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   Chapter 89 Take Her Away (Part One)

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Hearing the call from Louie, Lisa was ecstatic, as if she had seen a ray of light in the darkness.

Lisa went to the address mentioned by Louie in the wind and rain. As expected, she found Diana lying in the snow on the way. After sending Diana to the hospital, Lisa called Louie to let her rest assured that she would take good care of Diana.

On the second day, James turned on his phone. He saw the message from Lisa and the phone number from Louie. It was strange that he loved Louie so much, but after reading Lisa's message, he rushed to the hospital in a hurry instead of calling Louie.

"James, why do you become like this? How sad will Louie be if she knows that? "

Seeing his embarrassed look, Lisa frowned subconsciously, but her sharp eyes looked at him carefully. It seemed that James still loved Louie very much. Otherwise, he wouldn't have become like this, and Diana wouldn't have called Louie.

"Diana, what's wrong with you?"

James didn't answer Lisa, but there was a flash of pain in his eyes. He passed Lisa and walked to Diana on the bed. He heard the voice of Lisa, "If I hadn't arrived in time, Diana would have been frozen to death in the snow. Louie dialed your number, but you didn't answer it, so she had to tell me. James, are you still a man? You can't win back the person you love when you are like this."

At the end of her words, Lisa's face changed with anger.

Diana bit her lips tightly and felt sad. What Lisa said hurt her heart, but she could only look at James with an indifferent face.

Finally, James's face turned blue. He stared at Lisa and shouted, "How dare you mention Louie? If it weren't for your betrayal to Charles, how could Louie suffer for you? It's all your fault that I become what I am today

been obedient from childhood to adulthood. In fact, Louie was the most hypocritical. Lisa shouldn't have let Louie marry Charles. Lisa had thought that Charles wouldn't forget her, even after a few years or even decades, but she was wrong. In just three years, he had already forgotten her completely. He was enchanted by Louie, that hypocritical woman.

Louie pretended to be indifferent, playing hard to get to seduce Charles and challenge his pride.

"I don't want anything. I just want to tell you that you can't blame me for Louie's marriage with Charles. Louie will fall in love with an excellent man like Charles sooner or later. Even if I didn't leave at that time, Louie would still fall in love with Charles. You can't give her the luxury life she wants at all. Do you know how Charles has spoiled her in the past three years? He almost dotes on her and gives her everything she wants to satisfy her. Do you think she will come back to you? "

Lisa said it casually on purpose, as if she didn't care about it at all. However, those words irritated James and hurt his dignity.

"Louie is not the kind of woman you said. She has no choice. She is not happy."

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