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   Chapter 85 She Lives For You

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Amelia ran forward desperately and bumped into several people, but she didn't stop because of this. What was constantly flashing in her mind was several ferocious faces and the nightmare that was entangled in the depths of her soul!

"Amelia, don't run!"

Carson helped up the two children who were knocked down by Amelia and apologized to their families in a hurry, so he didn't catch up with her in time.

She rushed out of the hospital regardless of anything. She had completely lost her mind. When she heard the voice of Carson behind her, she wanted to escape even more, to a place where no one could find her.

All of a sudden, a sharp brake sound was heard along with the screams of the crowd on the road outside the hospital.

Like a thunderbolt, a heart-wrenching pain immediately penetrated Carson's body, and his body trembled heavily!

Seeing that Amelia was knocked into the air by the car, Carson shouted her name and ran madly.

"Amelia, Amelia!"

When her body was knocked into the air, Amelia finally came to her senses. The stron

nswered gently, "Of course not. She had been very sad just now. She said that it was her who caused you to be like this. She didn't leave with Carson until you came out of the emergency room. My mother would definitely come to take care of you these days. I'm afraid that if they make trouble again, it will affect your rest. Anyway, Amelia just got married with Carson. Let them have a honeymoon. Carson can have a good time with her in Shanghai. Don't worry and don't think too much. "

It was not easy for Charles to tell a lie to that extent. He didn't change his expression and thought clearly!

Although he knew that Louie would know the truth sooner or later, it was better to hide it from her. He hoped that Amelia could wake up as soon as possible, so that Louie could be less sad.

Biting her lips, Louie thought for two seconds and wanted to ask, "I want to call Amelia..."

Charles suddenly leaned over and kissed her on the lips, interrupting her later words. Soon he let go of her and said gently, "It's midnight now. Have a good sleep!"

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