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   Chapter 90 Investigation

Beauty's Rebirth: Queen Of A Business Empire By A Li Characters: 10180

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"Zed, I have a good news for you. Do you want to hear it?"

Since the last birthday party, Estelle had been trying her best to please Zed. She was afraid that he would completely ignore her if he was unhappy.

After all, she lost her temper two days ago and didn't drive to pick him up, so Zed didn't talk much to her now.

Because of Bain, it had been a few days since the last time he went to see Ada, so Zed was a little annoyed at the moment and lay on the sofa.

Hearing what Estelle said, Zed didn't have much patience. "If you have anything to say, just tell me. Don't keep me guessing."

Zed's impatient tone poured a basin of cold water on the burning heart of Estelle. She still forced a smile and said, "I got the news that Ada has moved out of the villa of York Gu."

"What did you say?" Zed sat up and couldn't believe what he had heard. "Did Ada really move out from York's house?"

"Umm." Estelle nodded, "I heard from Sonia that she lives in the house of York. I'm sure it's not wrong."

Although he didn't understand why Ada moved out all of a sudden, thinking that she had left York, Zed felt that his chance had come.

"Do you know where Ada lives now?"

Speaking of this, Estelle felt that she was too useless to find it out.

Looking at the expression on Estelle's face, Zed knew that she didn't know. He was a little disappointed.

Seeing the disappointment on Zed's face, Estelle said, "I don't know whether it is because I'm stupid and incompetent. But you are different. No matter what, you are still the general manager of the Chi Group. It's a piece of cake to get the current address of Ada. "

After hearing what Estelle said, Zed thought of the company registration information and the employees registered again every month.

And yesterday, it happened to be the registration day.

Thinking of this, Zed looked at Estelle with appreciation and said, "good. You're getting smarter and smarter."

Being praised by Zed, Estelle smiled and said hesitantly, "then… For the sake of the clues I have provided, can you satisfy one of my conditions? "

"I'm in a good mood today. I'll do whatever you ask," said Zed before he heard what Estelle wanted.

Hearing this, Estelle's eyes lit up. She looked at Zed and asked, "really? Can you promise me that I want to go to the business party tonight? "

"The business party?" After thinking for a while, Zed didn't think it was important, so he nodded and said, "of course, you should dress up and wait for me to take you to the party."

The business party tonight, to put it mildly, it's a business party; to put it more bluntly, was a place to show off wealth and get cooperation.

Such informal business parties were only attended by people who were not in the class but still thought that they were characters.

"Hey, have you found it? The shameful woman last time, Estelle, also came here. I really don't know why she is here. "

"I saw her come with Zed just now."

"Zed must love her very much. Last time she was so humiliated, bu

dy? How about that she accepted only twenty thousand?

Thinking of this, the woman was about to speak, but was interrupted by Zed.

"I just took a look at your house, but I didn't see the Rental Permit inside."

"What do you mean?" The woman asked in confusion.

Seeing the woman's reaction, a complacent smile appeared at the corners of Zed's mouth. "I mean, it's illegal to rent a house to someone else without the Rental Permit. ”

Hearing that it was illegal, the landlady was so scared that her legs became soft. She was afraid that she would be caught by the police the next second.

Seeing the middle-aged woman's reaction, Zed continued, "so, as long as I made a call now, not only will your house be sealed up, but also tens of millions of dollars will be compensated."

Hearing what Zed said, the landlady was so scared that she sat on the ground and trembled.

Seeing that the old lady was scared like this with just a few words, Zed felt complacent in his heart and at the same time felt disdainful. Poor people were poor. Just a few words could scare them like this, and they deserved to be poor all their lives.

Zed squatted down and looked at the landlady whose face was pale with fear. He comforted her, "Don't be afraid. You are fine now. Nothing happened. So I want to ask, do you think twenty thousand is okay? "

Not to mention twenty thousand now, even two thousand, the woman was willing to do it. She nodded crazily, "I'm willing, very willing."

The woman said as she took out the key of Ada's room from the drawer not far away and handed it to Zed.

As soon as he got the key, a complacent smile appeared on Zed's face. He threw the twenty thousand he had prepared on the woman and said, "you deserve it. Remember. watch your mouth. You know nothing! "

"I know nothing. Nothing happened today! I know nothing…"

Seeing that the old lady kept repeating this, Zed left with relief.

When he passed by the door of Ada's room, Zed smiled at the key in his hand and left directly.

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