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   Chapter 2 Stock Contract

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Zed and Estelle glared at the intruder at their wedding. The couple's expression darkened.

The guests had started to gossip amongst themselves.

And it seemed like Ada wasn't aware of the sensation she had caused among the crowd. She walked slowly to the lawyer team and said, "The reason behind this grand wedding ceremony is mainly to announce the transfer of the Chi family shares in public, isn't it? But it's a pity that I'm still alive. Estelle’s words don’t carry any weight at this point.

But..." With a slight smirk, Ada continued, "The wedding may still go on. I have no qualms."

"Zed! Look at her arrogance! She is obviously here to destroy our marriage on purpose!" Estelle was so anxious that she shoved Zed with an extremely aggrieved look.

Zed frowned and held on to Estelle. He stared at Ada and asked coldly, "What do you mean?"

Ada smiled sweetly, but her heart was cold as ice. She glanced at the couple who was now engulfed in an embrace. Ignoring the weight in her chest, she turned around and said to the guests, "A year ago, I was kidnapped by some gangsters and had lost my memory after I missed the rescue attempt. The first thing I did after I regained my memory was to rush back to the place where I was supposed to get married, but since my fiance has already fallen in love with another woman, I guess I will have to choose another husband. I'm the heir of thirty percent of the shares of the Chi family. If someone is willing to marry me, I'll give my shares to that person."

"Ada! You are going too far!" Zed's face turned completely cold. "Even though it has been a year, you are still my fiancee! No one will marry you! Give up this charade now!"

"You are mistaken." Ada turned around and looked at Zed. "I might not be of much interest to any man, but surely the shares that I hold is tempting enough."

The more Ada talked about the shares, the angrier Estelle and Zed became.

They had planned to hold such a grand wedding only in order to transfer the shares publicly. The more powerful a noble family was, the more they cared about their faces in front of the society. Ada's actions undoubtedly tore off the fig leaf off their faces.

Zed was furious and forgot all about the guilty feeling he had felt earlier. He stepped forward and declared, "I'd like to see who here would dare to marry you!"

The Gu family was a prestigious family with a history of a hundred years. The guests at the wedding relied on the Gu family and their futures were at stake here. How could anyone contradict Zed at this point?

And sure enough, as soon as those words came out of his mouth, the hall fell silent. The guests looked at each other, but no one dared to speak up.

The quieter the air was, the more Zed couldn't help smiling. He said arrogantly, "Ada, even though you are back, it doesn't change the fact that your father has passed away and the Chi family has declined. You'd better not embarrass yourself here any longer."

At the mention of her father's passing, Ada clenched her fists in anger, but maintained her composure. She stood stubbornly in front of the man, as if she were waiting for something to happen.

Zed sneered, figuring that Ada was just pretended to be strong. "Well, Ada, even if I marry your sist

er, we are still family. I will take care of—"

Before he could finish, a calm voice came from the entrance of the hall. "There will be no need for that. I can take care of her."

Zed looked towards the door, angrily wondering who had dared to speak against him.

The tall figure had his back to the light, and Zed couldn't see his face clearly.

But he recognized the man at once and shouted in astonishment, "York? When did you return to the country?"

At the door, York Gu smiled and took a few steps, coming into people's view.

The man had sharp features—deep, handsome eyes. There was a slight sneer on his thin lips. He walked to Ada's side with an imposing aura and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He sneered at Zed, "Did you really think that she broke into this heavily-secured hotel all alone?"

Ada had managed to put up a strong front in front of Zed and Estelle till now. But with York Gu by her side, she was instantly set off as a lovely, obedient little rabbit.

Zed, standing at 1.78 meters, was not short among men, but he had to rise his head up to look at York Gu.

Zed's face darkened, and couldn't help but take a step back to keep a distance from the imposing man. "What do you mean by this, York?"

The two Gu men faced each other. The guests began to chatter, "Is that the adopted child of the Gu family? There are rumors that he is an ignorant hooligan. But honestly, he looks even better than Zed Gu."

Zed hated it when people pointed it out, that he was somehow inferior to York, so he glared at them fiercely.

The guests shut up in an instant, and the hall fell silent again.

The atmosphere was getting colder. Zed's eyes met with York's, turning the air intense.

However, Ada wasn't bothered by their stand-off. Breaking the silence, she exclaimed, "Oh look, someone is willing to marry me after all."

"Ada!" Zed squeezed the word out of his clenched teeth.

He wanted to kick her out, but couldn't do it because of York's presence by her side.

Seeing Zed's embarrassed face filled Ada's vengeful heart with joy. She gave York a look, indicating him to let go of her. Then, she walked to the lawyer team. "Help me draw up a share transfer contract."

The lawyers looked at each other and nodded quickly.

Estelle, who had been silent all this time, fumed in anger. She still remembered the hesitation on their faces when she had asked them to draw up the share transfer contract earlier.

Seeing how the lawyers quickly took out the contract papers for Ada, Estelle clenched her fists. She had worked hard for so many years to get to this day. She couldn't let Ada ruin her life.

Estelle stepped towards her sister, facing the strong pressure coming from York. She said, "Do you really think it's going to be that easy? Ada, don't you want to see your mother?"

Ada turned her head in an instant, staring at Estelle fiercely. She asked in a hoarse voice, "Where is my mother?"

She had already lost all the hope for the Chi family, and she didn't covet her thirty percent of the shares. The strength which had finally turned her from a mad person to a normal human, bringing her back here after going through all kinds of hardships, was her mother, Jenny Zhou, who was still alive but seriously ill.

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