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   Chapter 2 Are You Insane

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"Phoebe, I didn't lie to you. I just want you to stop worrying about me," Lesley said lightly after a few minutes of silence. She sounded sincere, but not happy.

Seeing that Lesley was serious, Phoebe was incensed. She stood up, pointed at the spot between Lesley's eyebrows, and cursed, "Are you insane? Did you find some rich man on the street and get married in a flash?"

Lesley didn't take her accusation to heart. She smiled and looked up at Phoebe who was anxious. "You're crazy!"

Lesley had thought that Phoebe would calm down but the opposite had happened. She never expected Phoebe to turn gossipy. "Then tell me about your adventure so that even I can learn from your experience. Maybe I can also catch a rich husband tomorrow!" Phoebe smirked and winked.

Lesley choked on her coffee. She set the cup down on the table. "Phoebe, don't be so greedy. Ken has always been kind to you. Don't be so ungrateful!" she said angrily.

With a cunning smile, Phoebe taunted, "Oh, I haven't seen you in months, and you've become so eloquent that you know how to teach me a lesson. You were also so kind and loyal to David. Why did he betray you then?"

When Lesley heard David's name, her heart trembled and her eyes widened. Fortunately, she had calmed down after all these months, so after regaining her composure, she smiled as if nothing had happened. "Some things are not in our hands. It's fate. We three have known each other since childhood, and Ken has always protected you all these years,"

Lesley said earnestly. Although she had a smile on her face, there was a hint of disappointment in her eyes. She couldn't help but think of the years she and David had spent together.

The two of them had lived together for four years. Normally, a couple would have been committed to getting married after living together for

so long, but in the end, they broke up.

"Do you mean to say that you have a husband only by the decree of destiny?" Phoebe pressed on, unwilling to let the matter go. "Come on, tell me honestly. Which spell did you use to get him?"

"I'm not a witch!" Lesley snapped. The memory of that day three months ago suddenly rushed to Lesley's mind.

It was a hot summer's day. When Lesley found out that David had a new girlfriend, she felt like she had crashed from heaven to hell. Since then, she had been staying in a tiny rental house. She had stopped meeting friends and answering phone calls. It was not until a week later when Phoebe sent her a message to tell her that Lisa Bai was going to study abroad that she came out of her dark cave of despair.

Perhaps Lesley had a glimmer of hope that she would get to see David. After all, it was Lisa Bai, David's cousin, who had introduced them both to each other. So there was a high probability that David might be present at the send-off party. But unfortunately, he wasn't there.

At the party, everyone was toasting to Lisa Bai and bidding her farewell whereas Lesley was drinking alone in the corner, looking like the saddest person in the world. Eventually, even Lisa Bai had come over and tried to cheer her up. Lisa Bai was not only David's cousin, but also Lesley's confidant. Lisa had helped her overcome the sadness of heartbreak.

It was also after Lisa's send-off party that Lesley had met Michael Mo. Perhaps it was a coincidence that Lesley refused her friends' offer to drive her back home. Stumbling out of the banquet hall, she was walking back alone. She had a splitting headache from all the wine she had gulped, so she was unsteady on her feet. She didn't notice the speeding car at all. When the car came closer to her, she froze in place like a deer in headlights.

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