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   Chapter 87 Resentment

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The warm afternoon sunshine fell on the wooden bench, casting a slanted shadow on the ground.

Sitting slowly next to the couple, Louie felt a little pain in her bandaged arm. The man continued, "I saw it. Fortunately, the man is a doctor. I heard that he is a famous doctor in A City. His surname is Liang. His father has just retired from a military unit..."

Startled, Louie stood up and ran to the gate of the hospital without hesitation.

"Grandpa, that's all. I'll call you later!"

Looking back inadvertently, Charles saw Louie running away in panic and hurriedly hung up the phone to chase after her.

"Louie, where are you going?"

After a few steps, Louie was caught. Charles held her uninjured wrist, but he didn't dare to hold it too tightly in case of hurting her. He raised the other hand in midair, frowning and looking at her.

After a short pause, Louie looked up at his deep eyes and asked anxiously, "You lied to me. Something happened to Amelia, right? She didn't come to see me not because Carson took her away, nor because your mother would make things difficult for her. She was in trouble, wasn't she?"

Louie suddenly realized that no wonder Mrs. Nina seemed to be ten years older overnight. No wonder Charles was so cold to his parents just now. It was not because of her, it was not!

Charles frowned more tightly and said awkwardly, "Louie, listen to me!"

Charles didn't know how to tell Louie that she was still a patient. She had lost too much blood yesterday and almost had a miscarriage. She couldn't be stimulated or exercise violently. However, she was still running so fast and excited.

"Let go of me!"

Biting her lips tightly to prevent herself from crying, Louie just struggled to get rid of his hand. Her voice was sharp. What she had heard was true. Now Amelia was on the verge of death. Amelia had died once yesterday. If it weren't for the persistence of Carson, Amelia would have died!

Seeing that Charles was unwilling to let her go, she couldn't help crying and shouting, "Charles, let go of me. I want to see Amelia. I want to see her!"

Charles looked around and said, "Don't cry. As long as you promise me not to be so excited, I will take you to see her!"

A second ago, Louie was very excited, but when she heard his words, she really stopped crying the next second. She bit her lips tightly to prevent herself from crying out, but her tears were as anxious as rain, and her body kept trembling.

After hesitating for a while, Charles wiped her tears and didn't let go of her hand. He said calmly, "Amelia is out of danger. You have to remember that you are very weak now. If you are too sad or excited, it will threaten the baby in your belly, okay?"

"I know. I'm not excited or sad. I just want to see Amelia!"

Louie's tears could not be wiped out at all. Her eyes were like two fountains, which were natural mountain springs, constantly flowing out.

Charles had no choice but to take her to the ward. Carson was sitting in front of the bed. When he found Charles and Louie, he just looked at them indifferently. Then, Carson withdrew his sight and continued to stare at the woman on the b

om exposing the scar of Amelia? Do you know it will kill her? Do you know that? Get out! Get out! "

After tolerating for a few seconds, Louie finally gave vent to her anger. Her voice was sharp and painful, full of pain and anger!

She knew.

No wonder Louie had accidentally seen a few wounds on Amelia's wrist before. There were a total of ten wounds, and each of them was like a knife cutting. Amelia never took a shower with others, and every time she took a shower, she locked the door. Only once, Amelia's clothes accidentally fell into the water and Louie was asked to pass clothes to her. When the door was pushed open, Louie accidentally saw the wounds. Then, Amelia closed the door again.

Even in the hot summer, Amelia didn't wear T-shirt or skirt. She always wore long sleeves, and even if it was so hot, she wouldn't roll up her sleeves.

She loved Carson so much, but she never lived with him like others. She even broke up with him for some trivial matters. She pretended to be lively and generous, but her heart was hurt!

Although Louie was confused and asked Amelia for several times, Amelia changed the topic. If Louie asked a few more questions, Amelia would change her expression, so Louie did not dare to ask more.

It was not until this moment that Louie realized the reason for all this, and Charles's mother was so cruel to uncover Amelia's scar, so cruel to kill her!

The most hateful thing was that this hypocrite in front of her. Charles said he would help Carson and Amelia, but he did not stop his mother from saying something evil!

"Louie, listen to me. I didn't have time to stop my mom at that time..."

Charles looked painful and flustered. He didn't know how to explain it. At that time, he was only worried about Louie and the child and didn't care about others at all. He didn't expect that the consequences would be like that!

"Get out! Get out! I don't want to see you or your family!"

Out of control, Louie took up the bowl on the table and smashed it. With a crisp sound, the printed bowl was broken into pieces, and it bounced under Charles's feet.

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