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   Chapter 91 The Hero Saved A Beauty

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"Mr. Zed, I think you are looking for a bone in an egg. I don't think there is anything wrong with my plan."

At the meeting, Ada looked at her confident plan, but she was very unhappy that Zed kept making trouble for her.

"If your plan isn't good enough, why do you blame others for looking for a bone in an egg?" Instead of being arrogant and domineering as usual, Zed stood up straight and said indifferently, "if your plan is really good enough, do you think I can still find fault with you?"

Although Zed said so, Ada still felt that Zed was making trouble for her. She wanted to refute again, but was interrupted by him.

"Although I'm no longer the general manager of the company, I have the final say here." Zed looked at Ada with a trace of triumph in his eyes. "So I'm not satisfied with your plan. Take it back and modify it."

After saying that, Zed seemed to think of something and said again, "by the way, I have to s

would be given to him by Ada. After all, York knew well about Ada. No matter how dissatisfied she was with York, she would not go back to find Zed.

Thinking of this, York picked up his phone and was about to call Stephen to ask him to investigate.

When York was looking for the address book, his phone rang. It showed the name of Sam?

York was about to hang up, but somehow he pressed the answer key.

"The landlord was bribed by Zed, so he easily got the key. You don't have to thank me. Just treat me to dinner when you have time. "

As soon as the phone was connected, York heard what the other party said. He looked around calmly.

"Don't look for it. I wouldn't do such a nasty thing as spying on people. I just care about Miss Ada recently, so I guess you need this information, so I reluctantly help you. "

What Sam said made York's eyes darken. Then York said, "it seems that we should meet each other recently."

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