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   Chapter 11 I Didn't Expect You To Be Such A Person

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"Ada, let's talk."

When Ada was about to ask what York meant, she heard a voice that she would never forget for the rest of her life.

Seeing the menacing Zed, Ada suddenly understood what York meant.

"I have nothing to talk to you." Replied Ada with a cold face.

The attitude of Ada made Zed even angrier. He snorted, "nothing to talk about? Huh! Ada, I know you hate me. But don't go too far. It's not good for you! "

"Are you threatening me?"

Perhaps it was because York was with her, or perhaps it was because she had promised to marry York. At this moment, Ada didn't feel anything about what Zed said, as if she had never loved the man in front of her.

"I'm just reminding you to recognize your identity."

When Zed said this, he glanced at York who was beside Ada. Seeing that York didn't do anything, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"As for recognizing my identity, you don't need to worry about it, Mr. Zed." Speaking of this, it seemed that something came to her mind all of a sudden. Ada smiled playfully and said, "I remember it all of a sudden. If my memory serves me right, you should call me sister-in-law now, shouldn't you?"

What Ada said made Zed hold back what he wanted to say.

Seeing the bad look on Zed's face, Ada looked at York complacently, as if saying, "look, am I doing well?"

Without saying a word, York looked at her with a look of not being too complacent.

Being ignored, Zed saw the two people in front of him flirting with each other. Being unable to continue controlling his temper all the time, Zed growled, "Ada, do you take aunt seriously? Did you take your mother's thoughts into consideration when you did this at her funeral? "

Hearing Zed's words, the complacent expression on Ada's face disappeared.

She thought what Zed said was right. She was impulsive today.

No matter how much she wanted to revenge, she shouldn't have announced it today.

The change of Ada was clearly seen by York.

Seeing that she was hit by only one or two words from Zed, York sighed for her.

"Ada, you even suspect yourself. How can you make others believe you?"

York pulled Ada, who was standing next to him as if she did something wrong, behind him and confronted with Zed.

"I believe that mom will bless me and Ada in another world and feel happy for us. But why do you still call mom Aunt since you have married Estelle? If Mom heard this, how sad would she be? "

Seeing that Zed was rendered speechless by what York said, Ada, who was standing behind York, couldn't help admiring him. In an instant, she felt that she needed more exercise.

"Are you sure you want to set yourself against me not long after you came back, York?"

Seeing that Zed said such words after a long time, York laughed as if he had heard a joke. "When did we get along well?"

Zed's face darkened. He had to admit that he was a little scared when facing York.

At the same time, he was more jealous of York who had become much better than him. York was so excellent that he wanted to deprive him of everything.

"York, is it really worth doing this to revenge and disgust me?"

Instead of continuing the topic, Zed asked the question he wanted to ask.

He felt that this time when York came back to the country, he became more confused. he didn't know whether he chose to marry Ada just to disgust him or for other purposes.

York was not a fool. He understood what Zed meant. He just smiled and said, "you take yourself too seriously. What I do is never for others!"

Holding Ada who was standing quietly behind him, York gave her a kiss on the lips, but his eyes were fixed on Zed, declaring his sovereignty peremptorily.

The sudden series of actions of York made Ada stunned, but her earlobes slowly turned red, revealing her heart at the moment.

Seeing this, Zed felt extremely uncomfortable. he felt very uncomfortable as if his beloved thing was suddenly robbed.

But why did he have such a feeling now as that thing was what he hated and threw away?

Seeing that Zed had been staring at Ada in his arms, York deliberately said in a jealous tone, "Mr. Zed, why are you staring at my wife all the time? Do you have a bad intention?"

Interrupted by his words, Zed looked around with a guilty conscience and said, "it seems that I have heard a big joke. How could I have a bad intention for your wife, York?"

Zed stepped towards York, "I have to say that you really misunderstood me. No one would have a bad intention for a woman he once abandoned. "

As soon as Zed said this, York obviously felt the little wo

man in his arms stiffen. He tightened his arms to comfort her.

As soon as he finished his words, Zed couldn't help but take a few steps back with his trembling feet.

It was all because of the cold eyes of York at that moment, which made Zed feel that if he did not retreat, he would die in the next second.

"It seems that you have fed the dog with your parents' education. That's why you are barking like a dog now! "

At first, Ada was a little sad because of what Zed had said, but now she had forgotten it because of what York had said.

She didn't expect a highly educated man like York to say such words one day!

Not only Ada was surprised, but also Zed. But compared with surprise, Zed felt more humiliated. he was thinking quickly about how to fight better.

At the same time, York was upset. he regretted saying that out of impulse?

But when he saw that Ada in his arms was not as sad as before, York felt that it was not a big deal to say something like that.

"York, you..."

"Mr. Zed." York stopped Zed who was about to say something, "It's better for you to care about your wife who almost had a miscarriage than to argue with me about such a childish question here. I don't think she is in a good condition now."

Upon hearing this, Zed immediately turned his head to look at the direction of Estelle, only to find that her face was indeed paler than before.

After glaring fiercely at Ada and York, Zed turned around and walked towards Estelle.

Seeing that Zed had greeted the elders of the Chi family and then left with Estelle, Ada was relieved.

"Are you relieved?"

Hearing the voice, Ada nodded, "yes, it's better than when they were here. At least I can handle my mother's funeral at ease now. I don't need to worry that they will suddenly come out and ruin it. "

"If you need any help, just tell me." After saying that, York was afraid that Ada would misunderstand him, so he said again, "after all, you are my legal wife now."

Ada didn't say anything, but stared at York motionlessly.

Under the gaze of Ada, York, who had always been calm, began to feel uncomfortable. He turned his head and coughed, "you have something to say?"

"Nothing." Ada shook her head with a smile. "I'm just surprised. I didn't expect Mr. York to say something like that."

York knew what Ada meant. He regained his composure and said indifferently, "it's normal to say whatever words to that kind of person you meet."

"Yes, it's normal." Nodded Ada.

For the first time, York couldn't figure out what Ada meant by what she said. With his eyes, he hinted Ada to explain.

Seeing this, Ada said slowly with a smug smile, "nothing. I just didn't expect you to be such a person. It seems that from today on, I should have a good understanding of Mr. York. "

York wanted to ask her what kind of person he used to be in her heart.

But before he could say anything, Ada was asked to leave and be busy with something.

Ada didn't have to worry that Estelle would come to sabotage it all of a sudden. With the help of York from time to time, she arranged her mother's funeral in an orderly manner.

When people saw this, their impression of Ada gradually changed.

On the other side, Zed was called over by his father as soon as he arranged everything for Estelle after taking her home.

In the big and luxurious living room, Brody Gu was sitting on the sofa with an angry look on his face. Zed was timid and stood aside.

"I'll ask you again. Are you sure it's true?" Brody Gu pointed at the news that was reporting the marriage of York and Ada, and angrily questioned Zed whether it was true.

Knowing that his father was very angry now, Zed still had to answer, "yes, I was there at that time. Besides, I saw with my own eyes that Ada signed on the marriage agreement. "

Hearing what Zed said, Brody Gu couldn't help but get angry. He overturned the tea table in front of him and shouted, "how can you do so? York Gu and Ada Chi!"

"Dad, don't worry too much." Zed stepped forward and said, "Ada doesn't have any shares now. She can't make any waves."

Seeing that his son hadn't figured out what was going on, Brody Gu shook his head with disappointment. "If it was just the woman Ada, I wouldn't care at all. But now the situation is not like this. There is also York Gu! "

Gasping for breath, Brody Gu pointed at Zed and said, "now that they get married, do you just think that they are married for love?"

Brody Gu's words made Zed lost in thought.

He had never thought that York and Ada got married because of love.

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