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Hearing Estelle crying, a hint of pity flashed through Zed's eyes. He lowered his head and comforted her in a low voice. Then he raised his head and looked at Ada coldly. "The Chi family is your home, and also your mother's home. It's the best to keep her body in the Chi family."

With the support of Zed, Estelle's expression became much tougher. "In the year you disappeared, it was me who paid for my mother's medical expenses. You can take her away if you want. Pay the money back! I will let you take her away! "

"How dare you ask me for money?" Clenching her fists, Ada stared at Estelle and said through gritted teeth, "who goes too far?"

After all, Estelle was still afraid of her. After being stared at like this for a while, she shrank behind Zed with fear.

Feeling the tremble of the person behind him, Zed frowned again. He looked at Ada in front of him and said, "if you hadn't been so aggressive to Estelle, she wouldn't have asked you for the medical fees. Now that the Chi family is in such a situation, why do you still want it to be torn apart? Isn't it good to settle down my mother-in-law with us?"

"Shut up! You don't deserve to call her mother-in-law! " As soon as Ada opened her mouth, she interrupted Zed!

How shameless he was to call Jenny mother-in-law after taking away everything from the Chi family!

However, this sentence finally irritated Zed. He no longer had the patience to play the play of family harmony with Ada. His face darkened.

At the same time, the door of the ward was pushed open. Two bodyguards in black walked in and approached Ada step by step.

Ada's expression changed, "What do you want to do?"

"Ada, you are asking for it." Zed's face turned completely cold. He waved at the two bodyguards and said, "take her back. Don't let her out without my order."

Zed wanted to take Ada away by force!

No matter how strong Ada's attitude was, a woman's strength was not a match for the two bodyguards. She could only watch the two men grab her arms and as she struggled desperately, they did not move at all.

Just as Ada was about to be dragged out of the ward by Zed's bodyguards, she raised her head and saw that York was standing outside the door.

She didn't know when he appeared and he was looking at the room with a cold face.

Zed, who was standing in the room, quickly followed the gaze of Ada. He was full of scruples about York. He took a step back and found that York didn't seem to want to go forward. With a flash of light in his eyes, he quickly turned his head and said to the two bodyguards, "hurry up!"

The two bodyguards moved faster.

Seeing that they were about to take her away, when she passed by York, Ada saw the indifference in his eyes, but a sense of unwillingness rose in her heart.

She had gone through so many difficulties and gone all out to come back here. Was it because she wanted to be at the mercy of Zed?

It suddenly occurred to her that York said something to her before she went to the wedding of Estelle, Ada thought of a lot of things. Finally, she made a decision.

"Honey! Help me! " Ada tried her best to break free from the grip of a bodyguard, turned to York who didn't move beside her and grabbed him!

Hearing this, York was a little surprised. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Ada, only to find that she was biting her lower lip with a stubborn look.

With a

smile, York stepped forward and grabbed the arm of Ada. The bodyguards didn't dare to confront him face to face, so they loosened their grip on Ada's arms with hesitation. With almost no effort, York pulled Ada into his arms and asked in a low voice, "where are you hurt?"

His tone was intimate and worried. If Ada had already known the relationship between them, she might really think that the two were in a relationship.

Seeing this scene, Zed's face darkened. Just now, it was obvious that York didn't want to help Ada, but at this time he helped her. Zed could not help but ask, "what do you mean, York?"

With a casual smile, York raised his head and looked at Zed contemptuously, "what do I mean? Do I need to explain to you?"

"You!" Zed clenched his fists. He hated the adopted son of the Gu family in front of him very much. But considering the power behind York, he gritted his teeth for a moment. Finally, he was not reconciled and waved his fist. "Let's wait and see!"

Then he turned around, pulled Estelle and said coldly, "let's go."

Estelle didn't know why things turned out to change so suddenly. She took a look at Jenny, who was still lying on the bed, unwillingly. When she turned around, she saw that Zed had walked far away.

Without Zed, she was nothing.

Without the courage to fight against Ada alone, Estelle quickly followed up.

The bodyguards who followed Zed also left. In a moment, the ward which was filled with people just now was empty.

Ada felt as if her strength had been sucked out. If it weren't for the help of York, she would have fallen to the ground.

She slightly closed her eyes and steadied herself. Then she slightly pushed York away and whispered, "Mr. York, you can let me go now."

The unfamiliar address and tone made York slightly raise his eyebrows. Instead of letting go of Ada, he leaned close to her ear and deliberately lowered his voice, "you didn't call me like that just now."

Thinking of the decision she had just made, Ada's face turned pale in an instant, and there was a trace of mockery in her eyes. "Mr. York is really a businessman. At this time, you can calm down and wait for me to fall into the net."

"I'm flattered." As if he didn't hear the irony in her words, York chuckled and released Ada. He said indifferently, "it's your mother's idea for me to take care of you. I can help you regain your memory and live a normal life, but if you want to take revenge and take back the things of the Chi family, with your current strength, you can't compete with Zed, unless..."

"Unless I marry you and be your woman, you will help me." Ada interrupted York's words. She approached York and said, "You know very well that I have been driven into a corner by Zed, so I will naturally turn to you. How could you stand by when my mother just passed away? Mr. York, you are awesome."

Ada couldn't tell how she felt about York, even though he did help her out of her daze.

But he didn't do these things out of kindness. Whatever he did, he needed her to exchange with the same conditions. Now that she was penniless, he actually wanted her.

No matter what purpose York had as he wanted to marry her and how he forced her to give in, Ada couldn't get close to him.

But under the current situation, Ada had no other choice. With a self-mocking smile, she turned around and was about to leave from York.

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