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   Chapter 13 It's Useful To Pretend To Be Pitiful

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"What are you talking about? Didn't I tell you that I hit the wall? Why don't you believe me? "

"Can't you tell me the truth?" Seeing that Zed was still unwilling to admit it, Estelle said in a spoiled tone, "Zed, we are a couple now. If you have any difficulties, you can tell me. Let's figure it out together."

Zed pulled Estelle into his arms and sighed helplessly. "It's not that I don't want to tell you, but that I don't want you to worry about me. I hope you can take good care of our baby. I can handle other things myself. "

"What are you going to do? Let father hit you on the forehead again? " Estelle's tone was full of pity and accusation.

"This is an accident. It won't happen again." Zed gently wiped away the tears from her eyes and comforted Estelle, "besides, even if I tell you about the company's affairs, you don't know much about it. In that case, why should I bother you? "

"How do you know that I don't understand as you don't tell me?" Estelle hugged Zed, "Now, I order you to tell me what happened in the company, or I won't let you get in the room tonight!"

Amused by the "threat" from Estelle, Zed changed a comfortable posture to hold her and said with a smile, "this is really a cruel punishment. In that case, it's better for me to accept it than to be respectful. "

Finally, he found a suitable opportunity to tell her the truth. After hesitating for a while, Zed finally told Estelle the words he had prepared.

"Didn't it run well before? Why does it suddenly turn bad now? "

After listening to Zed's detailed explanation about the bad financial operation of the company, Estelle frowned and raised her head slightly. "Have you found out the reason?"

"No." Zed shook his head disappointedly and said, "I don't know why it happened all of a sudden."

"When did it begin?" Estelle kept asking.

Zed didn't expect that Estelle would ask him so many questions. He was confused for a while.

While thinking, Zed wanted to say a date casually, but at that moment, he suddenly thought of a time and immediately said, "it seems to be from the day when York came back to the country."

Hearing the name of York, Estelle was stunned for a moment, and then said angrily, "I know. It must be that woman Ada!"

"Why do you think so?" Zed asked directly.

"No reason. I'm sure it's her! There is no problem with your company for a long time. If there is no problem at all, why did it happen when York came back? "

Looking at Zed firmly to make him believe in herself, Estelle continued, "the day when York came back, it was also the day when Ada appeared. Ada must have seen that I'm happier than her, so she cooperated with York to deal with your company. "

Hearing that, Zed was overjoyed. He hoped that Estelle could analyze more. In that case, he would be closer to obtaining the shares.

Although Zed was so happy that he was about to jump up, he showed a thoughtful expression on his face. "It seems that I suddenly understand something after your analysis."

Estelle was a little complacent. She felt that she had helped Zed a lot. "So, Zed, what are you going to do after you understand it now?"

Zed smiled bitterly and said, "I don't have much energy to deal with them now. I'd better deal with the company's financial problems first."

Noticing that Estelle was sad because of his words, Zed thought he needed to add another fire.

"Well, don't worry about it." Zed gently patted on Estelle's shoulder and said, "I'll ask the nanny to cook a bowl of soup for you later. You have to drink it well."

Judging from his tone, it seemed that Zed wouldn't have dinner with her. "Are you going out later?" asked Estelle curiously.

"Yes, I have an appointment with a client to talk about the project later."

Hearing this, Estelle nodded disappointedly. "I see. Don't drink too much."

After seeing Zed off, Estelle began to worry about him and kept asking herself if she should help him?

Worried about Zed, Estelle sat in the room without moving. She was hesitating.

When Estelle was tired and was about to stand up and move, the door was suddenly opened from the outside, which startled her.

Seeing that it was Zed, Estelle patted her chest and walked towards him. "Why didn't you make any sound when you walked? You scared me. "

As soon as Estelle approached Zed, the smell of alcohol made her frown. "Didn't I say that I wouldn't let you drink so much? Why don't you listen to me? "

With great difficulty, Estelle helped Zed to the couch step by step. When she saw his red face because of drinking too much, she felt sorry for him and was about to go to the bedroom to get a towel.

"Don't go!"

As soon as she turned around, her wrist was grabbed by Zed. After her struggle failed, Estelle squatted down and whispered, "I won't leave. I just go to get

a towel to wipe your face."

Even though Estelle had said so, Zed still didn't let go of her hand.

After another struggle, Estelle gave up and wiped his face with a tissue nearby.

"Estelle, I'm so tired."

Hearing what Zed said, Estelle, who was wiping his face, stopped what she was doing and said, "you don't need to be so tired. Just have a rest."

"I feel that everyone in the company seems to look down upon me. Am I particularly useless? Isn't it suitable for me to stay in the company? "

Hearing that Zed kept blaming himself, Estelle patted him on the back and said, "Zed, don't think so. In my eyes, you are much better than those people. You don't have to think so badly of yourself. In fact, you are very good. "

"Estelle, I'm glad that you look at me like that. However, others didn't think so. Especially my father, he doesn't recognize my ability at all. "

After saying these words, Zed didn't hear any response from Estelle. He peeked at her from the corner of his eyes and found that she was wiping her tears secretly.

"What's wrong with you?" Zed stood up on purpose and pretended to be uncomfortable. "I'm sorry, Estelle. I shouldn't have told you these words. I should have kept them in my heart by myself."

"Don't worry, Zed. We are a couple. You are right. No matter what difficulties you encounter, I will help you. "

Zed shook his head and said, "it's no use. It's my own fault. Many shareholders are disgusted with me. I don't think I can stay long in the company. "

"Is it so serious?" Looking at Zed worriedly, the last trace of hesitation in Estelle's heart was being disintegrated little by little.

"The loss in the financial department is so serious that all the business departments can't turn over. Now the situation is more serious than you think." Zed observed the expression on Estelle's face carefully and found that it had gradually changed. He was happy.

"If I transfer my shares to you, will there be a glimmer of hope?" Estelle asked Zed innocently.

As soon as Estelle said that, Zed showed a surprised expression at the right time. "Estelle, you don't have to do this for me."

"It's okay. As long as you are fine, I can do anything." As she spoke, Estelle picked up her phone and called her lawyer.

Sitting on the bench and listening to the conversation between Estelle and the lawyer, Zed was so excited that he sighed that his efforts in this series of show were not in vain.

"Zed, don't worry too much. I've told the lawyer that he is doing it now."

Hearing what Estelle said, Zed calmed himself down and said, "Estelle, you are so kind to me. I don't know how to treat you. Marrying you is the best thing I have ever done."

Zed's sweet words made Estelle, who was unwilling to part with the shares, feel nothing at once.

"What you have done for me is more than what I have done for you. It's not a big deal."

"Estelle, don't worry. I will treat you well all my life." Zed held Estelle tightly in his arms and said, "thank you for your shares. I will return them to you when the company goes through difficulties."

"No." Estelle shook her head with a smile, "Yours is mine, and mine is yours. Behave well in front of your father and let him know that you are no worse than anyone else. "

After successfully getting the shares from Estelle, Zed stood up and left after a while of being in love with her.

"Where are you going?" Asked Estelle in confusion.

"Have a rest first. I'll go out for a while. I won't come back tonight."

At this moment, Zed was too excited to say anything. He was anxious to confirm whether it was true or not.

"Is there anything urgent? Must you go out? Can't you stay? " Estelle asked carefully.

"Good girl, go to bed early."

After saying that, Zed stood up and left the room.

Seeing that Zed left, Estelle sighed helplessly. She didn't know if it was her illusion. She always felt that Zed didn't love her as much as she thought.

However, as soon as Zed went out, he immediately called to ask about the shares in his hands.

After hanging up the phone, when Zed knew that the shares in Estelle's hands had been transferred to his name, he was too excited to say anything. "It seems that it's useful to pretend to be pitiful."

"Let's go to the bar!"

Noticing that Zed was so happy, the driver Jerry guessed that Zed must have succeeded in getting what he wanted. "Congratulations, Young Master. You have got what you want."

Upon hearing Jerry's congratulation, Zed, who was in a good mood, threw him a stack of money and said, "you helped me a lot. Take the money. Go have fun."

"Thank you, Young Master!"

Upon arriving at the bar, Zed released the joy in his heart as much as he could and was completely immersed in it. He couldn't think of Estelle who was waiting for him at home.

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