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Seeing that she had sent the address of Jenny to Ada by her own hand, Estelle said with hatred, "come back, Ada! I will cut off the medicine for your mother! I will do it now! "

Hearing her shrill cry, Ada finally looked back at her and said coldly, "Estelle, we're not done yet."

After saying that, she followed York out of the room.

The two of them soon arrived at the door of the hotel. When they were about to go downstairs, they heard someone shouting behind them, "stop, Ada!"

It was Zed's voice.

Ada didn't intend to talk to him. When she was about to leave, Zed ran down the steps and grabbed her arm. He frowned and asked, "Why are you with York? What's your relationship? "

Hearing that, Ada was stunned for a while. Then she turned around and asked with a smile, "does this have anything to do with you?"

Zed didn't expect that Ada would be so heartless. He looked at the cold expression on York's face, with a hint of fear in his eyes, but he still didn't want to let Ada go. Instead, he grabbed her arm and whispered, "you dare to go with him if you know what kind of existence he is in the Gu family? Ada, we can sit down and have a talk. Don't do anything stupid! "

His words were sincere, as if he was worried about Ada with all his heart.

However, Ada was not the same as before. After falling down from the cliff, she had a narrow escape from death, so she had no trust in Zed anymore.

With a sneer, she pushed away Zed's hand and leaned back. Naturally, York behind her held her in his arms and asked Zed with a smile, "what do you think of my woman?"

Hearing that York admitted the relationship between the two, Zed widened his eyes in astonishment.

He didn't believe that one day, York, the unrivaled man in the Gu family would hold a woman and claim that she was his woman.

Ada didn't want to waste time here. She looked away from Zed coldly and said, "let's go."

With a smile on his face, York bent down and picked up Ada from the ground. Then he gave a defiant look at Zed. In Zed's astonished sight, York walked down the steps step by step with Ada in his arms and got on the car.

However, as soon as the door was closed, Ada's face turned red and she tried her best to stay away from York.

Looking at her small movements, a hint of interest flashed through York's eyes, but he did not say a word and drove to the Billy Hospital.

On the way, York asked his assistant to investigate the hospitalization information of Jenny. As expected, he found that Jenny was in the ICU of No. 2 Building of the Billy Hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, after getting off the car, Ada kept rushing to her mother's ward.

However, when she arrived at the door of the ward, she was stopped by a group of nurses. "I'm sorry, miss. The family of the patient ordered that no one is allowed to visit the patient."

With her eyes wide open, Ada knew that her mother had been hidden by Estelle so well that she wouldn't be allowed to get in easily!

She turned to look at York for help, but he shook his head. He had just returned from abroad, and his power could not penetrate the hospital, so he had no choice.

Seeing that, Ada was stunned, but she didn't blame York for his helplessness. Instead, she gritted her teeth and turned to the nurses, begging, "I'm the daughter of the patient inside. The person who asked you to do that before is her adopted daughter. I have my ID card here to prove it. I haven't seen my mother for a year. I beg you. Please let me in!"

The nurses were embarrassed, but they shook their heads slowly.

They wouldn't let her in.

Ada had suffered a lot outside for a yea

r, and the thought of seeing her mother made her through. Thinking of the words that Estelle said in the hotel she would cut off her mother's medicine, Ada became more anxious and couldn't wait any longer!

She grabbed the head nurse's hand and begged almost in tears, "I just want to see her, even if I don't get in. Just let me have a look! Once I see that she is fine, I will leave! "

The nurses had never encountered such a situation before, and the embarrassment on their faces became more and more obvious. After a moment of stalemate, the head nurse finally compromised. "Well, I'll call the patient's family and ask her. If she agrees, I'll let you in."

If she called Estelle, she wouldn't be able to get in at last?

But Ada couldn't refuse. She could just saw that the head nurse took out her phone and dialed Estelle's number. After a short while, she heard Estelle's voice full of joy on the phone, "aha, Ada, I've told you long ago. If you can, you can find her by yourself. It's useless even if you find her! I won't let you enter the ward! To tell you the truth, the hospital just gave your mother a death notice an hour ago. They said that she couldn't make it through tonight. and it is getting dark. are you happy? This is your retribution for ruining my wedding! "

After that, the phone was hung up before Ada could react.

Only the crazy and resentful voice of Estelle echoed in the empty corridor.

Ada's face turned as pale as a sheet of paper. She stared at the phone in the head nurse's hand, as if it was Estelle herself. How she wished she could rush up and tear her into pieces right now!

"Well..." The head nurse also understood that the woman in front of her was indeed the daughter of the patient. She hesitated for a moment, finally gritted her teeth and said, "forget it, I will let you in..."

Before she finished her words, there was a sudden alarm ring in the ward. Hearing this sound, all the nurses present turned around and ran in another direction of the corridor.

Although Ada didn't understand what the voice meant, she knew something had happened. She grabbed a nurse who was about to leave and asked anxiously, "what's wrong? What happened? "

The nurse said, "the patient's heart stopped beating. Let go of me. I'm going to call the doctor for rescue."

The patient's heart stopped beating…


These words were like a knife stabbing into the heart of Ada. All of a sudden, her eyes went dark, and she staggered and fell back heavily.

However, the expected pain did not come. Ada fell into a warm and strong embrace. She blankly looked at the ceiling above her head and blinked several times before she heard that York was calling her, "Ada! Calm down! "

Yes, calm down.

The doctor was still in the emergency room, and her mother might be able to be saved.

She had to keep normal to see her mother and tell her that she didn't mean to leave her in the hands of Estelle. She had no choice.

As if she had caught a life-saving straw, Ada grabbed York's arm hard, and her long and pale nails were deeply embedded in his flesh.

Feeling the pain from his arm, York frowned and suddenly regretted that he had just ignored her requirement. If he had known that no matter what the price was, he should have helped her!

As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, York was shocked. He went all over the world to find the missing Ada just to repay Jenny's favor. He had helped her a lot to restore her memory. Why did he feel so sorry for her?

The situation was chaotic. For a moment, York couldn't figure out what was on his mind, but his body subconsciously held Ada in his arms.

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