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   Chapter 16 In A Mess

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"Miss, are you leaving by yourself or shall we help you?"

Looking at the two strong men approaching her, Ada's heart trembled, but she didn't admit defeat and said to Zed, "Zed, do you think I will be afraid if you find two people to come up? Let me tell you, no Ah! "

Ada screamed before she could finish her words.

She didn't expect that the two security guards would really raise her arms when she didn't leave.

"Let go of me! Zed! Tell them to let me go! "

As if he didn't hear what Ada said, Zed pulled Estelle to sit down on a chair aside.

When the security guards carried Ada out of the office, Estelle asked, "Zed, why did Ada come here?"

Hearing the question from Estelle, Zed sneered, "maybe she regretted it, so she came to me to take back the shares she transferred to me before."

"She wants to take back the shares? How could she be so shameless? She had given it initiatively by herself, but now she wants to take it back? I didn't expect her to be such a person! "

Seeing that Estelle shared the same hatred with him, Zed was a little happy.

"Well, stop talking about her. Anyway, it's impossible for me to return the shares to her. " Zed opened the lunchbox, "By the way, why did you suddenly come to the company today? You are not willing to come here when I asked you to come before. "

Hearing that Zed finally asked her this question, Estelle explained, "I just felt bored at home and wanted to go out for a walk. Then I came to your company."

After saying that, Estelle stole a glance at Zed. Seeing that he didn't doubt her, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She received a phone call from the receptionist before who said that Ada had come to see Zed. Her heart jolted. She was worried that Zed would be seduced by Ada.

Now it seemed that she was completely suspicious. Zed must love her. How could he be seduced by Ada?

Zed opened the lunch box and saw the fish cakes he hated most in it. He frowned and said, "it's almost time to get off work. Let's go back together."

Not noticing the expression on Zed's face, Estelle agreed with a smile.

At the same time, two security guards carried Ada out of the building. Along the way, they attracted the attention of many departments, and everyone laughed at Ada.


Ada was thrown out of the door mercilessly. Seeing that her hand was grazed and bleeding, she turned a blind eye to it and slowly stood up.

Seeing Ada being like this, the security guard sneered, "Miss, I can't afford such a big bow from you. Besides, I don't have money for you. "

Then the two security guards burst into laughter. They looked at Ada as if they was looking at a dejected puppy.

Hearing this, Ada didn't get angry. Instead, she smiled and said, "it's normal that you can't afford money. After all, dogs don't have money."

What Ada said successfully made the two security guards' expressions change.

One of the security guards stepped forward and pointed at Ada ferociously. "You are such a bitch. How can you point at us?"

As he spoke, the man pushed Ada hard angrily.

Ada had already fallen down once, but now she fell to the ground again.

This time, it was a little difficult for Ada to get up.

Seeing Ada being like that, the security guard wanted to say something more. But when he saw Zed and Estelle coming out of the elevator, he immediately went back to where he should stay with his companions.

Noticing this, Ada snorted, "you are bullying the weak and fearing the strong."

When the two men heard this, they just glared at Ada without doing anything else.

Before Zed could see her, Ada endured the pain in her hand and got up at one fling.

When Zed found that Ada was standing at the gate with an excited look on her face.

Zed thought Ada was waiting for him. He glanced at her with disgust and said, "Why are you still here? I've told you that no matter what you do, I won't give it to you for free. Don't think about it anymore. "

"I don't want the shares. Isn't it just twenty percent of the shares? Just take it as a lesson for myself and recognize the black and white of this world. "

What Ada said surprised Zed. At the same time, he doubted if she was playing some new trick. Otherwise, why did she ask for the shares before, but now she didn't want them?

Standing next to her, Estelle couldn't help but say, "Ada, don't be so self-centered. Something doesn't belong to you at all."

"I always believe that I will get back what belongs to me one day." Ada glanced at Zed, "Mr. Zed, am I right?"

The strange and alienated attitude of Ada made Zed uncertain. He couldn't help worrying that she would do something out of line next second.

"Estelle, let's go. There's no need to pay attention to her." Zed reached out and held Estelle in his arms. When he was about to walk pa

st Ada, he heard the words.

"I didn't expect that Mr. Zed could get this position only because of women!" Ada sighed and asked Zed, "So, I want to ask you, Mr. Zed, how do you feel about being a gigolo? Very good, right?"

"Who do you think is a gigolo?"

Being humiliated by Ada, Zed was completely angry. He walked quickly to her and wanted to slap her, but his hand stopped in midair.

The moment Zed raised his hand, Ada was so scared that she squinted. However, the expected pain did not come, and she could not help but open her eyes.

Seeing that Zed slowly put down his hand, Ada said sarcastically, "Oh, I thought Mr. Zed was going to hit me. I was really scared to death just now."

At this time, Zed had slowly calmed down. He looked at Ada coldly and said, "very good! it's no wonder that you know me well. You really know what makes me angry, Ada. I have to say that you did a good job. "

Then Zed clapped his hands and continued, "but a year has passed, Ada, not only you but also I have changed."

Glancing at the employees who were getting off work one after another, Zed walked away from Ada and said, "I'm not that easy to get angry. I'm not as childish as before."

After saying that, Zed winked at the security guards standing at the door, hinting them to come over.

"Mr. Zed, what can I do for you?"

Seeing that Zed called the two security guards over again, Ada had a bad feeling.

"Is it because you have done much easier work that you can't even stop a person now?"

The two security guards were shocked by the way Zed behaved. They immediately nodded and bowed, "Mr. Zed, we understand what you mean. You can rest assured to go back and leave it to us. We promise it won't happen again. "

Satisfied with the performance and reaction of the two security guards, Zed nodded and took a look at Ada. "From now on, I don't want to see this person at the entrance of the company again. If I see her once, you can leave. "

After saying that, Zed left with Estelle in his arms.

Seeing what Zed was leaving, Ada wanted to follow him, but her arms were held by the two security guards again.

"What are you doing? Let go of me! "

Ada struggled hard. At this moment, she was no longer as proud as she was when she was facing Zed.

At this moment, she was like a chick, being dragged by the two security guards and unable to struggle at all.

"Miss, you should have a clear estimation of yourself! A woman like you can't even compare with Miss Estelle's fingernails. How dare you seduce Mr. Zed? "

Hearing the security guard belittle her as useless, Ada said nothing.

She knew that she was a little embarrassed and looked a little ridiculous. But it didn't matter. If all these could help her take the shares back, she really didn't care.

However, no matter how embarrassed she was, she still couldn't get the shares back.

Not only did she not get the shares, but she was also held by someone and unable to move.

Seeing that Zed was about to leave, but there was nothing she could do. Ada sighed helplessly and said, "it seems that I can't get those shares by myself."

"What are you talking about? Don't try to get rid of us. It's just in vain. "

Being interrupted, Ada looked at the situation and felt more helpless.

When she was about to think of some words to ask the security guards to let her go, Ada suddenly saw her cousin, Bain, walking over from the opposite.

"Cousin, do you see me?"

At the sight of Bain, Ada seemed to see her Savior, completely forgetting that they were not familiar with each other at all.

Bain, who was sorting out the documents in his hands, heard a familiar voice. He raised his head slightly and found that not far away, Ada was held by two people.

Seeing that Bain saw her, Ada couldn't help smiling, "cousin, come and save me! These two people are crazy. They hold my arms. "

When the two security guards saw that some acquaintance of Ada came, they loosened their arms involuntarily and looked seriously at Bain who was walking towards them.

Bain was getting closer and closer to Ada. When he saw her situation, he was a little surprised. He didn't know what Ada had done and why she was held up.

When he looked up at the building in front of them, he seemed to understand something.

One meter away from Ada, Bain stopped, looked at her silently, turned a corner and left.

Ada was stunned to see Bain turn around and leave.

She didn't expect that Bain would be so ruthless to ignore her and her safety.

Although she was not in danger, she still needed to be saved? How could he completely ignore her like this?

Not only Ada was stunned, but also the two security guards. They loosened their hands unconsciously.

"Miss, are you sure he is your cousin? Why do I feel he treats you so strange? "

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