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   Chapter 28 Sweet Dream

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The car stopped at the hospital. Charles patted on Louie's face and called her in a low voice, but she didn't answer. He frowned and looked down, only to find that her eyes were closed. It turned out that she fainted again after waking up for two minutes on the road.

Charles's heart sank. He opened the door with one hand, bent over and carried her out of the car, rushing to the gate of the hospital.

She had a high fever of forty degrees Celsius!

Looking at Louie on the bed, who was frowning tightly and looking painful, he compressed his thin lips subconsciously and tried hard to control the emotions in his heart.

Was she torturing him in this way?

The doctor talked about her condition, but Charles didn't answer. The doctor looked up, only to find that Charles was just staring at the woman on the bed. Charles's expression was cold and his eyes were complicated, so the doctor didn't know whether he should continue or not.

After a short pause, the doctor comforted Charles simply, "Don't worry too much. This lady just had a high fever, and she was sent to the hospital early. We will give her an injection and two bottles of infusion immediately. Her fever will be brought down in an hour. Belinda, go to the pharmacy to get some medicine. "

As the doctor spoke, he handed over the prescription he had just written. He had planned to ask Charles to pay the bill, but he was frightened by his expression, so he changed his mind and asked the nurse beside him to get the medicine.

The nurse reached out her hand for the prescription, but it was snatched away by Charles. Without saying a word, Charles turned around and walked out of the ward, which made the doctor and the nurse look at each other.

"Follow him!"

The middle-aged doctor was experienced and knowledgeable. He looked at Charles who walked out of the ward and whispered to the nurse.

Although Louie had been in a coma, she seemed to have returned to the past.

She dreamed her first encounter with James in the library when she was a sophomore.

At that time, she quarreled with James because of a book. She went to the library to return the book. Before the library administrator could check it, James picked up the book and opened two pages. He asked reproachfully, "Why don't you care about the book? You broke it, so how can others read it? "

All of a sudden, Louie was annoyed and replied disapprovingly, "Did you see that I broke this book? Do you know that I can sue you for slander? "

At that time, she was arrogant, simple and pure, and could not bear any grievance. Although she was not the most favored one at home, she would not allow anyone to bully her outside.

The two of them argued with each other, but the administrator was the one to uphold justice. He said that one of the pages was missing and that it was not because of Louie.

When Louie heard the answer, she snorted coldly, glanced at James with disdain, turned around and left the library, leaving him at a loss.

The second time they met was at noon of the second day. Fate was a very strange thing. There was a dispute between them last night, so the second time they met, they would naturally glare at each other. But James was not that kind of arrogant and unreasonable boy. He blamed Louie yesterday for justice, and he realized that he had misunderstood her. He always thought that he would say sorry in front of her next time.

After lunch, Louie went through the playground to the classroom. However, a boy who had pestered her for two months expressed his love for her again. When she was annoyed, she suddenly saw James coming towards her.

When James saw her, he smiled at her. Perhaps it was this smile that made her walk towards him. S

he walked towards the handsome and sunny James with a bright smile, stood in front of him, and then turned around to look at the boy. Her voice was a little soft, "I really can't accept your gift. I already have a boyfriend. "

The boy's expression was stiff. He stared blankly at the school's big shot and the president of the student union, James. Then, the boy moved his lips slightly, and he left without saying a word, lowering his head in disappointment.

James had seen a lot of such things, so he still smiled. In order to act more realistic, he gazed at Louie affectionately when she said that.

Since then, they often met each other, including the library, the dining hall, the playground, and the snack bar outside the school. The whole world seemed to have shrunk, and the school had shrunk. They who had never met before could meet each other everywhere at once.

Until one day, James invited Louie to have barbecue and told her with a smile that he liked her.

There was no special gift, no affectionate confession, just a simple sentence, "Louie, I like you, please be my girlfriend!"

At that time, Louie was eating a roasted squid. When she heard his words, she was stabbed hard in the mouth, and a trace of blood immediately spilled out of her soft lips.

She couldn't help letting out a soft cry, subconsciously tightened her lips and frowned, and gave James a fierce stare. But the next second, when she realized what he meant, her fair face immediately flushed.

In a hurry, James picked up a piece of paper on the table and wiped her lips, asking her if it hurt.

With her head down, Louie pouted in anger. James couldn't help frowning and kissed her without warning.

That was Louie's first kiss, which was inexplicably ruined by James on that starless night.

From then on, she became James's girlfriend and a big shot in the school, making a lot of contributions to the fun of those college students after dinner.

Not long after she fell in love with James, her sister, who just graduated and took part in her work, asked her to have dinner together. At that time, she saw the handsome and calm Charles. He smiled and listened that Lisa introduced her to him. He politely shook hands with her and said in his low and pleasant voice, "I heard that she has a lovely sister. Louie, your smile is very pure, just like an angel!"

Hearing his words, Louie smiled more brightly.

At lunch time, he warmly asked her what she liked to eat. As a result, half of the dishes he ordered were her favorite food and half were her sister's preferences.

At that time, she was simple and lively in front of Charles. She greeted him with a pure smile while eating. She was like an angel without any impurity, telling him which food was delicious, telling him her sister's usual preferences, and even talking with him from all directions.

She didn't meet him often. Later she knew that Charles was the brother of her schoolmate Carson, the modest gentleman like James.

Carson was the man that her good friend, Amelia, liked. After several months of hard work, they became another beautiful scenery in the school.

During that period of time, she lived a full and happy life. James fetched meals for her every day, prepared water, checked information for her, bought her favorite snacks, watched stars with her, and even made snowmen for her in the cold winter. Then he pitifully asked her to warm his hands and hold her tightly in his arms.

Perhaps happiness was overdraft. It took her more than two years to spend the happiness of her whole life. After the Spring Festival of grade four, when she returned to school again, James suddenly felt depressed, and the corners of his eyes could not hide his worries.

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