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   Chapter 4 Take Yourself Seriously

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"Are you done?" It did not seem that he asked her with the deep and powerful voice, but a bit of questioned.

He skipped over Phoebe's greeting and turned a deaf ear to Lesley's explanation, which aroused the chivalrous courage in Phoebe's bones. Then she roared, "I just praise yourself, but you really take yourself seriously. With your arrogance alone, you and Lesley won't last long!"

Phoebe's words sounded like a curse, but it sounded very aggrieved. Standing between the two of them, Lesley didn't know how to dissuade them. In a daze, Phoebe pulled Lesley behind her and said with a hostile voice, "It's better for you to leave this kind of bad man. If you want to forget that heartless man, I'll take you to a blind date tomorrow. I don't believe that you can't find a man you like in the big ice city!" Then Phoebe was going to take Lesley away.

Phoebe's words made Lesley take a deep breath. Her beautiful eyes were full of anxiety and helplessness, and she was thinking about how to resolve the conflict between the two.

"Miss, if there is nothing else, can we leave now?" As soon as Michael finished his words, he pulled over Lesley, who was grabbed by Phoebe. His handsome face was full of disdain.

Surprised, Phoebe continued, "You have nothing but a handsome face!"

"Phoebe, call Ken and ask him to pick you up." With her shoulder tightly clasped by Michael, Lesley could feel the anger in his heart, so she had to persuade Phoebe.

"Lesley, you'd better make it clear that it's your good friend who is wronged now. Are you going to turn your back on me for this man?" Phoebe was so angry that her face turned red after heard what Lesley said.

After a short pause, Lesley raised her head and looked at Michael who she hadn't seen for almost a week. "Can I have something to talk with Phoebe?"

Her tone was light, like a grain of dust falling to the ground. There was no concealment of fear in her eyes. Under her request, she looked even more pitiful.

The tiny light shone on Lesley's body, which seemed to shake in the eyes of Michael.

"I'll wait for you in the car." Without changing his cold face, Michael turned around and went in the car, which made Lesley stunned for a while.

"Because you always grinned and bore it, David has a crush on you!" As soon as Michael left, Phoebe scolded Lesley in a huff.

These words didn't annoy Lesley at all, but pleased her.

Phoebe was right. She was so obedient that she mistook everything around her would be for her. It was not until David left that her thought became a satire.

"Now that things have come to this, what's the point of saying that?" There was a hint of helplessness in Lesley's tone. Although the light was dim, a trace of sadness could be seen on her face.

"Then tell me, are you happy now?" Phoebe softened her tone and asked with concern.

In order not to make Phoebe worried, the sadness on Lesley's face disappeared and she immediately put on a smile. "If I'm not happy, I won't marry him." Lesley was sincere and didn't seem to lie at all, so Phoebe didn't d

oubt it.

"Oh, then I was rude just now!" Phoebe patted the back of her head and felt regretful. Then she took the hand of Lesley and walked towards the luxury car.

"Brother-in-law, I was a little impulsive just now. Don't take those words to heart. As long as you are good to Lesley, we can talk peacefully!" Phoebe bent over and became enthusiastic to Michael. Even her anger became more sensible.

For the enthusiasm of Phoebe, Michael did not show any friendliness, and the impatience on his face was much more serious than before. Standing behind Phoebe, Lesley secretly looked at the almost perfect outline of Michael, worried that he would be furious.

She felt strange about this man. Even though they had the most intimate contact and a marriage protected by the law, they were not as intimate as a couple.

"Get in the car!" All of a sudden, Michael turned around and looked at Lesley with his deep eyes. He asked Lesley in a low voice, which sounded like he was ordering her.

After hearing it, Lesley pursed her lips and nodded obediently. Then she whispered to Phoebe, "Phoebe, you can go back first. I'll call you when I get home."

Although her voice was low, her words still went into the ears of Michael. Seeing that she was still standing there motionlessly, he impatiently urged, "Do you get in the car or not?"

Hearing that, Lesley's face froze and there was an indescribable sadness in her eyes. She held Phoebe's hand and then got in the car reluctantly.

"Take good care of yourself, Lesley!" Phoebe turned her anger into concern for Lesley when the car drove away.

The two people sitting in the car were silent. With Lesley's face sideways, she still heard Phoebe's enjoin. The tears in her eyes had never been left because of her flaunting her strength. Such a performance made Michael feel that Lesley was angry with him.

"If you feel wronged, you can say it. Don't pretend to be pitiful." After the car passed through the bustling area with all street lights and on the quiet road to the Mo family's villa, Michael said coldly.

With a tremble of fear, Lesley turned to look at him, not knowing how to explain everything tonight to him.

But on second thought, there was nothing to explain. He didn't care at all.

The relationship between them was indescribable. His indifference was enough to frighten Lesley.

"Phoebe is my good friend. I asked her out just to inform her of my safety." "I'm sorry. I left the Brocade Garden without your permission," Lesley said apologetically, thinking of what Michael had warned her when they came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Glancing at her coldly, Michael didn't say anything. Perhaps he didn't want to waste time on this question.

Seeing that Michael didn't continue to blame her, Lesley breathed a sigh of relief secretly, but it was inevitable to feel wronged in the bottom of her heart. Because Michael always went out from time to time. Even if he came back, he would not talk to her. They regarded each other as air, and she had no chance to ask for his permission.

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