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   Chapter 88 Humble Love Is Always Looked Down Upon

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"What do you think I should do?"

Sonia, who had failed to express her love, made an appointment with Estelle for afternoon tea and asked her to help her figure out a way to make York fall in love with her.

After listening to the wonderful story of Sonia, Estelle shrugged helplessly. "for people like York, if he doesn't like you, others can't do anything about it."

What Estelle said almost made Sonia almost lose her confidence. "Is it destined to be a mistake for me to fall in love with York?"

"No, you are right." Not wanting Sonia to give up, Estelle encouraged, "you are the bravest person I have ever seen to pursue the one you love. I really admire you. Don't give up. "

"But he didn't like me and said he wouldn't like me all his life." Sonia sighed deeply, "isn't it said that the order of people's appearance is very important? Why didn't I obviously show up early but I am inferior to a person who show up a long time after me? "

Sonia's self-accusation made the confused Estelle speechless.

She just sat there quietly with her, making one or two suggestions from time to time, but most of the time she was still listening.

It was getting late at night. Taking a look at her watch, Estelle said to Sonia, who was still complaining why York didn't like her, "let's go. I'll take you to a place, a place where you will forget the pain of being lovelorn."

Hearing what Estelle said, Sonia was full of curiosity and followed her.

Following Estelle to the bar, Sonia felt strange about everything here.

Although she was abroad before, she had always been obedient. She never went out to hook up, nor did she go to the bars and nightclubs where there were all kinds of people.

After being taken into the bar by Estelle, Sonia, like a minor child, was full of curiosity about everything inside.

Seeing that Sonia was so innocent, a sly smile appeared at the corners of Estelle's mouth.

Sonia was more innocent than Ada. Estelle didn't believe that she couldn't get the useful information she wanted to hear today.

"Here you are. This glass of wine is not very strong, just like juice."

Taking the glass of wine handed over by Estelle, Sonia looked at the blood red inside and frowned. "It's the first time I've seen such kind of wine. Are you sure I can drink it? Isn't it strange? "

"No, it won't." Shaking her head, Estelle said loudly, "you can have a try and then decide whether to drink it or not."

Hearing what Estelle said, Sonia took a sip. It tasted good, like her favorite grape juice.

Seeing that Sonia drank the full glass of wine directly, Estelle gave a thumbs up and said, "good drinking capacity! Come on, change another glass for you. This one is better than the one just now. "

Believing in Estelle, Sonia took the glass from her and drank it up without hesitation.

After drinking two glasses of spirits, Estelle could clearly see that Son


When Weaver was about to rush to the crowd, he heard someone call him. He turned around and found it was Ada. He asked in disbelief, "Ada, why are you here?"

The hooligans who were ready to face the attack of Weaver thought it must be an important person when they heard him call the girl who was walking towards him.

Thinking of this, they exchanged glances with each other and were about to do something to Ada.

Weaver reacted quickly and sensed what they were thinking. He immediately ran to Ada, took her hand and ran away. "Don't talk. Run!"

Although she didn't know what had happened, Ada glanced at the people chasing after them and knew that he might have encountered difficulties.

They didn't know how long they had run. The two of them were so tired that they were out of breath. They didn't stop until they saw no one behind them.

Gasping for breath, Ada asked, "who did you offend?"

Weaver, who was lying on the ground with his four feet facing the sky, waved his hand weakly. "I didn't provoke anyone. I saw Sonia in the bar, and then..."

After telling the details to Ada, Weaver added, "I think I'm a hero to save the beauty, right? Do you think Sonia will marry me if she knows this after she sobers up? "

Looking at the narcissistic look on Weaver's face, Ada rolled her eyes at him in disgust and said, "don't think about it. She will refuse to marry you."

"Why?" Weaver sat up from the ground and said, "I'm not bad looking and I am rich. Why won't she?"

"Because she has always liked York since she was a child."

What Ada said calmed the air down. Then, Weaver didn't know what to say.

"Why don't you say anything? Do you feel embarrassed? " Ada broke the silence first and smiled at Weaver.

Looking at the smile on Ada's face, Weaver also laughed. "Why am I so embarrassed? Although that woman likes York, I know that he doesn't like her. "

"Then who do you think York likes?"

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