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The scream behind them forced Ada and York to stop.

Turning around and seeing what was happening behind her, Ada was a little flustered.

Although she hated Estelle and wanted to take revenge on her, the child was innocent.

"Call an ambulance!"

After saying a word to York in a hurry, Ada walked down the stairs and came to the side of Estelle.

At the same time, the media at the door and the guests who were about to enter the room rushed to the side of Estelle.

"Why did you..."

"Go away! You don't need to shed crocodile tears here! "

Ada was pushed away by Estelle when she just came to Estelle. She was a little unhappy and said, "it's not the time for you to lose your temper. Now that you have a child, you should have a clear estimation of yourself as a mother. "

After that, Ada looked at Zed and said, "Why are you still standing there? Pick her up? Do you want your child not to see the sun? "

"Ada! Why are you so mean? Why do you curse my child? "

Lying on the ground, Estelle raised her head with her efforts and looked at Ada with tearful eyes.

The guests and media around Estelle couldn't help sympathizing with her.

Before Ada could say anything more, she was interrupted by York who came over. "The ambulance is coming. Let's go in."

Looking at the tough look on Estelle's face, Ada didn't want to make any trouble in such a day. She just said coldly, "the ambulance will arrive soon. Hold on."

Seeing that Ada was about to leave, Estelle became anxious.

She took the risk of miscarriage, not just to pretend to be pitiful in public.

"Ouch! My belly hurts!"

Covering her belly with her hands, Estelle pretended to be sad and asked, "why did you do this to me, Ada?"

Facing the questioning of Estelle, Ada knew that even if she wanted to, she couldn't avoid it. She had no choice but to come to Estelle's side and said, "I hope you won't cause any trouble on this day!"

Feeling the threat in Ada's words, Estelle hesitated for a while and said again, "I didn't make any trouble at all. It's all because of you!"

As she spoke, Estelle held Zed's body and slowly stood up. "Why can't I go in to see my mother, Ada? Is it because I'm the adopted daughter of the Chi family? "

The painful look on Estelle's face made people around look at Ada with subtle eyes.

"Although I'm an adopted daughter of the Chi family, I've always kept my mother's love for me in mind. I love my mother as much as you do. Why don't you let me in now? "

"The ambulance is coming. You go to the hospital first."

The emotionless voice of Ada made people around more partial to Estelle.

As soon as Ada finished her words, the ambulance stopped at the door. Soon, the medical staff got out of the ambulance with a stretcher.

Seeing this, Estelle struggled and didn't want to leave. "I don't want to go to the hospital. Today is my mother's burial day. I have to send her the last trip. I won't go to the hospital, even if I die! "

"Don't make fun of your own body! Have you ever considered the feelings of the baby in your womb in this way, Estelle? "

Ada was a little angry that Estelle didn't care about her unborn child but wanted to make trouble here.

Shaking her head, Estelle pretended to be strong and wiped her tears. "I'm not kidding. I just want to see my mother off."

After saying that, Estelle lowered her head and touched her belly with "guilt". "Baby, it's all mom's fault. I didn't protect you well. Don't blame me."

As she spoke, Estelle held Zed's hand and pinched him secretly.

Zed understood what Estelle meant and immediately said, "Estelle, don't blame yourself. Our child will forgive you. He will know that it's not your fault."

After saying that, Zed looked up at Ada and said, "I didn't expect you to be so cold-blooded now, Ada!"

Zed held Estelle carefully and looked at Ada with hatred. "When you were not here, Estelle took care of aunt every day. Their relationship is even better than you as her biological daughter's. why don't you let Estelle in to see your mother for the last time? Are you really doing this because Estelle is an adopted daughter? "

Hearing the series of questions from Zed, Ada sneered, "Zed, don't be so righteous. We all know the truth, don't we? "

Feeling the coldness in Ada's words, Zed stepped back with a guilty conscience.

Seeing this, Estelle raised her finger with difficulty and pointed at Ada, "don't push me too far, Ada. I just want to see my mother off. Why do you have to stop me? Why don't you let me in to see my mother? I... "

The paramedics didn't know what was going on. They just felt a little anxious when they saw that there was too much blood on Estelle's lower body. They couldn't help interrupting her, "Miss Chi, you are in a dangerous situation now. Come with us to the hospital."

Hearing what the medical staff said, Estelle was happy. She said to the doctor next to her with an aggrieving look, "sorry to trouble you. I

don't want to go to the hospital now. I just want to go in and see my mother."

The doctor only cared about the patient. Seeing that Estelle insisted, he couldn't help hating Ada.

"Miss Ada, I don't know what's wrong between you two. But now, Miss Estelle has to go to the hospital. Are you going to refuse to help her? "

The doctor's words made the people around couldn't help but make a sound.

"Miss Ada, although Estelle is an adopted daughter, she still has a relationship with your mother. Please let her in."

"Yes, you can't mind that she is an adopted daughter. Just don't let her in."

The people around them whispered to each other, which made Ada have to give in.

"Okay, I agree."

When Estelle heard Ada saying this, a complacent smile appeared on her face.

Seeing the triumphant smile on Estelle's face, and then looking at the forced receding figure of Ada, York, who had been watching the drama, shook his head imperceptibly.

"Miss Estelle, since Miss Ada has promised you, you'd better go to the hospital with us as soon as possible! If it goes on like this, you are likely to have a miscarriage! " The doctor urged anxiously.

"I… I'm afraid... " With a pale face, Estelle looked at Ada with uncertainty.

Seeing Estelle being like this, Ada snorted, "don't worry. I won't break my promise like you. Since I agree to let you in, I won't go back on my word. "

Upon hearing Ada's words, Zed blushed and turned to Estelle with embarrassment. "Don't worry, Estelle. There are so many people here. She won't go back on her word."

It was not until she got the promise of Ada that Estelle nodded weakly. "Okay."


As soon as she finished her words, Estelle fainted in Zed's arms. Zed was frightened and immediately picked her up nervously and walked towards the ambulance.

The ambulance left, and the people around slowly dispersed. York stepped forward and came to the side of Ada. "It's not a good thing to be too soft hearted."

"I know what you mean." After taking a look at the ambulance which was going far away, Ada turned to look at York and said, "but the child is innocent. There's no need or obligation for him to take the blame from what his parents did wrong. "

After that, Ada ignored York and left directly.

When Ada entered the mourning hall, she saw a photo of her mother's smile in the center. Her nose twitched and her eyes began to turn red.

Seeing that, York, who followed closely, coughed and said, "you are the protagonist today, Ada. No one wants to greet a woman who has cried and destroyed her makeup."

Unable to understand what York meant, Ada looked at him in confusion and asked, "am I the protagonist? What do you mean? "

"You'll know soon."

York didn't explain anything, which made Ada more confused and less sad.

After receiving the guests one by one, Ada saw Zed coming in with sick Estelle supported by him.

"Why are you here so soon?" Ada was so surprised that she blurted out her doubts.

Hearing this, Estelle took a look at the guests in the mourning hall, who were either rich or powerful, and said sadly, "I couldn't forget my mother, so I asked the doctor to give me a simple emergency and then came. But why do I feel that you don't welcome me from your words, Ada? "

Hearing what Estelle said, people around frowned and looked at Ada.

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Ada stopped talking about it. "You misunderstood me. I'm just worried about the baby in your belly. Now that you think you are fine, come and see my mother. "

Supported by Zed, Estelle came to the spiritual position of Jenny. Looking at the photo of her mother in front of her, the emotions she had prepared all the way burst out at this moment.

"Mom, I miss you so much! How can you leave me? It's all my fault. I didn't take good care of you. It's all my fault. I didn't spend much time with you. It's all my fault! "

Seeing that Estelle was half kneeling on the ground and blaming herself with tears, Ada couldn't help but feel a little ridiculous in her heart.

She was thinking that with such good acting skills, if Estelle became an actress, she would be more successful than she was now?

Although Ada knew that everything that Estelle performed now was just acting, it didn't mean that others also knew it.

All the people around were moved by Estelle's such action.

However, when they saw the indifferent look on Ada's face, they all compared her with Estelle.

By contrast, everyone had a bad impression of Ada, and some even began to whisper.

"Is that Jenny's biological daughter in the corner? Why do I think she is not as good as her adopted daughter? "

"You are right. She has disappeared for such a long time. As soon as she came back, her mother died. There must be something strange here, right?"

Hearing these words, Estelle, who was kneeling on the ground and crying, felt complacent.

'Ada, even if you come back, you are nothing.'

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