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   Chapter 8 He Had A Lover In His Heart

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For Lesley's apology, Michael could not help but feel relieved. He gave an order casually, but she kept it in mind as if it was a rule.

But he did not slow down his tone and said while the iron was hot, "I mean you can't tell outsiders about our relationship."

Lesley knew clearly that Michael had already been infuriated by her private meeting with Phoebe and in addition, he was the one who provided food and accommodation for her so she could do nothing but endure and obey his orders even with the maintenance of their marriage. After all, they are still strange to each other.

"I got it." Lesley answered quietly, but she was still confused. "If your parents ask about our love story, what should I say?"

After all, they only met once and got the marriage certificate. Although there was a flash marriage on the trend, they did not fall in love at first sight and were confused to be together. Not to mention the emotional foundation between them, they did not know the basic information of each other, and even knew each other's name when they filled in the application form.

"They are not such gossips," replied Michael impatiently, frowning slightly.

"Okay." After a short pause, Lesley thought she had asked too much, so she didn't say anything.

With his thin lips pursed into a line, Michael seemed to realize that his attitude was a little bad. Then he replied in a low voice, "Just be yourself. If you can't answer the question, just smile. I think I don't need to teach you this."

It was really difficult for Michael to speak to her in a good tone, which was his final feeling after saying this.

How could he be nice to a strange woman even though she was his nominal wife because he had a lover in his heart?

Lesley knew that a daughter-in-law had to meet her parents-in-law, but it was inevitable for her to be nervous. Moreover, she didn't know enough about Michael and she was afraid that if she made a mistake and made them unhappy, it would inevitably cause a lot of criticism from Michael.

Strangely, she was a little afraid of this man.

As soon as Michael glanced at Lesley casually, he could tell that she was nervous. He had planned to tell her his plan, but he found that she was not good at lying, so he decided to do it. It was better to have a live performance than to burden her with thoughts.

"Go to bed early." With his back to Lesley, Michael walked out of the room.

The room suddenly became so quiet that Lesley could hear her own heartbeat and feel the bitterness in her heart.

She didn't have much expectation for this marriage. Phoebe was right that she was desperately seeking to help and she thought that she could forget the old woun

ds and start a new life to be marry Michael, but she found that she had fallen into another net.

The dining room was as quiet as usual.

Maria sneaked a glance behind her and said in a very low voice, "Master Michael, you must keep those precious things well. Others say that it's difficult to guard against a thief at home. Lesley has not been in touch with you for a long time and you don't know her well..."

Michael's hand holding chopsticks trembled, and he glanced coldly at Maria, mocking, "Maria's tone is exactly the same as my mother's."

Embarrassed, Maria explained in a hurry, "Master Michael, Old Madam is good for you."

Maria's words completely irritated Michael. He put down his chopsticks and said angrily, "Monitoring my every move all day long like a monitor is for my good?"

The quiet living room burst into an uproar because of the anger of Michael.

Maria's face turned pale with fear, but she felt wronged. "Master Michael, I've been working hard for the Mo family for ten years. In the past ten years, I've done everything you and Old Madam asked me to do. But one thing is that I never report bad news to Old Madam, let alone say something bad about you in front of her."

The most unbearable thing for Michael was mentioning family affection, so what Maria said made him softhearted. "I know whether she is a thief or not."

Although he didn't like Lesley, he would never let her suffer innocently, so he had to give her an explanation. However, such an answer sounded a little vague.

"I'm sorry, Master Michael. I won't say such words again." Maria bowed and apologized.

"Okay." "Anyway, she is my wife. You have to be considerate to her in all aspects," said Michael coldly, looking at Maria who had a wrinkled face.

Maria got nervous and couldn't help but ask in confusion, "Master Michael, isn't you in love with Miss Lisa all the time?" Why...

When it came to the woman Michael loved, the look on Michael's face immediately sank, and there was a little helplessness on his handsome face. A few minutes later, he replied, "Maria, I won't hold you accountable for what you said because you have stayed in the Mo family for a long time, but I won't allow you to say it again!"

His perfect face was especially handsome in the light. Although it was covered with a layer of gloom, the unique aura could not be hidden. He was like a cold prince, difficult to touch and unfathomable.

"Okay, Master Michael." Maria answered with a trembling heart. Confused, Maria looked at Michael secretly who was somewhat different from usual and wondered if Master Michael had fallen in love with Lesley. If that was the case, she had to bow to her in the future?

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