslept?" Regardless of putting on her shoes, Lesley walked to the bathroom with her bare feet on the soft carpet. She didn't notice Michael sitting on the sofa.

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