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   Chapter 3 Threat

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Startled by Ada's sharp eyes, the courage Estelle had summoned vanished in an instant. She took a step back and said timidly, "She is not here. If you want to see her, you should come with me."

The hall froze again, and even the lawyers stopped moving.

After a moment's silence, Ada nodded stiffly and said, "Fine, I'll come with you. We can talk about the shares later."

Estelle breathed a sigh of relief. She threw a quick glance at Zed and then turned to Ada, "Come with me."

Ada turned to follow her,

but York grabbed her hand gently.

He asked with a frown, "Are you sure?"

Turning around to look at him, Ada nodded slightly.

She thanked him for saving her from the roadside, for helping her find a doctor to regain her memory, and finally, for bringing her to the wedding.

But this was something she had to solve by herself.

Although York was still worried, he let go of her hand.

The Chi sisters left the hall in their similar white wedding dresses.

After walking around the hotel for a while, Estelle finally stopped in front of a door and turned to hint Ada to open the door and get in.

Ada was suspicious. "Is my mother in here? Are you trying to trick me?"

Sweat trickled down Estelle’s forehead. She looked nervous, but still said indifferently, "You must have investigated your mother's whereabouts before you came here. If you don't believe me, you can continue to look for her by yourself."

As her father's legal wife, Ada's mother was the last obstruction that stood in Zed's way of inheriting the shares of the Chi family. In the beginning, Ada just wanted to leave the family with her mother. But after some poking around, she found that Estelle had her mother hidden away somewhere.

She had no choice but to crash the wedding and make a big deal out of the situation.

Seeing Estelle's calm face, Ada finally made up her mind and opened the door. She didn't believe that Estelle would do anything to her under York's watchful eyes.

Ada walked in and saw that the room was an ordinary hotel suite. Her mother was nowhere to be seen.

She gritted her teeth in disappointment and then heard a click from the door. Estelle had locked the room.

Turning around, Ada saw Estelle standing in front of her. Nervously holding up the phone in her hand, Estelle bit her lower lip and said in a trembling voice, "Transfer the shares to me, or I'll cut off the medical supply for your mother!"

Ada burned with fury. After a short pause, she sneered, "Do you think I will respond to your threats?"

Looking even more nervous, Estelle held the phone tightly and warned, "I am the only one who knows where Jenny is! She is in the advanced stage of cancer and relies on dialysis every day. If I call the hospital and cut off her treatment, she will die in less than ten minutes. Would you really kill your mother for thirty percent of the shares?"

Ada snorted in disgust. "You were more than willing to kill your sister for the same thirty percent. And now, you are threatening to kill my mother as well."

"I did no such thing!" Estelle yelled. Her pupils dilated in anger and fear

. She raised the phone and waved it in front of Ada, threatening her again, "Will you give it to me or not? If you refuse, I will call the hospital right now!"

Estelle’s finger was almost on the dial button, and Ada’s heart tightened. But she pretended as if it didn't bother her and said, "If something happens to my mother, not only will you not get the shares, I will also have you thrown in jail for murder!"

The shares were the only bargaining chip she had. If she handed it over, Estelle and Zed would kill her immediately. So, Ada clenched her teeth and hoped that her mother was safe.

As the two stood in a stalemate, they heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the door. Estelle turned around, but before she could put away her cell phone, someone kicked the door open. Unable to dodge, Estelle was hit by the door and fell backward.

The phone in her hand was flung into the air.

Ada rushed over to Estelle, but not to help her. She picked up the phone in a hurry.

On the screen was a phone number saved as Billy Hospital, and there was an address written down in the phone book too.

A bright smile appeared on Ada's face. She quickly put away the phone.

York rushed into the room. Ignoring the wailing Estelle on the ground, he quickly walked to Ada's side and held her in his arms. He asked in a gentle tone, "Are you hurt?"

Being in his embrace made her blush bright red. She struggled slightly and tried to get out of his grasp.

Noticing her try to wiggle out of his arms, York held her even tighter.

Ada blushed and whispered, "I'm fine. Let go of me now."

He looked at her reddened earlobe. This woman always had a cold attitude while she was receiving rehabilitation at his side. And earlier, she had been so strong and domineering at the wedding. But at that moment, in his arms, she was flustered.

Although he knew that it was not the right time, York couldn't help but lower his head deliberately towards her. His lips touched her ear softly, as he asked in a husky voice, "I beg your pardon. I didn't hear you."

His voice was hoarse and low, and she felt a surge of electricity go through her entire being. Her body trembled and her legs became weak. "I... I said I was fine."

Her face turned a tomato red.

York smiled and released her.

Ada was about to push him away in anger when York suddenly let her go. She was embarrassed and was about to rebuke him when she remembered that Estelle was still lying on the ground. Tears were flowing down the woman's face. Seeing Ada looking down on her, Estelle was even more aggrieved. "I don't owe you anything, Ada! I have been suppressed by your existence all my life, and now, you have destroyed my wedding too! Why wasn't you dead? Why did you come back?"

Ada looked at her sister pitifully. Estelle had always been this way. She loved to play the victim card all the time.

Not in the mood to engage in a conversation with her, Ada handed the phone that she had snatched from Estelle to York and said hopefully, "Take me to this address!"

"Alright," York said, without even looking at the information on the phone.

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