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   Chapter 22 General Shareholders' Meeting

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"Why are you here again?"

Looking at the man in front of her who didn't hide his disgusted expression, Ada didn't care about his words at all, but said coldly, "of course I'm working in the company. But why don't you prepare for the general shareholders' meeting?"

"What kind of general shareholders' meeting? Why didn't I know? "

The man who was talking to Ada was the former grumpy shareholder.

As soon as he came back, he saw that Ada was going to take the elevator upstairs.

Thinking of what Ada wanted to do here before, he couldn't help feeling bored, so he quickly ran into the elevator and questioned her.

But he didn't expect hearing such words, which now made him a little confused.

"It doesn't matter if you don't know. You'll know later." Ada didn't make any explanation but looked down at the document in her hand.

Confused by Ada's words, the man called someone he was familiar with. "Zack, what's wrong with Ada? Why did she say that there will be a shareholders' meeting? What does she mean? "

"You will know when you come to the meeting room."

The man on the other end of the phone hung up after saying that.

In the meeting room of the general shareholders' meeting, both rows were filled with people. All the shareholders present lowered their heads and talked about the content of today's shareholders' meeting.

The door of the meeting room was pushed open. When everyone saw who it was, they all closed their mouths.

The late shareholder and Ada entered the meeting room together. He didn't know what had happened and came to Zack who he had just called.

Looking at the serious expressions of the people around him, he asked in a low voice, "Zack, what's going on now?"

"You'll know when you see it."

The man called Zack didn't explain to him. He just asked him to sit down and have a look.

Standing in the front, Ada put the documents on the table and looked at the two rows of people she was familiar with before. She said coldly, "I believe you have a general idea. I also have shares now. Although I can't be compared with many people present, i still have a certain voice. "

"So..." After pausing for a while, Ada looked at all the shareholders and said, "I need to have a job in the Chi Group. Please look at it and make a decision."

After that, Ada stepped aside and sat down in a corner.

"Where did you get the shares?"

The short tempered shareholder stood up and asked Ada where she got the shares.

Hearing the question, Ada didn't get up and answer it seriously. She just replied casually, "I don't think it's necessary to tell you where my shares come from, do I? As long as it is legal. "

Being blocked by the words of Ada, the shareholder didn't know what to do. His face flushed with embarrassment. At last, Zack who sat beside him spoke for him.

After half an hour's discussion, the shareholders finally appointed a position of department manager for Ada.

Facing such a result, Ada had already thought of it.

Although she was a department manager now, it didn't matter. She would definitely rely on her own efforts to take back the Chi Group little by little.

But to her surprise at the general shareholders' meeting today, Zed didn't show up.

Generally speaking, he was the one who should object to her return to the Chi Group.

Then why didn't he come here today to prevent her from entering the Chi Group successfully?

What Ada didn't know was that Zed was entangled by Estelle and couldn't leave at all.

"Zed, are you busy recently?"

Sitting on the sofa and playing games, Zed asked Estelle without raising his head, "what's wrong? What's up? "

Seeing that Zed was not cold to her, Estelle leaned her whole body against him and said, "you see, we have been married for a long time. Isn't it good for us to go on a honeymoon?"

Because of the close distance between Estelle and him, Zed was interrupted to play the game. He frowned and moved aside. "There's no hurry on our honeymoon. We have plenty of time in the future."

Zed's little dodge made her heart hurt. Estelle said aggrievedly, "but as time goes by, I don't feel like on my honeymoon!"

Zed didn't notice that there was something wrong with Estelle's mood and continued to play the game seriously.

Seeing that Zed treated her like this, Estelle threw the pillow on the sofa hard to the ground. Then she touched her belly sadly and said pitifully, "baby, dad doesn't like mom anymore. He doesn't treat Mommy well at all. Mommy is very sad. "

After hearing a lot of complaints from Estelle, Zed, who was playing games aside, finally stopped the game in his hand and said, "Estelle, can you stop thinking about those messy things? I didn't mean that. Don't think too much. "

"Then why don't you take me out for a honeymoon?"

Seeing that Zed was finally willing to talk to her, Estelle blamed him aggrievedly.

Thinking of that Estelle had just given him the shares not long ago, Zed thought that he'd better not treat her differently now.

"I was really busy a few days ago. You have to understand me." Zed gently touche

d her hair and comforted Estelle, "since you want to go on a honeymoon, let's go."

Hearing that Zed had promised her to go on a trip, Estelle asked in disbelief, "really? Are you lying to me? "

Zed was speechless at her words. He smiled bitterly and said to Estelle, "how can I lie to you? Don't say anything. Let's go now, okay? "

"Now? Are you sure? " Estelle couldn't believe that Zed would go so soon?

"Yes, we will go now."

Then Zed picked up his phone and called his assistant, asking him to book two tickets to Ireland.

"Let's go to pack up. I'll take you to Ireland. We'll come back when we're done. "

Seeing that Zed was serious, Estelle happily held him tightly and said, "honey, you are so kind to me!"

"Well, you'd better go upstairs and pack up your things, in case there is no time left." Zed pushed Estelle away and let her go upstairs.

As soon as Estelle went upstairs, Zed's phone rang. He took a look at the screen and found it was his assistant calling. He thought he had bought the tickets and sighed how fast it was.

"Have you bought the air tickets?"

"Not yet."

Hearing the assistant say that he hadn't bought the air tickets yet, Zed was a little angry. "You don't do what I asked you to do. What time is it wasting here?"

"Mr. Zed, you misunderstood me. I just thought of something important, so I called you. "

Hearing the assistant's words, Zed thought there might be something very important. He softened his tone and asked, "what is it?"

"The Chi Group is going to hold a general shareholders' meeting this afternoon. As a major shareholder of the Chi Group, you have to attend this meeting. "

"Is that all?" Zed thought he had misheard, so he asked the assistant carefully.

"Well, that's it."

"is this important? Isn't it just a general shareholders' meeting? It's just a discussion about the schedule and progress of the company. It's completely meaningless. I won't go. "

Without hesitation, Zed refused to go to the Chi Group to attend the general shareholders' meeting. He just asked his assistant to book the air tickets as soon as possible.

In the Chi Group

As she gradually forgot a lot of things, Ada was a little unfamiliar with the business now, which made her difficult to do.

During the lunch break, Leon came back after lunch. When he passed by the Department of Ada, he saw that she was still working hard, so he couldn't help but tease, "you have just taken office and worked so hard. How scared your subordinates are when they see it?"

Interrupted by his words, Ada raised her head, took the coffee from Leon and took a sip. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Leon smiled and looked at the pile of documents in front of Ada. He clicked his tongue and said, "you are really a hard working woman. You have read so many documents this morning."

"I have no choice. I have just started to do everything. I have to get familiar with this information as soon as possible, so that I won't make any mistake when there is a case."

Leon nodded and praised her, "yes, you did a good job. If you need any help, just say it."

Hearing Leon's words, Ada laughed, "don't worry. I won't be polite to you."

After chatting with Leon for a while, Ada continued to read the documents and desperately wanted to prove herself.

A week passed quickly. Since Ada was almost familiar with the work in her department, it was not so difficult to deal with it.

And Zed also came back from his honeymoon. He specially brought some foreign special products to his colleagues.

Thinking that he hadn't been to the Chi Group for a long time, Zed stayed in his office for a while and then drove to the Chi Group for a walk.

As soon as he entered the gate of the Chi Group, he saw that Ada was coming out of the elevator. he was confused.

"What are you doing here?"

When she heard the voice, Ada raised her head and looked at the man in front of her.

Noticing that it was Zed, Ada smiled and said, "Mr. Zed, long time no see."

"Who wants to see you? What tricks do you want to play here? " As Zed said, he turned around and saw the security guards at the door calling them over loudly.

"Mr. Zed, what can we do for you?"

The two security guards came to Zed and waited for his orders patiently and respectfully.

"How did you become security guards? Don't you know that no one is allowed to enter the company if he is not our employee? Everyone wants to get a high salary but doesn't want to work had, right? "

The two security guards felt wronged as they were scolded by Zed for no reason. One of them was not convinced and said, "Mr. Zed, I wonder which rule we have broken? If it's just that we don't allow strangers to enter the company, I think we don't break the rule. "

"You said you didn't break the rule?" Seeing the security guard talking back to him, Zed, who had been angry at the sight of Ada, was even angrier at the moment. "Are you all blind? Can't you see the woman in front of me? "

"Mr. Zed, Miss Ada is an employee of our company. She has shares. How can she be considered a stranger? "

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