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Being forced to stand in the corner, Ada also heard these words and did not say anything.

She knew that she had no ability now, so even if she stood out to speak for herself, no one would take her seriously.

But it didn't matter. From now on, she would try her best to prove herself.

"Do you feel wronged?"

She was just encouraging herself. Hearing the familiar voice, Ada raised her head and said, "there's nothing to be aggrieved about."

"I can help you." York looked at Ada calmly.

Hearing what York said, Ada was a little surprised. After all, even if she was in trouble before, he would stand by and do nothing. How could he offer to help her this time?

"What's the condition?"

Seeing that Ada was not happy because of his words, but asked the key to the question, York looked at her with appreciation and said, "no conditions."

"Do you think I will believe you?" Ada looked at York with a look of disbelief.

"You can choose not to believe it. It has nothing to do with my help to you."

Hearing York's words, Ada really didn't understand. She always had a doubt in her heart, wondering why a man like York would choose to be entangled with her.

Ada knew very well that she couldn't bring him any benefits now. She had a crazy idea that maybe York liked her.

However, after getting along with York, she did not see his love for her from his eyes.

Ada didn't understand why York wanted to be with her.

Noticing the suspicion in Ada's eyes, York cleared his throat and said, "I've met your mother before. She helped me a lot. I marry you because I am grateful to your mother. "

It was not until she got the explanation that Ada finally understood why York did that. But she was curious when did he know her mother? What did her mother do for York?

"Don't ask me what you think. I won't answer you."

Before Ada could ask the question, it was stifled by York.

Ada said, "You can't solve any problem by helping me. Maybe in the end, people will say that I'm a woman who relies on men."

Noticing that Ada was not as confident as he had seen before, York slowly said, "indeed, I can't solve any problem as I help you now. But... "

Speaking of this, York paused and looked at the woman Estelle standing in the middle of the mourning hall. "If I help you, it won't be that woman standing there now."

Hearing what York said, Ada looked at Estelle who was making a show in the center of the mourning hall and hesitated.

Noticing the hesitation on Ada's face, York said again, "you are the biological daughter of the Chi family, but what about the reality? You are inferior than an adopted daughter! "

What York said hit hard in the heart of Ada.

She had to admit that what York said was right. Her identity in the Chi family might not be as good as a nanny.

However, if she had to accept the help of York because of this situation, Ada would be very sorry for herself.

Although she had just signed a marriage agreement with him, it didn't mean that they were a real couple. Now both she and York were just a stranger to each other.

Seeing that Ada was still hesitating, York suddenly felt a little depressed. When he didn't offer to help her, she said he was cold-blooded. Now he was willing to help her, but she hesitated.

he really didn't understand women's hearts.

Seeing that Ada didn't make a sound, York said again, "have you ever thought about where you should go after the funeral? Go back to the Chi family? Or work in the company? Do you think you can succeed in this alone? "

Every word of York was slowly destroying the wavering heart of Ada.

"Everything needs to be done slowly. Although I can't do anything now, it doesn't mean that I won't succeed in the future." Ada defended the defense line in her heart. She didn't want to have too much to do with York.

"Do you think you still have time now?" "You've already wasted a year," said York coldly to Ada.

Speaking of this, York paused for a while and seriously stared at Ada. "A year has already made you feel powerless. Do you really think that everything can wait for you to take it slow?"

As the truth was uncovered mercilessly by York, the last defense line in her heart was completely destroyed. Looking at the comforted Estelle in the center of the mourning hall, Ada said coldly, "can you promise that after you help me, I won't be so embarrassed?"

"I can't guarantee that you won't be embarrassed, because it needs you to act on your own and change."

Ada didn't say anything, because she knew that York hadn't finished his words.

"And what I can do for you is to fulfill my responsibility as your husband. I will help you deal with the pressure of public opinion and do my best to protect you."

Staring at Ada, York said affirmatively, "this is my guarantee for you for the time being."

Having guessed how much York would help her, Ada didn't respond. Instead, she said, "that's enough. I'll take back what belongs to me myself."

Seeing that Ada seemed to have regained her previous confidence, an unnoticeable smile appeared at the corners of York's mou

th. "In that case, let's start from this mourning hall."

After saying that, York took the hand of Ada and walked slowly to the side of Estelle with his domineering manner.

The people who were comforting Estelle all shut up when they saw Ada coming over.

Seeing this, as if she didn't see Ada, Estelle stood still.

"Miss Estelle, if I remember correctly, if you are not a family, you can't stand in the middle of the mourning hall, right?"

Estelle didn't expect that York would talk to her. She had always been afraid of York, so she took a step back and asked, "Mr. York, what do you mean by that?"

"Do you have such a low education, Miss Estelle? Can't you understand what I'm saying? "

Holding the hand of Ada, York said to Estelle, showing no pity for Estelle at all.

Estelle didn't know how to answer York, so she had to pretend to be pitiful, but poked her finger secretly to indicate Zed to help her.

As soon as he received Estelle's begging of help, Zed immediately stood in front of her and asked, "what do you want to do? Make trouble? "

"You misunderstood me." With a cold face, York didn't even look at Zed. "I'm just telling everyone that in the center of the mourning hall, if they are not directly related by blood, they are not qualified to stand there."

As he spoke, York glanced at the people around him and said, "I think everyone present should know about it, right?"

Reminded by York, all the people present suddenly remembered this matter. A few people who had comforted Estelle before, now silently hid behind.

Seeing that the eyes of the people around her changed a little, Estelle said weakly, "I didn't mean to do that. I'm just not feeling well."

Some softhearted people couldn't help but whisper when they saw the pitiful look on Estelle's face, "she didn't mean to do that. Why are you so aggressive? Besides, who else should you blame as her biological daughter doesn't come here herself? "

Even though the man said in a low voice, he was still heard by York. He glanced at the man and snorted, "it doesn't matter if you don't do it on purpose. Since you know it now, can you leave now?"

It was the first time that she had been treated like this, and Estelle didn't look good. But if she didn't leave, it would be even worse. She had no choice but to let Zed help her leave.

Holding Ada's hand, York walked to the center of the mourning hall and asked Ada to be filial.

What York did made Ada feel touched a little bit.

After Ada finished that, York held her hand again and faced the crowd.

"Since everyone is here today, I'll take this opportunity to announce something."

Seeing the serious look on York's face, everyone stopped talking and waited for him to speak.

Standing in the corner, Estelle had a bad feeling and prayed to herself that it was not what she thought.

"It may be the first time someone has seen Ada, but it doesn't matter. From now on, I will let you remember her. Because she, Ada Chi, has become Mrs. Gu since some time you didn't know. "

When the words "Mrs. Gu" came out of York's mouth, Ada had an indescribable feeling, but overall, it seemed that she did not hate this identity as much as she thought.

Hearing what York said, the people around him were stunned. When they realized what he had said, they all looked at Ada beside him in disbelief.

Hearing what York said, Estelle, who was praying, clenched her fists and stared at Ada beside him.

And when Zed heard what York said, he felt uncomfortable that he couldn't explain.

Everything now was not what he wanted. Why was Ada with York? Why did he still look like a loser after so much effort?

As soon as York finished his words, he saw that no one around him congratulated him, so he asked again, "what's wrong? I got married without your knowing. Don't you bless me? "

Hearing this, all the people came to their senses and stepped forward to congratulate York.

The people who had been talking about Ada didn't dare to step forward at all, fearing that they would fall from heaven to hell because of the anger of York.

After congratulation, the way they looked at Ada changed. They no longer looked down upon her.

Noticing this, Ada couldn't help but sigh, "so this is the feeling of the fox assuming the majesty of the tiger, pretending to be powerful!"

Hearing what Ada said, York couldn't help but feel a little funny. "Even if you are pretending to be powerful, you are still a qualified fox."

Amused by York's words, Ada felt much better. Then she realized where she was and immediately stopped smiling.

Seeing Ada being like this, from the corner of his eye, York glanced at Zed who was walking towards them angrily and said coldly, "there's no need to care about other people's opinions and ideas. You don't live for them."

"I know the truth, but..."

"No buts." York interrupted Ada's words, "You don't need to be judged by others."

With a playful smile at the corners of his mouth, York took a look at Ada and said, "next, I'll show you the live broadcast that don't care about other people's opinions."

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