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   Chapter 7 Living With Her Two Years Together

Flash Marriage: Taming The Cold CEO By Xing Jiayi Characters: 4116

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With her head down, Lesley stared blankly at the clean floral sheet.

"Master Michael, Lesley is too young to be sensible. Since she has taken the initiative to admit her mistake, please forgive her this time." Maria's words reminded Michael, and a wave of anger instantly surged on his cold face.

"There is no need to forgive someone who has already known the truth!" A tall figure stood in front of Lesley, which was just like a curtain completely covered her thin body. The harsh tone and cold air spread around her.

Although there was an unknown fear in her heart, Lesley still lowered her head and stared at the floral sheet that had been blocked by Michael. Her eyes were full of bitterness and confusion.

"Master Michael, you've just got married. Don't ruin the harmony for such a trifle." Maria tried to persuade Michael, but there was no concern in her tone. Instead, it seemed that she took pleasure in her misfortune.

Perhaps it was because Lesley was too sensitive that she felt something was wrong, but since she had acknowledged it, there was nothing to figure out.

"Maria, you go out first. I have something to ask her." Staring at Lesley who kept silence, Michael turned a deaf ear to Maria's words.

After Maria went out, the room with a strong smell of anger fell into a dead silence. Tears grew in Lesley's eyes because her long sitting position and her tense nerves of. In order not to make a fool of herself in front of Michael, she bit her lower lip and secretly insisted.

"Crack! Crack! Crack..." After a moment of silence, instead of blaming Lesley, Michael clapped his hands, which made Lesley look up curiously. With tears in her eyes, she looked a little pitiful.

"I didn't expect you to be so forbearing. You took the initiative to take the blame even if it wasn't your fault. Whether it's your affectation or your real performance, you passed the test this time. However, from now on, I will give you some difficult problems from time to time. You'd better behave yourself!" Michael walked up to Lesley,

grabbed her chin and warned her.

It turned out that he was testing her.

Lesley touched her chin which had been pinched hard by Michael. Her bright eyes were mixed with a little softness which looked like beautiful. She was just like a delicate flower that had been drenched in the rain that always had an unyielding fortitude in bearing.

After casting a glance at Lesley, Michael turned around and coldly told her what to do tomorrow, "Don't sleep late tomorrow. We have to go back to the Mo family."

Biting her lips, Lesley didn't say anything. Her face was beautiful like the autumn leaves fell on the ground. For some reason, Michael, who had been standing with his back to Lesley, had an impulse to turn around and have a closer look at her face, but in the end, he still kept his back to her. There was a voice in the bottom of his heart, reminding him that his marriage with her was just a lie, which could not be taken seriously, even though she was delicate and lovely, and he had someone in his heart. Marrying her was just his responsibility for what had happened that night. More importantly, Michael could use this nominal marriage to find a suitable excuse for the woman in his heart to go abroad. In this way, Michael could temporarily ease her parents' depression and maintain the woman's good image. Such a good thing of killing two birds with one stone would more or less make him feel relieved.

Even if he had to spend two years with Lesley.

Hearing that, Lesley raised her head and looked at Michael in surprise. She hesitated and said, "Didn't you say that our relationship can't be public?"

Her voice was as soft as water, and there was a hint of spirit in her graceful eyes, although the atmosphere was a little stiff.

The corners of Michael's lips were pressed into a line, his cheeks were slightly bulging, and his usually unsmiling face was full of wit which made Lesley misunderstand that she had done something wrong again, so she said, "I'm sorry. I just said it casually. I didn't mean anything else."

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