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   Chapter 1 Marry A Stranger

Flash Marriage: Taming The Cold CEO By Xing Jiayi Characters: 3941

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The neon lights outside reflected on the glass-paneled windows of the cafe. A tiny snail moved drowsily on the potted plant in the corner. Lesley Liang, who had chosen a seat near the window, was staring out absentmindedly while she waited. After looking around for a while, her eyes finally rested on the potted plant beside the window and she found that sadness surged within her like a tidal wave.

Never in her wildest dreams would Lesley Liang have thought that she would marry a man whose name she didn't even know fifteen days before. She had spent the last three months in a mess.

This was the first time she was going to meet her best friend after she broke up with her boyfriend and got married.

Suddenly, the tranquil atmosphere in the cafe was destroyed by a loud voice.

"Hi, Lesley!"

The voice drowned out the pleasant sounds of the soothing, classical music playing in the cafe. With an embarrassed smile, Lesley Liang quickly gestured her friend to be quiet. Seeing this, Phoebe Jin, who was wearing a fiery red suit and short skirt, covered her mouth and walked towards her sheepishly.

"How come you chose to meet me in a cafe this time?" Taking a seat across Lesley Liang, Phoebe Jin couldn't help but feel surprised.

With a faint smile, Lesley Liang pursed her lips slightly. Her dimples were as sweet as candy, and her big eyes were as clear as water, as if there was never any sadness in them.

"We haven't seen each other for about three months." Lesley put down the coffee in her hand and smiled softly.

Phoebe Jin looked at her friend up and down and felt something was wrong, so she asked, "Where have you been all this time? Tell me the truth. You haven't been answering the phone when I called. And when I went to your house, the landlord said you had moved out. You are an adult. Can you stop behaving like this and worrying me?"

Phoebe reprimanded loudly as if she was her mother. Looking around, Lesley teased, "I

chose to meet you in a public place so that you wouldn't yell at me."

But Phoebe didn't care whether it was a public place or not. She continued ranting about Lesley's sudden and unannounced disappearance.

With an apologetic look, Lesley bit her lips and said softly, "Phoebe, I'm married."

"What?" sputtered Phoebe as the coffee spilled from her mouth. She touched Lesley's forehead in disbelief and asked, "Do you have a fever? Why are you talking nonsense?" Then she wiped the coffee with a tissue.

Lesley said seriously, "It's true." She smiled sadly.

The warm and cozy atmosphere in the cafe became cold and tense after Lesley finished speaking. The playful expression on Phoebe's face disappeared too. She asked in a low voice, "Are you serious?"

Biting her lips again, Lesley nodded silently.

Lesley knew before coming here that Phoebe would be shocked when she heard the news of her marriage. So she was prepared for this reaction. She remained calm and waited for Phoebe to absorb the news.

After about five minutes of silence, Phoebe sighed, stared at Lesley, and said, "I know you feel bitter. You have been in love with your boyfriend for many years, but he suddenly cheated on you. No one can get over such a betrayal."

The corners of Lesley's mouth twitched. Those words stabbed her heart like a knife.

"Lesley, I feel sorry for you. You have to take care of yourself. That two-timing scoundrel doesn't deserve your attention at all. You will meet someone better in the future!" Noticing the sadness on Lesley's face, Phoebe tried to comfort her, ignoring the news that her friend had just given her. She couldn't believe that Lesley was married.

Lesley knew why Phoebe wasn't convinced. After all, Lesley had just broken up with her ex-boyfriend, David Han, and now, out of the blue, she claimed that she was married. Obviously, Phoebe would think that it was a prank. Moreover, she knew that Lesley still loved David Han.

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