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   Chapter 86 Strange Tenderness

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When Louie saw Mrs. Nina again, she was stunned!

She had heard that hair could be white overnight!

However, she was deeply shocked by Mrs. Nina in front of her. Although all her hair was not white, her appearance still made Louie's heart ache.

Yesterday Mrs. Nina was elegant and noble, beautiful and generous, but today she became a haggard old woman with red and swollen eyes. Her attitude was completely different from yesterday.

Mrs. Nina opened the chicken soup she cooked, looked at Louie gently and said, "Louie, this is the chicken soup I cooked this morning. You can drink it while it's hot. It's my fault yesterday. I'm here to apologize to you today."

When she spoke, she looked at Louie politely with sincere eyes, which made Louie feel flustered. Louie looked up subconsciously at Charles, who was sitting in front of the bed. There was no emotion in his dark eyes except for a glance. Louie pursed her lips and answered softly, "Mom, don't say that. I'm fine now. You don't have to feel sad. But... "

"Dad, mom, you can go back first. Louie needs to have a rest."

Before Louie finished her words, Charles suddenly interrupted her. He stared at Louie with his deep eyes, without looking at his parents. His voice was even cold without any warmth.

Hearing that, Louie frowned and opened her mouth slightly without saying anything. However, Mrs. Nina said awkwardly, "Okay, let's go first. Charles, you take care of Louie. Don't forget to let Louie drink the soup while it's still hot."

Then they left the ward without hesitation.

Confused, Louie looked at Charles's cold face and said indifferently, "They are your parents. Why do you treat them like that? What happened yesterday was an accident. I don't want to affect your relationship with your family because of me. "

Hearing her words, Charles's cold face softened a little, but he still answered stiffly with some stubbornness, "She almost made us lose our baby."


Hearing that, Louie's face froze in an instant. Flustered, she avoided his sight and turned to look at the steaming soup on the table. She found an excuse casually, "I want to drink some soup!"

"Let me help you!"

Seeing that she was about to stand up, Charles stopped her in a hurry. He stood up and filled a bowl for her. Instead of handing it to her, he gently scooped up a spoon and tested the temperature before feeding it to her mouth.

In a moment, the coldness on his face disappeared. His handsome face was calm, and his eyes were calm and gentle.

"I... I can do it myself!"

Louie stammered. She was not used to his tenderness. They had never got along with each other like this before they divorced. Now she had no relationship with him, but he was extremely gentle to her. She subconsciously wanted to avoid him, but she didn't know how to avoid him.

Seeing that she slightly leaned back to avoid his spoon, Charles couldn't help but frown. He squinted at her and said in a low and domineering voice, "Your arm is injured. How can you take the bowl?"

"I have another hand. I don't need a spoon. I can hold the bowl and drink the soup!"

All of a sudden, Louie regretted her proposal. Why did she want to drink the soup?

Charles's face darkened and his voice bec

back to your room to rest after sitting outside for a while."

Louie didn't say anything, nor did she give him a good look. She didn't stop him from following her. She knew that he was determined, so she didn't want to refuse him.

The warm sunshine gently scattered on the ground. Louie suddenly didn't want to find a place to sit down. She wanted to take a walk slowly like this. She reached out her hand to touch her pocket, but it was empty. She frowned and asked, "Where is my phone?"

Without any hesitation, Charles answered, "Your phone is at home. Why do you want to take it when you are in hospital? Your phone has radiation. It's not good for the baby if you use it too much."

"Give me your phone!"

After taking a glance at him, Louie paused and said stiffly, stretching out her hand while speaking.

Charles smiled apologetically and said, "I didn't bring my phone with me. Let's go there and have a rest. Don't be tired."

As if Louie didn't believe him, she stared at him suspiciously for a few seconds before muttering, "Why didn't Amelia call me? She won't be like this usually. Is there anything wrong with her?"

Louie always felt uneasy and somehow couldn't help worrying.

Before Charles could say anything, his phone rang. Louie suddenly raised her head, with two cold eyes full of doubts and anger.

With an embarrassed look on his face, Charles pursed his lips and took out his phone. However, Louie had already shook off his hand and walked towards the bench aside.

Seeing that the call was from his grandfather, Charles had no choice but to answer it. He stared at the figure of Louie with worry.

There was a couple sitting on the bench. The woman was wearing a hospital gown and talking about something. When Louie walked over, she heard the woman say, "You don't know that that man is so infatuated with his girlfriend. The doctors said that they couldn't save the woman at that time, but he saved his girlfriend by himself. From last night till now, I heard that that man had been staying in the sterile ward and accompanying his girlfriend. All the nurses who took care of the patient were so moved that they shed tears."

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