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   Chapter 25 I'm Satisfied

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"Help me? You can cook? "

Knowing that Vinson never bragged easily, Ada was a little surprised that he could cook.

"Although it's not very technical, it's still eye-catching."

Hearing what Vinson said, Ada stood up immediately, cupped her hands and said, "Mr. Vinson, please give me some advice!"

Seeing this, Vinson laughed and said to Ada, "let's go."

"Where are we going?"

Hearing Ada's question, Vinson stopped and turned around. "Aren't you going to learn cooking? How can you learn it without practice? "

"I didn't think about it." As she spoke, Ada picked up her stuff and quickly followed Vinson.

"Ada, where are you going?"

When they passed by the Marketing Department, they met Leon. Ada answered with a smile, "Learn to cook from my teacher Vinson."

"Cooking?" Leon was a little confused, "it's office hour now. Do you skip work to learn cooking?"

Knowing that Leon wouldn't snitch on her, Ada smiled and said, "others don't know what I'm going to do. Don't snitch on me!"

Hearing the last naughty words of Ada, Leon pretended to think about it and said, "if you take me there, maybe I won't snitch on you."

"Are you going?" Ada was surprised, "What are you going to do?"

"I'm eating the food you cook!" Leon took it for granted.

When she thought that Leon could help her try the dishes, Ada turned to Vinson and asked, "Vinson, do you mind having one more person?"

Vinson smiled when he was suddenly called. "I don't mind. The more people, the merrier."

Seeing that Vinson agreed, Ada patted Leon on the shoulder and said, "you can go, but you can't make trouble for me."

"I am not a child anymore, okay?" Leon smiled helplessly.

The three of them left the company and went straight to the supermarket to buy two whole baskets of food materials.

Seeing that the trunk was full of things, Ada sighed helplessly, "don't we buy too much?"

"Not much." Leon walked over from behind with two big bags in his hands. He said to Ada, "It's not a lot."

Looking at Leon speechlessly, Ada regretted agreeing to let him come.

Ada felt that he was like a woman who would buy anything she saw. If she hadn't stopped him several times, he would have bought more things than he did now.

"Let's go. You don't have to buy it next time if it is a lot."

Vinson also walked over from behind Ada with two bags in his hands. He was helpless about what Leon did.

She had planned to learn cooking in Vinson's house, but Leon bought too many things, so she decided to go to Leon's house.

When they arrived, Leon greeted Ada and Vinson warmly.

The two of them, who were not very restrained, rested for a while under Leon's warm reception and began to prepare.

"Let's make the most common pickled fish first. After cleaning the fish, you have to..."

Following Vinson's instructions, Ada did it step by step. If she did something wrong halfway, Vinson would do it for her directly.

Ada felt that she had learned it very well. Except for Leon's occasional criticism, everything else was good.

Two hours later, all the dishes that Ada had learned to cook were out of the pot. Looking at the delicious dishes on the table, Ada was very satisfied.

Before Ada could say anything, Leon had already started to eat. While eating, he said, "I didn't expect you to be so smart. It tastes good!"

The first half of Leon's sentence was ignored automatically by Ada. Hearing his praise in the second half of his sentence, Ada looked at the table with satisfaction and whispered, "Leon is such a picky man and says it is good. He must be satisfied, right?"

Hearing the whispers of Ada, Leon immediately put down his chopsticks and gossiped, "he? Who is he? "

Being stared at by Leon's eyes of gossip, Ada's face turned red. "Why are you so gossipy as a man? Let's eat! "

Then Ada looked at Vinson, who was cleaning the kitchen, and said, "it's late. Vinson, I'm leaving now."

Vinson didn't say anything but nodded slightly, "Okay, drive safe."

When Ada was about to leave, she saw Leon looking at her with his chin on his hand.

"So what?"

Seeing the helplessness in Ada's words, Leon ignored it and continued to complain, "this is my house. Why did you say goodbye to him?"

Ada knew that Leon had nothing important to do, so she rolled her eyes, turned around and left.

After Ada left, Leon's eyes darkened. When he was about to continue eating, he heard Vinson's voice from behind.

"You like Ada."

Vinson's affirmative words made Leon's body stiff, and then he pretended to be cynical. "What? I like Ada? Vinson, you really like joking."

Vinson just smiled at Leon.

"I've cleaned up the kitchen. If you can't finish it, just put it in the fridge." Vinson wiped his hands, picked up his coat and looked at Leon who was sitting at the table. "It's really late. I should go now."

Vinson left. When he reached the door, he stopped and turned to Leon. "I said nothing today."

After sa

ying that, Vinson opened the door and left directly.

There was only Leon left in the room. He smiled with self-mockery and continued to eat.

"Mr. York, where are you going? Do you need me to drive you home? " As soon as it was over time to get off work, York got out of the company. The driver immediately ran up to him and asked.

"No, I'm going back to the villa."

Although the driver was surprised that York went back so early, he didn't ask more. Instead, he nodded slightly and said, "Okay, take care of yourself on the road."

There was a party after work, but ten minutes ago, when he received the message from Ada asking him to go back early, York cancelled the party directly.

Thinking of that Ada promised to cook a meal for him yesterday, York was looking forward to it.

Thinking that Ada might be waiting for him at home, York quickened his speed.

When he returned to the villa and entered the living room, York smelled the fragrance.

When the last dish was served on the table, Ada saw that York was taking off his coat and coming in. She was surprised and asked, "why do you come back so early?"

"Didn't you ask me to come back early?"

Hearing York say this, Ada thought it was true.

But it was too early?

"Now that you're back, go wash hands and have dinner." Ada took off her apron and looked at her achievements with satisfaction.

At the dinner table, Ada and York were sitting face to face.

Seeing that York took a bite, Ada immediately asked, "how is it going? Does it taste good? "

Looking at the nervous look on Ada's face, York deliberately frowned and said, "not bad."

Seeing that York frowned, Ada was nervous. She hadn't mourned for herself yet. She felt relieved when she heard York's following words.

Seeing all the expressions on Ada's face, York was in a good mood.

After the meal, York wiped his mouth with satisfaction. "The dishes are good. On the whole, I'm quite satisfied with them."

Hearing York's comment, Ada was very happy. "As long as you are satisfied."

"I heard that you have encountered some difficulties at work recently. If you don't mind, I can help you."

Indeed, Ada encountered some difficulties in her work. She always felt that something was wrong with her plan, but she couldn't find the problem, which made her very distressed.

Now York initiatively offered his help. Of course, it was what Ada wanted.

However, a question suddenly came to her mind. Ada gave a meaningful look at York and said, "I did encounter some problems at work, but is Mr. York so well-informed? Few people know about it. "

In the face of the doubt of Ada, York didn't change his expression and said calmly, "you are my wife. Isn't it normal for me to care more about my wife?"

"That's true, but it's not a good thing to care too much about me."

At the thought that everything she did seemed to be under the watch of York, Ada felt very uncomfortable.

It felt like she was always followed by someone no matter what she did.

Hearing what Ada meant, York nodded and said, "I know what you mean. I will care less about you in future."

But when she heard that York would care less about her, Ada still felt uncomfortable.

She didn't even know why she felt this way.

Ada smiled, trying to dispel the uncomfortable feeling in her heart. "Thank you, Mr. York."

York didn't say more about Ada's action. "So, do you need help now or not?" he asked.

"Yes! Of course! " Fearing that York would go back on his words the next second, Ada stood up immediately and said, "let's go to the study now."

Seeing that Ada described his study as hers, the corners of York's mouth slightly raised. He stood up and said, "let's go."

The two of them came to the study. Then, Ada took out her proposal plan and told her puzzlement to York.

After hearing what Ada said, York picked up the document on the table and looked at it. He said, "you have made a very simple mistake. It itself..."

While York spoke, Ada took notes and wrote them down carefully. When she met something that she didn't understand, she asked, just like a primary school student.

After hearing the guidance of York, Ada was enlightened. She smiled and said, "thank you for your guidance, Mr. York. I've got it."

"So, do you have the confidence to perfect this case now?"

Hearing this, Ada nodded at York and said, "if I'm not guided, I may not even be sure of winning. But now it's different. With you as a perfect tutor, I am completely confident to achieve perfection! "

Hearing what Ada said, a hint of slyness flashed through York's eyes. "In that case, shouldn't you thank me?"

"Didn't I thank you just now?" Ada asked in confusion.

"You just expressed your thanks verbally. Shouldn't you take some practical action?" Speaking of this, York looked at Ada and asked, "for example, cooking a meal?"

"I didn't expect you to be like this, Mr. York. It's my fault for being too simple!"

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