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Leaning against a warm object, Ada's heart gradually regained its temperature. It was not until then that she realized that she was almost entirely in the arms of York. Her face flushed and she whispered, "thank you. I'm fine. Let go of me."

But to her surprise, instead of letting her go, York held her up horizontally.

Before Ada could say anything, York carried her to the bench and bent over to put her on it.

Then he bent over and whispered, "life is up to God. Before you came here, you promised me that no matter what the result is, you can't hurt yourself."

He had promised Jenny that he would take good care of Ada and would not let anything happen to her in front of him.

Ada was stunned. Thinking of the days when she had worked hard to regain her memory, in fact, she had already learned from York that her mother Jenny had been hidden by Estelle. Her mother's health had always been poor. When she got married a year ago, a doctor had told her that her mother might not live long.

She had thought about the possibility that her mother had gone when she came back.

Her eyes were full with tears, but Ada gradually calmed down. She opened her eyes wide and let the tears fall, but she insisted on seeing York in front of her clearly, "Well, I see."

Listening to the painful but pretended to be strong voice, York felt that his heart seemed to be pinched by someone. Finally, he couldn't help but reach out to wipe the tears from the corner of Ada's eyes.

Then he sat beside Ada and held her in his arms, letting her lean her head on his shoulder.

Although she was still not used to being close to this cold and distant man, Ada didn't refuse him and slowly leaned her head against his shoulder.

There were nurses or doctors passing by in the corridor, but everyone had a serious expression on their faces. After a long time, the people in the ward all left. The head nurse who had called Estelle before came to Ada and said with guilt, "sorry, we… The rescue failed. The patient has gone... "

"The patient's body is not strong for a long time. It's a miracle that she can hold on till now. She seemed to hear your voice before and wanted to get out of bed with a blurred consciousness, but accidentally touched her ventilator off, so… I'm sorry. "

"I'm fine." Tears streamed down her face, but a smile appeared on her face. Ada couldn't feel her body anymore, but she still heard her own voice. "Can I go in and have a look now?"

The head nurse still remembered how hard Ada begged just now. She felt more and more guilty. She lowered her head and said, "I'm sorry. You… Go ahead. "

Ada stood up and staggered, but she was very determined. When she entered the door, she saw the head nurse crying. She raised her hand and patted her on the shoulder, whispering, "it's not your fault."

It was all Estelle's fault.

With the help of York, Ada walked into the ward slowly.

There was still the smell of disinfectant in the air, but the person on the bed would never move again.

Ada's accumulated courage and strength were only enough for her to walk to the bedside. When she saw the thin face of Jenny, who was tortured by the disease, she could no longer support her body with her legs. Even with the help of York, she still knelt down by the bedside of Jenny.

York frowned, but didn't help her up again. He just let Ada kneel down. He let go of her, stood up and left the ward.

Leaving space for the miserable mother and daughter.

Hearing the

sound of the door closed by York, the crying that had been suppressed by Ada finally couldn't be suppressed any more. She held her mother's hand which was still warm and began to cry in a low voice.

It was hard to imagine that the person in front of her was still alive a few minutes ago.

It was all because of the obstruction of Estelle that her mother would never respond to her again.

"Mom… Mom... "

The low sobs of Ada echoed in the ward. After a long time, the door of the quiet ward was suddenly pushed open from the outside. A gust of cold wind blew in. When Ada suddenly turned around, she saw that Estelle had changed her clothes and stood at the door in a daze.

She didn't expect that Ada would be here. After stunned there for a long time, she opened her eyes wide and said in a sharp voice, "Ada? Who allowed you to come in? !"

Ada was still kneeling on the edge of the bed and holding her mother's hand, but her eyes gradually turned cold.

She didn't say anything, but Estelle was shocked by her eyes. She couldn't help shivering and said with pride, "you unfilial daughter. You don't have to pretend to be sad after your mother's death!"

"You said I was unfilial?" With a sneer, Ada turned around and tucked her mother's hand back into the quilt carefully. Then she turned around and walked slowly towards Estelle.

Estelle was a little shorter than Ada and was frightened by Ada's approaching. She took a few steps back and leaned against the cold wall. Her hands holding her bag began to sweat, but she still pretended to be strong. "Otherwise, why did you leave her here for a year? If it weren't for me, she would have died long ago… Ah! "

Before she could finish her words, there was a crisp slap in the ward.

The slap came so fast and so sudden that Estelle was caught off guard. Five bright red finger marks immediately appeared on her snow-white face. She covered her face with her hand and pressed herself against the wall. She opened her eyes wide in surprise and looked at furious Ada in front of her.

With a ferocious smile, Ada looked into Estelle's eyes with hatred and said word by word, "in my opinion, you are the damn one."

Estelle was frightened to death. When she was about to run away with her trembling body, her eyes suddenly fell on someone behind Ada, as if she had seen some hope. The fear on her face was instantly replaced by grievance. Her eyes were full of tears. She pushed Ada away, cried and rushed to a person at the door. "Zed! I came here to help my mother deal with the funeral, but she slapped me! "

However, when Ada didn't move, she heard Zed's voice full of disgust behind her, "Ada, you don't go too far."

Ada didn't want to refute. She turned her back to Zed and kept silent for a long time. Without looking at them, she walked straight to Jenny and said coldly, "I'm going to take my mother's body back."

As soon as she heard that Ada was going to take away Jenny's body, Estelle got anxious and said, "no way!"

"She is my mother." All of a sudden, Ada turned around and looked at Estelle coldly. "I'm the only family member related by blood in the world with her. What right do you have to stop me?"

Being stared at by Ada, Estelle's face, which had been slapped, became burning and painful again. She was afraid in the bottom of her heart, so she shrank into Zed's arms and sobbed to him, "Zed, Mommy is also my mommy. I want to be a dutiful mother for her. Why can my sister take mommy's body away?"

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